Friday, December 17, 2010

BaD Radio - Recap - 12/17/10

Friday 12/17/10

Episode: 2836

Location: Studio

The Mix: Work release is a wonderful thing as Mark and Norm look forward to their NBA Draft coverage in June. Bob reads an email where a listen states that he is tired of segments centered on Ron Washington and the Devil’s Dandruff. This leads Norm into a wild rant about Mr. Google holding emails ransom in outer space for months and months.

The Open: Finish setting out your Schlitz Malt Liquor and Watermelon for Santa and read on. Bob is joined by the voice of the Mavericks, the great Mark Followill, as Dan and Donovan have started their vacation. Bob and Mark reminisce about their time together at The Ticket, almost a decade ago, and wonder how things might have been had Mark been chosen as Bob’s partner for the midday show.

12:40 - Donovan McNabb: The fake radio voice duo discuss the recent news out there that Donovan McNabb has been demoted to 3rd string quarterback for the Washington Redskins. What is McNabb’s future? Has Mike Shanahan seen his better days pass him by? Mark then picks Bob’s NFL brain on whether or not it would take an epic collapse by the Cowboys for them not to keep Garrett as head coach.

1:00 - Ask Sports Sturm: Bob details his feelings on HBO’s 24/7 Pens vs Caps. He thinks this is a good step for the NHL in acquiring the casual fan, an enlightening look at an uncensored environment rarely seen by the common man. You hear in-game audio and coaches lighting up their players at half-time. You see a dynamic that has previously been hidden to fans.

1:20 - Steve Ott Show: The Stars Center joins Bob and Mark to talk about the accuracy of HBO’s 24/7, coaches in the locker room. They ask if the extreme language on the show will limit the amount of people that will watch it. Steve talks about the confidence they can take away from the past game against the San Jose Sharks and breaks down his top 3 arenas in hockey: Chicago, Montreal and San Jose. They end with talk about taking a puck to the nose and how that ranks among hockey injuries.

1:40 - In Mark’s Head: Mainstream Mark stays true to his moniker as Bob inquires about Mark’s TiVo (Arsenal soccer, CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, 30for30, Anthony Bourdain); Books (NY Times Bestseller about In n Out Burger, The Last Boy) and the movie “The Blind Side”.

2:00 - NBA Talk: Bob picks the NBA brain of Mr. Followill as Mark believes the Knicks have turned a small corner on the way to being a better team and landing a big free agent. Continuing with free agency, they discuss the upcoming free agent market that includes Carmelo Anthony, Caron Butler, Jamal Crawford and possibly Tony Parker. Bob wonders why Denver is seemingly set on rebuilding; the same factors that went into their success (young x-factor players, explosive personalities, old point guard) are the same reasons consistency has been a problem.

2:20 - Soccer Talk: Post-World Cup, Mark wanted to pick a European Premier League team to follow, he decided to go with Arsenal. Bob points out that EPL is full of the best players in the world, not just European players, which makes it a better product. Mark found that Arsenal compares rather well with the Mavericks on a few levels. Arsenal’s archrival is the Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs), Emirates Stadium is a beautiful stadium and home of the “Corporate Fan”, Arsenal has a reputation of not being “tough enough” and Arsenal was at the forefront of bringing in foreign players. Arsene Wenger as a manager has similar characteristics of current Mavs ownership and management.

2:45 - Screenless: Would you rather get dunked on by a nude Shawn Bradley or get tackled by a nude Jay Ratliff? How many tickers did Mark do while he was at The Ticket? 16,000 to 17,000 is the estimate. Is Brendan Haywood happy? Well, he is getting paid on a really good team. Mark’s position on the Marquis Daniels hypothetical: Yes, he would take it. Bob and Mark’s ability to recreate the Howard Stern sub-woofer bit.

3:00 - W.T.D.S Erin Andrews’ alleged new boyfriend, FIGJAM. Mike completely mails in the “On this day in history”. Followill comes to the rescue in mentioning that The Wright Bros. took flight on this day, Michael C. Hall’s ex-wife and co-star was born on this day, Ghostbuster great Ernie Hudson, and take a stroll down the Hershey Highway.

*This will the last recap until BaD Radio returns December 28th, 2010 in the 3 – 7pm slot.

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