Friday, June 24, 2005

2005 NBA Champion Spurs

In the end, there was no match for San Antonio. Say what you want about the thrills and the excitement of a Spurs domination, but the effect is indisputable. They are Champions of the NBA for the 2nd time in 3 years. They are the first organization to seize the international scene and cash it in for rings.

And prepare for much, much more from the young and talented Spurs. There is no sign of them changing for the worse anytime soon.

Duncan steps up in the 4th Quarter

Duncan deserves credit for some of that. Criticized for not being aggressive enough the past four games, he opened Thursday by immediately driving to the rim.
Duncan struggled to find his rhythm, missing seven consecutive shots to start the second half. He finally plucked one of his errant attempts out of the air and followed with a short hook. Continuing to attack, he put all three of his defenders — Rasheed Wallace, Ben Wallace and Antonio McDyess — in foul trouble.

With the Pistons forced to go small, Duncan took advantage, scoring 12 points in the third quarter to lead the Spurs back from their nine-point deficit.

"I felt like the game was going bad for me," Duncan said. "But it was about just kind of pushing through it and just the perseverance. My teammates just continued to throw the ball to me. They were more confident in me than I was."

With the Spurs clinging to a four-point lead in the final quarter, Duncan buried a baseline 17-footer at the shot-clock buzzer. Ginobili followed with a 3-pointer, also at the end of the clock. The pass came from Duncan.

"We only go as far as Tim takes us," Horry said. "And today he took us to the top."

A Global Win

Finley to be bought out?

Two sources said Thursday that Finley, who has been with the Mavericks longer than any other current player, would be targeted if the Mavericks exercise this cost-cutting option.

The new one-time loophole allows a team to waive a player and be relieved of any luxury-tax responsibility attached to that player's contract. Finley is owed $51,796,875 over the next three seasons. Cuban would still have to pay that in salary.

But because the Mavericks' payroll is so high, Cuban also has to pay a dollar for every dollar that they are over the luxury tax. By jettisoning Finley, he could knock $15 million off his luxury tax next season. The Mavericks were well over the $61 million luxury-tax threshold last season. Essentially, the remainder of Finley's $51 million contract could cost Cuban $102 million if they remain over the luxury-tax threshold, which is probable if Finley is retained.

Could Cuban cut Finley loose? It would save $51 million dollars, but he is so loyal, that I don't think he has it in him.

Gay or Not Gay?

Lyle, from Napoleon Dynamite, was on the show yesterday, and mentioned he was about to appear in a movie called ChurchBall , and check out who is in it: Gary Coleman???

Dusty Dvoracek’s resume

See Mike Tyson back in the day

On the right side of the blog, I list message boards for each team. For some reason, I was linked to a Mavericks board that I never used nor cared for. I have changed it to which is the one I do use. You must register, but I think it is worth it. Enjoy.

I got a few emails along these lines yesterday:


You hammered Bradley mercilessly today. I, too, am glad that he has left the NBA, but I do not wish to whip him over the lack of talent, and maybe heart, that he has displayed in his career. There are too many embarrassing Sportscenter moments that we, as Mavs fans, would like to forget.

I am just your generic business guy who is a huge fan of Dallas sports. I do not think, however, hammering a retiring, underachieving athlete is just in this case. Shawn was Shawn from day one. He never held a gun to anyone's head to play for the Mavs and sign that $41mm contract. Whip Cuban mercilessly if you are angered by the contract--it was Mark's doing. If anything, Bradley was consistent--consitently bad--and that was from day one. Was it his fault?? I am not sure.

You bring a direct approach to your job. In listening to you, I have come to the conclusion that you bring direct, well thought out, HSOs to your listeners.

I think you went overboard on this one in whipping a down, retired, Mav, in the name of creating buzz and reaction on the Ticket. Maybe I am wrong, but it sure sounded like your enjoyment of hammering Bradley was more important than his retirement.

I think we should all leave Bradley alone and let him become a productive member of the Dallas community as he distributes Cuban's money around town.

I tune into you to hear the sports facts, and your HSOs. I just think we could have tapped the brakes on the hammering of Bradley as he properly retires from the NBA.


My Response:

I don't deny that I might have gone over-board, as this is clearly subjective (and for you to decide)-

But, it was 8 years of me begging the Mavs to change this problem- It was a long time coming, and as you realize, I concede easily he is a good man- But a horrible member of this basketball team that I openly cheer for-

Thanks for listening to BaD Radio!



Vacation Starts At 3:00 today. I plan on some blogging while on vacation, but I cannot promise daily, prompt entries. My wife might kill me if I get too carried away, and we can’t have that. We will be back on July 5th for new episodes of BaD Radio, and at that point, you can expect daily entries in the blog, too. Have a happy summer.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anything having to do with the Yankees is gay.

Anonymous said...

In case anyone cares, this is the idea behind "Church Ball":

Mormons have church basketball leagues where teams are made up of each geographical area they attend church called "wards". The problem is that since the games are played inside the church buildings (because most have basketball courts inside), when competitive juices get out of hand at times and there is anger or even, dare we say, swearing, it is very awkward (remember, the games are being played inside the church building). Tough to combine church and athletics some times.

Then you see these same peeps at church on Sunday and feel embarrassed or weird. The movie is a parody of that part of Mormon life. Anyone read this far?

Don't hate me cause I am Mormon.

And the Yanks are gay.

Anonymous said...

A couple of points:

1. It was very disheartening to see the Spurs hoist yet another trophy last night. Will Dirk and Co. ever be good enough to even win a division title, much less a ring? We shall see.

2. The e-mail from Matt was spot on. Not everyone who felt the media was being too harsh necessarily thought Bradley was Hall of Fame Material - just that the dog pile on the day of the guy's supposed retirement was a bit disrespectful.

3. Sefko's credibility is questionable at best, so I don't really put much credence into the Finley story. A couple of weeks ago he openly admitted that he "misquoted himself" about claiming that the Mavs had openly shopped Dampier. If you're keeping score at home, that is also called lying. Of all people, Mike Fisher called him out on it and wrote a column about it at If Mike effing Fisher calls you out for misrepresenting facts, that's the day any journalist should hang up his hat and retire.

4. "Gay" celebrations in sports are the rule, and not the exception.

5. Have a good vacation Bob - you will be missed (See how easy that was :-) )

Patrick said...


Hey Bob, has anyone at the Little Ticket ever talked about you and Norm doing a show together? You guys really do have some sports chemistry. Of course, it could potentially be a huge beating for you.

The Bradley celebration was a glorious, over-the-top one day event, and while I'm certain that all of the many Bradley fans weren't happy with the show's content, they probably turned it off or never began listening, if they had ever heard the show before. I thought you made it very clear that Shawn is a wonderful human being, and that comments were on basketball only.

Anonymous said...

dude, naked chick ad in a link posted by Bob!

Anonymous said...


There are Shawn Bradley fans in Dallas???? If so, I'm sure they don't listen to the show!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to get your money back on that really bad (no acronym pun intended) tat? Dude, you're screwed!

Anonymous said...

Is this a baby making retreat with the wife? Or is she too repulsed by your uncut member?

Anonymous said...

Is this a baby making retreat with the wife? Or is she too repulsed by your uncut member?

Anonymous said...


Why do you think that if someone was unhappy with yesterday's show, that must mean they have never listened before? There really is no logic to that whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Tyson link is NOT safe for work. Be careful, especially those without rear walls on your cube like me.

Anonymous said...

Gay as Dan

Anonymous said...

yeah, once again thanks for the porn tyson link, bob. i should be fired in no time.

eric in keller

Mike said...


I'm so hiring Dusty Dvoracek. A resume like that really stands out. "Having a good time" really makes a good business marketer.

Go Sooners.

Patrick said...

If a person had listened to BaD radio at all prior to yesterday, that person would know the general show opinion on Shawn Bradley. On a week following a Vikings victory, I really don't have to wonder what "Paul, The Damn Vikings Fan" is going to say, and on the day that Shawn Bradley leaving the Mavs is reported, I don't have to wonder what BaD Radio will say. Only a first-time listener would be surprised by the tone of the show.

And the line about "the many Bradley" fans was just a wee bit sarcastic...

Anonymous said...

"Super good hit, Gary"
"Thank you Derek"

Anonymous said...

It makes no sense to release FInley to save money, because you lose talent for nothing.
It makes far more sense to release Abdul Wahad. You save 14 million $ but lose no talent whatsoever.

JIM said...


With Finley possibly being bought out, This opens the door for Marquis Daniels to step in as his successor...

Earlier in the year, Avery treated Daniels like the plague, not wanting to putting him in the games when it seemed that his offense could have sparked the Mavs to win games, particularly when they were trailing versus Houston and Phoenix in the playoffs....

This should also wake up Marquis and allow him to perform like he did during the latter portion of his rookie season and the playoffs....

Anonymous said...


I see what you're saying, but its probably a mistake to miscontrue dissapproval for surprise. Quite the contrary, some of us are just tired of the same 'ol bit being rehashed.

On to another topic -

I wonder why Marquis didn't "wake-up" last year and make better use of the playing time he was given? He did absolutely nothing to deserve a job in the starting 5.

Either start Stack or trade for a young rebounding guard that has a reliable outside shot. Anybody know where we can get one of those?

Anonymous said...

Joe Johnson

Anonymous said...

Releasing Finley is a no brainer. Just ask yourself: What is he worth today? Would he even get the mid-level exception if he's released (maybe/maybe not)? Finley deserves to be thanked for the very good years he gave to the lowly Mavs, but time has come to say fairwell.

Loyalty shouldn't factor, there is no real loyalty in sports. You think if the Mavs would have intially offered Fin less that some other team he would have shown his loyalty to the Mavs or bolted for more cash. This is a very simple issue. He just is not worth the potential 100 million dollars Cuban would shell out for him over the next three years. If they are going to be over paying a player, I would much rather he be a big or provide a defensive presence, rather than spot up jumpers and not be able to drive to the rim.


Anonymous said...

"Derek, nice gluts. How much you squat?"

Anonymous said...

"Oh my god, like thank you. Usually Alex spots me, if you know what I mean." hehehe

Anonymous said...

Very gay.

And I'm not just saying that because I'm a Red Sox fan. It's one thing to hug ala David Ortiz. But the hands should always be above the waist during the embrace.

Once they fall below the waist, it's gay.

Anonymous said...

Eric in Keller,

Quit your crying, you probably deserve to be fired.

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous spare boy....i wasn't talking to you. keep playing with your baby pee pee, you unemployed gay bag.


Anonymous said...

Come on Bob. I am gonna be forced to work if you dont get some updates pretty soon.