Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Meet My Right Shoulder

In other news…

Vlad the Terrible keeps it going

Guerrero's outburst isn't surprising. He will swing at any pitch at any time, but he seems to particularly enjoy those thrown by Rangers.

Guerrero, a .412 lifetime hitter against the Rangers, extended his hitting streak against Texas to 25 games.

In his first three at-bats, Guerrero saw six pitches, swung at five and connected on three.

In the first, he flogged Young's first pitch, a knee-high fastball, into the Angels bullpen in left field. In the third, he lofted a first-pitch sacrifice fly that scored Chone Figgins. And in the fifth, he actually took a pitch between two swinging strikes before banging an opposite-field RBI double.

"For me, he's [Guerrero] by far the toughest guy to put fingers down against," said catcher Rod Barajas. "With Vlad, you just throw your hands up."

95-year old Japanese Man breaks 100m record

Bob Lilly faces off with Andy Dougherty …Very tense…

Big Weekend in Idaho

Darth Vader Soundboard

Slump Busting 101

One of the many revelations in Jose Canseco's recent book was a discussion of "slump-busters," a massively insensitive yet time-honored practice. As Canseco so quaintly described it, "Players who are struggling start talking about how they need to go out and find something to break their slump. And often enough it comes out something like this: "Oh my God, I'm 0 for 20. I'm going to get the ugliest girl I can find and have sex with her."

Gammons says Gabe looking to escape Japan

This from Juggo, with Park pitching tonight, his concerns about the 7-1 pitcher:

Chan Ho's ranks among AL's starting pitchers:

ERA: 5.15 (44th of 53)
K/BB: 1.42 (43rd of 53)
WHIP: 1.66 (52nd of 53)
QS: 5 (T43rd)
BAA: .291 (41st of 53)
OBPA: .378 (52nd of 53)
OPSA: .811 (45th of 53)
BIPA: .320 (51st of 53)
ERC: 5.55 (48th of 53)
RS: 8.71 (1st of 53 -- 2nd is 7.6)
SLRY: $14,000,000 (1st among all non-Yankee SP's, 4th overall)

ERA: Earned Run Average
K/BB: Strikeouts to Walks ratio
WHIP: Walks + Hits per IP
GS: Quality Start (at least 6 IP no more than 3 ER)
BAA: Batting Average Against
OBPA: On-Base Percentage Against
OPSA: On-Base Plus Slugging Against
BIPA: Balls In Play Average. Batting Average Against, not including
home runs or strikeouts.
ERC: Component ERA. A pitcher's ERA based on the hits and walks he
allowed, rather than actual runs.
RS: Run support per game
SLRY: Salary



Anonymous said...


1. Correction: It's Big Shot ROB, not Bob. Horry said so himself in the post-game the other day. He said Duncan calls him that to make fun of how the media has it wrong (nba.com explains it as well).

2. U20s vs. Italy at 10:30am today

3. With like 100 games left, do we REALLY have to talk rangers, or can we put that off as long as possible?

Anonymous said...

What was so tense about the Lilly interview? Were you being sarcastic?

Anonymous said...

Yes we have to talk Rangers everyday. I don't care if the Rangers were 20 games out of first, it would still be better than: Nascar, soccer, and Star Wars.

Sturminator said...

Not tense at all. I was goofing my buddy, Andy.

Anonymous said...

I wish my Dad had gotten a tattoo when I was a kid. That way if I came home with a Nazi tattoo on my shaved head, two nose rings, earrings and maybe even nipple rings (shudder), I could tell my mom "I was just trying to be like Dad!!"

What's next, is Bob gonna exchange the baby bottle for the Crack pipe!!!!! (just kidding Bob, I know you give Crack the Heisman, I meant to say heroine needle).

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Tattoo! You continue to be the biggest poseur at the Ticket.

Sturminator said...

thanks for knowing me like you do, Billy.

Anonymous said...

you guys need to make the webcam a permanent thing....

Anonymous said...

Yes, love the Webcam. Always one of my favorite aspects of Super Bowl week. However, I just hopped on and I can't here Mickey. Can we not hear any phone calls or is it just Mickey?

Anonymous said...

Hey I can see Bob checking the comments on his Blog right now.

Man I'm a nerd.

Anonymous said...

Whether Bob is circumcized is CLEARLY not something I need to hear about.....

Anonymous said...

Bob is this all you do during WTDS? Keep checking your blog? Or are you attempting to upload your tat pics.

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's what I've been wondering. I should be working, but for some reason, I keep looking at the webcam.....Is that gay?

Anonymous said...

Yeah thats gay

Anonymous said...

I think tomorrow's show needs 2 segments plus all of Why today doesn't suck dedicated to why Bob is so dirty in that area.

This is a subject all of the Ticket needs to get behind.

Dan, start writing the song.

JIM said...


So, the soccer moms are all getting tattoos.....

Any chance they are inking the FC Dallas shield or Carlos Ruiz face?

TPorter2 said...

Good interview your friend Andy did with Bob Lilly. I'm glad he mentioned the photography stuff, Bob really is an accomplished photographer.