Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sad, Pathetic, and Over

Talk about no stomach for the fight. Rest in Peace, Career of Mike Tyson.


Clint in Arlington said...

I'm not intending to ridicule your choice of sporting entertainment tonight, Bob, (I realize I'm not talking to some guy from the next cubicle over, after all) but I have to let this out:

Cotto/Abdullea was a much more quality fight, it lasted longer, involved a boxer that has a career in front of him rather than behind, and I'm 49.99 dollars richer.

Sounds like a win-win-win-win to me.

Bigg Irish Shaun said...

The Irish have yet again proven their worth in this world (not really, but what the hey). I'm off to now suck on a potato.

T said...

Ten Things Bob should have done with his $50 other than the PPV for the Tyson fight:

10. Buy SoComm 4: SEALS invade Mexico

9. Buy 3 new soccer balls.

8. Invest in speech therapy. (Dan, I'm going to leave Dendon and go to the Codden Bowl.)

7. Get a stormtrooper codpiece from Ebay.

6. Purchase a new gay hooker for Gordo.

5. Fund a "Gribble-dodging-Interstate-traffic-on-foot" stunt.

4. Get Drew Carey to come by the studio for Dan. WEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL!

3. Donate it to the Rangers to add to Drese's salary in the "We're gettin' some new pitchers" fund.


1. A new life-size Brent Favre cut-out to "Lambeau-Leap" upon on those nights when Sally is out of town.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable non-performance.
Where is the self respect to finish a fight like a man?

Sturminator said...

Are you kidding me? That was a well spent $45 dollars. I would be kicking myself if I missed that. I am sick like that.

Brandon said...

So is Tyson really going to fade into Bolivian now?

Andy Douthitt said...

well... the most fascinating athlete over the past 20 years is finally left to do what he was ultimately supposed to do.. quit. Will he be alive 10 years from now? I will be really surprised. I have never seen such a deeply depressed person in the spotlight like iron mike was. He said it right on the money, "I don't have anything left to fight for." Back when he was the most dominating fighter of his time, he was poor and desperate... that is why he dominated the way he did. He has become just a sideshow and it is a bit sad to watch him talk and be interviewed now.. It is like he can't wait for Jeremy Schapp to come console him and interview him because he has no one else.. HE will fade into nowhere.. Sorry for being so dark, but its true.

Anonymous said...

Tyson = most overrated piece of shit of all time. Worthless street dog who needs to be put down. If you pay to watch this fraud then you are also probably entertained by network TV and think that the Democratic Party has some pretty good ideas.