Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Talking Actual Hockey Again?

It has been one year since hockey was last played. But, Perhaps we can now reasonably discuss the sport of hockey, as most involved agree we are on the verge of an agreement it seems. With that in mind, we can ponder the new rules that are being approved to rejuvenate the sport of hockey:

New Rules in Hockey are virtually assured

''It sounds like most people want a definite outcome - a win or loss - one way or the other,'' Tambellini said during a break on the second day of the three-day NHL research camp Tuesday.

Shootouts would be used to decide a game if it remained tied after a five-minute overtime period.

After watching free-agent junior and college players test on Monday a radical plan by Boston Bruins president Harry Sinden that allows passing from the top of the faceoff circles to anywhere on the ice, and the use of nets four inches (6.5 centimetres) taller and eight inches (20 centimetres) wider than normal, club representatives took in scrimmages Tuesday to test zero tolerance on obstruction fouls and weird-looking nets with arced posts.

The most likely changes in NHL play for the next season are shootouts, smaller goalie equipment and tag-up offsides. Some of the radical stuff being tested is too over the top for many GMs.

I completely agree with the final paragraph. Before we go and completely trick up the game, let’s just add the common sense ideas like the smaller goalie equipment. I really detest the idea of bigger nets. It just seems like adding 20 yards to a football field or 1 foot to the basketball rim. I don’t like it. Don’t do it.

In other random hockey rules talk, I am watching the Dallas Stars Playoff Collection each Saturday on Fox Sports Net . I just got done with Game 3 of the Edmonton series, and if you recall, the Stars won 3-2, with Edmonton getting 2 goals disallowed. One of them was just with Pat Falloon interfering with Ed Belfour, but the other was absurd. Todd Marchant scored from Belfour’s left, and on the far right of the crease, an Edmonton player, who had nothing to do with the play, had his left small toe in the blue. Goal Disallowed. I realize at the time it was the proper call, but that gets my vote as the dumbest rule in the history of sports. Oh well, watching that hockey makes me bitter and miss the good sport of hockey.

Bullpen pours gas on Drese’s fire…Rangers lose

Drese soon to be in bullpen?

There are those within the Rangers organization who in recent weeks have broached the possibility of flipping Joaquin Benoit and Ryan Drese.

It has been a topic of discussion within organizational meetings even before Tuesday night. What happened at Citizens Bank Park only served to renew discussions of making Benoit a starter and Drese a reliever -- at least temporarily.

Drese, a 14-game winner last year, may have deserved his Opening Day start against the Los Angeles Angels, but his spot in the rotation is growing tenuous after an 8-5 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies.

Eddie Gossage rejoices Danica’s arrival

FWST Soccer Insider …World Cup Qualifier Tonight:

7:30 tonight, Panama City, Panama
TV: Tape delay: 10:30 p.m. Telemundo; midnight on ESPN2
Records: USA 3-1-0, Panama 0-2-2

Tape Delay? For a World Cup Qualifier????

Rosenhaus – Hero or Villain? …I have an idea…

Heika has fun with hypothetical hockey season

You didn’t ask for it, but here it is: The NFL Cheerleader Blog

A very cynical review of Star Wars 3

The Popcorn Trick Explained …Now, no more questions…

Gen. Burkhalter, Dead at 97


JeradB said...

Cheerleader blog... Lots of hype.. little bang.

jeradb said...

Wow.. Based on what that guy wrote in the Star Wars blog...he should probably stick to the more boring movies at the Angelika. (Not the good movies, just the "deep" movies.)

Sorry for the double post.

Pooky said...

Great Star Wars write-up...but the pictures are the best

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll post my usual request for pic's of meredith!!

Sigh, At least I can party in my basement with a bottle of vodka, the Star Wars DVD and my mental images of Shawna, the Hall of Fame e-mailer!!!

AttnyDan said...

I wonder if in about 14 years when Bob & Dan's kids sneak a listen to old shows of BaD radio, they're going to wonder about the popcorn trick, Tom's fetish with a male 3-some, if Dan really hates his family and why Bob doesn't know who the dang Cowboy players are!!

Mark it now: I predict total intense therapy for the poor squids.

Anonymous said...

Great writeup about watching the Stars-Oilers series... Man I loved that series. It was so great. And you're right, that rule was ridiculous with Marchant's goal being disallowed. But I don't care!!!

At this point, I'm starting to wonder what the purpose of all the rule changes are for in the NHL. Are they to make the die-hards happy? Or are they in an effort to get the "fringe" fans? If so, I'm not really sure that you can do anything to get the fringe folks.

I do agree that many of the rules changes are ok. I hate the arched goals though. I don't mind the new larger sized goals, but not that crazy arch. That looks cartoonish.

Where's the NASCAR stuff this week man? I started watching partially due to Bob's talk about how great the Daytona 500 was...

meredith said...

Don't hold your breath, dude. It's much more fun to be shrouded in mystery.

Also, hockey talk? I am practically glowing. I can't believe it took this long to get the NHL to seriously consider a shoot-out. While the goalies may not be excited, this can only be good for the league. Though I could do without hearing them blabber on about obstruction calls. They say the same thing every year, and by January, the clutch and grab is back to being unpenalized.

One question. Have they said yet exactly how NHL shoot outs will work? I'm wondering if it will be the same as the Olympics or if they'll put their own spin on it. Also, will goals given up in shoot-outs count against goalie's GAAs?

Anonymous said...

that's ridiculous that they're showing the match tonight on tape delay. looks like it will be a late tonight i guess....

JIM said...


-Panama came out flat and paid for it....Also, Panama's defense did a poor job marking the US forward which Donovan and McBride made them pay with 2 goals....

-Nice Goal by Bocanegra, who is starting to impress with his ability to score off set pieces

-Kasey Keller has to be one of the best in the world. He has made some huge saves for Team USA and has helped the US win games when they could have easily tied them.....

As for Shootout fun and Meredith's Question, The Stats during the Shootout go in their own category.....
If you look on the AHL Website, you will see a specific catefory for Shootout Offense Numbers.
Also, the only mention for a shoutout on the stats on a goaltender is if he lost a shoutout.....

Plus, You couldn't add the goals against to the GPA because compling GPA involves Minutes Played by the Goalie....

During a shootout, time is not kept.....

If you are confused on GAA, here's the formula:
Multiply total number of goals allowed by 60, and divide that figure by minutes played.

Also, The Shoutout will be similar to Olympic Hockey and International Soccer when they conduct penalty kicks. They will have 5 rounds where a players for each team will attempt to score for their teams, with the road team starting each round.