Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Tuesday Blog Without Swagger

I will never feel the same about Efren Herrera. I have no explanation as to why my sports brain failed me so badly yesterday. Today will be better. Please forgive me, sports gods…

Peter Kings gives his Super Bowl

Sherrington wants Hicks to extend Kenny Rogers

Question: Who'd have thought Kenny Rogers had another season like last year's in him?

Answer: Not me. Not the Rangers, either, and the difference is that it's not costing me anything.

Of course, it didn't have to come to this. Had Hicks acquiesced, he'd have probably gotten Rogers for another $3 million or so for next year.

And now? He's probably good for twice that, and it'll take a two-year deal to get him signed.

Even a fat contract is no guarantee. As you may know, Rogers is mad at the Rangers for pushing a story that he threatened to retire if he didn't get an extension.

A matter of semantics, probably. You imagine Rogers indicating his options include hanging it up and Hicks taking it as a threat.

Revo on Cordero v. Royals

Queer Eye Red Sox episode tonight …I am sure the tolerant people of Boston enjoyed the visit to Fenway the other day…

Gosselin Ranks the NFL Teams …Cowboys at #20…

Portis pays 18k for his number finally

If you love Liverpool, This may bring a tear to your eye

Cowboys settle lawsuit, ban photographer

Under terms of the settlement, submitted to a federal district court in Dallas, the Cowboys agreed to pay Walter Smith $275,000 and to cease using the image in any promotion or advertising. Also included in the settlement is a clause that bars Walter Smith from returning to Texas Stadium to take photographs in the future. The team also tried, but failed, to bar him from Dallas Desperados games.

"For the Cowboys to add insult to injury by closing their gates on Walt tarnishes the very star Emmitt Smith was trying to defend," Mr. Davis says. "It's just plain vindictive. If anyone should be angry about what happened, it should be Walt Smith. He's the one whose property was taken and used without permission."

The Winslows vs. Cleveland Media

How does this happen??? Chicago Marathon measured a mile too long! ...

Rachel encourages you to make sure you don’t have testicular problems



Sorry for the inbox bombardment today, I'm the P1 that played the national anthem at the Rough Riders game on trumpet on Memorial Day.

I also invented this: Skaterski.com

If you guys wanted to do some whacky Napoleon Dynamite shtick, I'd send you one for free.

Chris Roberts

I am asking you a favor on behalf of my cousin's son. Please post the following links on BobandDan.net, and see if you can get Cat to post the "Treat Any Soldier" and calling card links on the Ticket home page.

42id.army.mil - official Web site for the 42nd ID

Treatanysoldier.com - send a soldier (or marine, sailor or airman) a care packge.

Click Here to send a soldier (or marine, sailor or airman) a prepaid phone card.

Stay BaD,


Before I say goodbye on this Tuesday, I encourage you to visit a new blog in this world. It is the blog of Ty Walker , (above)…Ticket Ticker dude at night, and a guy who I consider a role model…And girls, he is single…


meredith said...

If you think I haven't already TIVOed tonight's "Queer Eye for the Quasi-Straight Red Sox," you're crazy.

AttnyDan said...

I'm not going to dogpile Bob for his brain fart on Efren, but that was awfully funny, especially when usually Big Mac is the show a-hole. However, I still have faith in Sports Sturm...kinda like believing in Santa even after your parents tell you he's not real. I'll just keep chanting, "I believe in Sport's Sturm, I believe in Sport's Sturm".

Thanks for the Ty Walker link (gay?), but I'd much rather see what Meredith looks like.

Anonymous said...

Ty Walker is a spare

Why doesn't Grubes have a blog?

Where are the Meredith pictures?

Anonymous said...


Chris said...

yeah, Ty may be a role model, be he is wearing a Kansas State shirt... how cool could that be?

JIM said...


What you experience yesterday was similiar to what everyone goes through.... A Bad Day At Work.

Unfortunately, When I screw up at work, only a few people are effected by it...

When you screw up, All of the P1's listening at the time of the screwup, All of the P1's listening to the Ticket Top Ten and all of the P1's listening to the Emergency Brake of the Week will listen to it.....

It's easy to criticize, but it's hard to go back out there and face your mistakes like a man, and you did that yesterday.... Bravo!

I sensed a distrubance in the Sports Sturm Force, which should come back to form in the near future....

Now, If only Gordo or Corba can screw up even worse than you did yesterday..

Also, when will you now signature phrase, " You're not talking to the guy in the next cubicle" appear on the Drop Page......

That has to be a Ticket and BaD Radio Classic from hear until the station is bought out.

Hoping more for Radio Gold today,

Anonymous said...

sports sturm,

did you shed a tear watching that?

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