Monday, June 20, 2005

What a Father's Day of Sport

David Feherty was on with the Musers this morning, and said, “if they set the course up like this every week no one would watch golf. It was more morbid fascination this week”. I don’t disagree on both counts. I wouldn’t want to see golf like this every week, but this week, it was fascinating.

How can you even imagine the idea of the final group at a major (Goosen and Gore) shooting 25 over par? In one round! Impossible, right?

Michael Campbell wins the US Open with a final score of Even. Tiger Woods finished in 2nd at 2 over par. It will long be remembered as a tournament that Tiger should have won. I am not sure if the majority of people will suggest he choked, but he certainly made Campbell’s day easier, with bogeys on 16 and 17. Obviously, if those are just pars, we are preparing for a playoff today. But, I said all of that to say this. Campbell earned this one for sure. He was not handed anything. With his amazing mental ability to block everything out, this was as fine a final day performance as you might ever see in a major. Most crack under pressure, and Campbell never felt it.

Campbell is New Zealand’s biggest sports hero

Dave Anderson says Tiger has his putter to thank

Meanwhile, after 4 games of boring hoops, we finally got a great game. A real thriller. But thanks to Rasheed Wallace leaving Robert Horry for at least 2 back-breaking 3-pointers, the Spurs are on the brink of another title. What was Sheed doing? Did he really think he should leave Horry open?

Pistons crushed in defeat

Big Shot Bob erases Duncan’s mistakes

Nice D, Sheed

"You can't go back on that stuff," Wallace said. "You can't say woulda, coulda, shoulda."

When asked why he double-teamed Ginobili, Wallace said, "He was in the coffin corner and I doubled him. Just playing defense."

Biffle wins again ….Smoke dominates most of race, but doesn’t close the deal…

Aftereffects of steroids?

The great home-run hitters of this era are going, going and, in many cases, pretty close to gone. Forget about one man hitting 70 homers in 2005. It is a possibility that the Top 5 active long-ball men - Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, Ken Griffey Jr. and Jeff Bagwell - will not account for 70 together.

Frank Thomas, Juan Gonzalez and Jim Thome, the next three men on the active homer list, will be hard-pressed to combine for 30 homers.

Skins sign the great Tony Dixon

The Redskins signed free agent safety Tony Dixon after a workout yesterday. Dixon, who turned 26 yesterday, has played 56 games -- all with Dallas -- and started seven contests last season. He can also contribute on special teams.

Who are the richest athletes? …If you don’t think Tiger is richer than everyone but Oprah, you better read up…

Thomas Diamond fans 14!

After all of the emails from people who think the media is too tough on the Rangers, here is one who thinks the media is not tough enough:

Bob and Dan,

I write this to you because of all Ticket hosts, you seem the most in tune with the truth.

I am tired of being lied to by the Rangers. They circle the wagons on every decision, close themselves off to the media and the few token questions that Buck or anyone else from the organization asks, they brush aside like the media is stupid for asking and a comment like, “You guys are just trying to make a big deal about this” and “Hey, why don’t you concentrate on all of the good things that are happening right now?” Then if they do answer the question, they just lie about the facts. This organization has been plagued with scandals like:

1. Drese-gate - Drese gets in a fight and then is assigned. Right after Drese was assigned, Buck told the media they were certain Drese would clear waivers. A day or two later with Norm it was 50/50. I would call this Drese-gate.

2. Captain-gate – Arod is named captain to dispel rumors he was being shopped and then traded before he ever wore a Rangers uniform again.

3. Grady-gate – John Hart was going to be replaced with Fuson until it is announced Hart is staying with no explanation of why things changed.

These are all situations where something happened, it was covered up and then never explained. The Rangers think they do not have to explain anything to anyone. They are dead wrong! Have they ever heard of stakeholders? Paying fans of this team are stakeholders in the organization. We help pay the bills and we deserve some f’n answers! Cuban is as secretive and as misleading as they come but at least the guy will come out after a decision is made and say here is what we were doing, here is why we made that decision.

Where is the media!!!! Are the Rangers playing Jedi mind tricks on everyone? If this was almost any other market, the Rangers would have been called to the mat by every media outlet two years ago. I respect the Ticket for ripping the Rangers but I even think you guys have just given up and said, “What can you do? They are like they are”. The print media and television has to step the F up and start torching the front office for their secrecy. The Rangers may not allow interviews or access to people who disagree with them but if the News and the Star-Telegram both stepped up then it would just hurt the Rangers since their coverage would reduce. You have to hit these rat -------- in the pocket book.

I have watched every Ranger game on television the last two years (thanks Tivo) but I will not set foot in that stadium until the Rangers are honest with the fans. I don’t care if they go 162-0 and win the World Series. I even feel guilty for watching their broadcast. I call on all “true” Rangers fans to cancel their season tickets next year, do not go to the ballpark, do not buy their merchandise until the attitude of the front office changes. Someone please use their influence to hold these guys accountable. That’s why the media is there. It is time to become a tough media market to protect stakeholders like me!

Brian - Arlington


AttnyDan said...

Feherty is hilarious, but he is wrong on this one. Using his logic, we should lower the rim in basketball, widen the nets in hockey, lower the mound in baseball (allow corked bats) and prohibit all blitzing in Football. All PGA pros played the exact same course, regardless of success, it was an even playing field.

What does Feherty want? The cut to be -15 each week? The winner at -30? How about just playing on a putt-putt course from now on? It may have been brutal to watch, but at least it reminded us how hard that #$%@! sport is.

Or, is he worried that the next time we see half the field at -6 or better, we'll know that the course they're playing is..dare I say it...."easy"? Which could possibly reduce the ratings. Ah, it's a double edged sword Mr. Feherty.

Big Daddy said...

Good blogging, SportsSturm, but no mention of the USA U-20's winning their group in the U-20 Championships? Nothing about the farce in Indy on Sunday at the US Gran Prix??

And zero about the biggest race in motorsports, LeMans, with the Corvettes finishing 1-2 in GT1?

But kudos for not including and cricket results.

Stay BaD...

Anonymous said...


Okay, whatever. What are the numbers on this guy making these kind of shots? The most pivotal shot in the whole series. Nailing the go ahead three point shot with six seconds left in game 5 in a tied series in the NBA finals. He has never been a superstar but this guys sure knows how to make the ESPN classic tapes.


Billy V said...

Can you think a manager is doing a great job but still hate him? That is how I feel about Buck. I hate listening to him "spin" on Norm's show. I respect the Hardline for dumping him for this kind of crap. But, saying all of this, I still would want him to manage this team.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Billy V. The guy is somewhat of a baseball idiot savant but he seems to be a major jackass in interviews. My favorite line he uses on the Norm's show is when he defends his team by saying that this game is real can't understand..blah blah unless you've played this He doesn't like to really say anything except everyone else except for baseball players are idiots.


Anonymous said...

I just realized that it's almost 12:30 and Hansen hasn't talked about Sports at all. If the BaD Radio mix with him starts at 12:55, with two breaks in between, that's what? 15 minutes of Self Important Sports talk?

Wait a minute, what am I saying!!! I take it all back.

Mark in Las Colinas said...

What is it about the U.S. Open that after I'm done watching the 30+ hours of coverage that I don't want to play golf for a month?

I personally think that the USGA should have DQ'd Tiger for damaging the green with his putter on Friday. But we all know that wasn't going to happen. Can't get rid of the gravy train.

Pooky said...

Earth to Brian: It doesn't matter if you don't step one foot into the stadium; by watching every game on tv you are giving them more money than going to the stadium would.

Anonymous said...

And also to Brian, if youdon't go to the game you aren't really a stakeholder in the team are you? What do the Rangers care if you don't like the management? You aren't sending any money their way directly.

Big Dipper said...

I think you'll find one of New Zealands biggest sporting heros would be a Rugby player. Maybe Jona Lumo when he was in his prime.

Brian said...

I did not even know my email about the Rangers was on this blog. Let me answer the "earth to Brian" comments.

1) I did say I felt guilty about watching them on television. Please remember though most of the television contract is a national contract that is divided among all major league teams. The individual Rangers television ratings will not affect this.

2) You are right, I am not a stakeholder at this point but I wish I could trust the management of this team enough to be one again someday. In addition, there are thousands upon thousands who are.

Please do not lift two or three sentences of a long email and concentrate on that alone. The summary of my email is that the Rangers Front Office makes bad decisions, then hides from the media which in turn just give up. Do you think this would happen in Boston or New York? We are the number five market in the U.S. but our media here has no sack. Fraley, Grant, Newy? Puh-lease.