Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Has Everyone Seen Enough?

I wrote about Pedro Astacio at some length in the April 20th Entry . At the time, you may recall he had an ERA of 1.64, and was maybe the surprise of the first 3 weeks of the season in the entire American League. Since then, he has seen his ERA soar to over 6, and now appears to be near the end of his Rangers tenure.

Astacio ERA’s by Month:
April: 4.50 (1-3 record)
May: 7.32 (1-2)
June: 7.63 (0-3)

Despite the fact that his record is impacted by low run-support, It is perfectly clear that he is the weak link in the rotation, and you could make the case that his performance was as bad or worse than even Ryan Drese’s, who of course the Rangers gave up on last week. In fact, many of us assumed (unwisely) that Ricardo Rodriguez was being groomed for Astacio’s spot in the rotation. Now that Drese is gone, what do we do with Astacio’s spot? Your guess is as good as John Hart’s.

The 5th inning bites Pedro

Astacio was steady through the first four innings, twice setting Atlanta down in order. He displayed mastery of the 23-to-45-year-old demographic but had severe difficulties retiring anyone else.

Shortly after Astacio hit Ryan Langerhans on an 0-2 pitch, 22-year-old Kelly Johnson blasted his first major league homer, a three-run shot. Two batters later, Julio Franco, who is allegedly 46, ripped a two-run homer to center. They combined to go 4-for-6 against Astacio with six RBIs.

Hicks says spend away …That was sarcastically typed…

"I've given our people the green light on financial parameters to do something, but we won't do anything stupid from a baseball perspective," Hicks said. "We've got great young players. We're not going to give them up prematurely."

Julio Franco still going strong at 46+ ...

Mayberry signed and in the fold

Phil back in Los Angeles

T J Simers is not buying it

I'M NOT buying it. Too many unanswered questions and a move that is out of character for Jackson, who is normally the final piece to the championship puzzle.

Where was Kobe Bryant on Tuesday? Instead of delivering a crafted, politically correct statement via fax to the media, why wasn't he standing beside Jackson — a statement that would have really cleared the air.

There is no question this is going to play well with the folks who sit courtside and pay $2,100 a ticket, but how smart are the people who sit courtside and pay $2,100 a ticket to watch an NBA game?

Pistons back in series, dominate 4th Quarter of game 3 …and yes, that is right: No losing team has scored 80 YET in this series! N-B-A, IT’S FANTASTIC!

Psycho allowed past borders with chain saw

Lang Whitaker on the Spurs and Duncan


AttnyDan said...

Obviously we need pitching, anyone have a short list of who might be available at a reasonable price? Wait a minute, this is a Hicks team. We don't pick up players that would help us, we cut them!!

I suddenly have a horrible, horrible feeling that Rick Helling will make a start for the Rangers this year.

P.S. I think that it should be mandatory that if you personally attack someone else on this Blog, you have to give out your ID and e-mail address. Just a thought.

Jared in Irving said...

Dan Sucks!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like this blog because I like the Ticket and BAD radio and like to talk sports and all that implies in a forum that can appreciate it. I am not one of these blog/forum chatroom geeks who knows all the shortcuts, symbols, and lingo of the web world who attacks other people beyond simple criticism and resort to cowardly calling someone a hurtful name and hide behind their firewall. However, I find that there are plenty of a-holes on this blog that do that I am sure Bob probably finds rude, immature, and damaging to an otherwise excellent blog.
I would sign this but first I am sure I would get an insult along with my name is attached to it and secondly I know I am not the only one that shares this opinion.

Steve said...

1. Ever heard of a run-on sentence?

2. Anyone know what the hell that last guy is talking about?

3. Since when did people start crying to Bob's Blog because their feelings got hurt?

4. I am glad you like the blog because you "like to talk sports".

Elk34 said...

I was at last night's Ranger game and sat 21 rows above the Braves dugout. I don't know how much they showed on TV, but Julio Franco really appeared concerned for the fan who got hit by his bat that went into the stands. After he hit the homerun he came straight to the stands to check on the fan and apologize. I had always thought Franco was a bit of a jerk, but he showed some class in handling that bad situation.

Also, he had the fans around the visitors loving hime by the end of the game. He was continuously turned around talking to the fans and he must have given away a dozen baseballs to the nearby kids. I'm sure that it didn't hurt that they were winning and he had already hit a dinger but he really showed some personality to the fans.

It occurred to me that even though the Rangers have some great talent (especially in the infield) they really don't have anyone that brings any kind of personality to the game. There's no reason to have strong feelings about them one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Why does chainsaw psycho dude keep looking at me?

Evie said...

Hey Bob,

Your Tivo list is officially defunct. Could you give us an update? I can always count on BaD Radio to steer me in the direction of good solid programming. Thanks.


Mark in Las Colinas said...

Were there more Braves' fans than Rangers' fans last night at Turner Field in Arlington? It sure sounded like it.

Elk34 said...

I know that where we were sitting there was a very large Braves representation. Probably 1/3 Braves 2/3 Rangers. But, given how the game went they were a much louder presence.

Anonymoose said...

Crying to a forum about getting flamed on someone elses blogspot.....TOTALLY GAY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymoose doesn't have a penis.

Seacrest Out said...

I too was at the Rangers game last night. Julio Franco showed what a class guy he is. I even pointed it out to my 6 year old son. He showed everybody how a professional athlete should act. I am not aware if this is the norm for him, but I was proud of our ex-Ranger great last night. It was a refreshing experience to be able to show my son an example of what an athlete should be. I wish guys like him got more pub than guys like Slappy (A-Rod), and Barry F'ing" Bonds.

Anonymous said...

In response to an earlier post, Anonymoose does indeed have a penis. He has relations with the stray cats in my neighborhood and leaves the condoms as evidence.

Anonymous said...

good one

Anonymous said...

Now that the Lakers got the Zin Master back, what are the chances they get Yao next year? I think that Kobe/Yao could be better than Kobe/Shaq. That Houston team is getting really good, but I would rather the Lakers be dominant than Houston be really good. I just really hate the Rockets.

Anonymoose said...

No Penis
Has Penis, uses it on stray cats
That is so weak. I'll be watching you with my slicked down mohawk and bloody chainsaw. I just might use my handmade sword on your cats next time. If I have time, Its going to be a nice little Saturday.

Mark in Las Colinas said...

Ryan Drese...2 hits in 8 IP & only 98 pitches. I know it's only one game but I think it's funny how Drese answers the bell. Should make for interesting talk radio tomorrow but I'll be watching the U.S. Open.

Big Daddy said...

What the "F" is "Zin"???