Thursday, June 23, 2005


Bradley to Retire

The Mavericks are working on a long-term buyout of center Shawn Bradley's contract that would facilitate the retirement of the 12-year veteran.

A Mavericks source said Wednesday that the buyout would pay Bradley all of the money he is owed under terms of his contract, but would be spread out over numerous years. His deal calls for him to earn $14.5 million over the next three seasons, including $4.5 million in 2005-06.

I know today there is a lot to discuss; Game 7 in the NBA Finals, Kenny Rogers getting beat in Anaheim to get the Rangers swept, Blake Sloan’s pension. But, I have decided to not bury the lead. The lead today is the only story we will touch in today’s blog. Shawn Bradley is set to retire.

Now, perhaps on this day of Shawn leaving the Mavericks, you thought I would soften up and tell you what a good guy he is, and thanks for the memories big fella, didn’t you?


Instead, I thought I would reprint my blog entry from April 27th, a few days after the famous T-Mac facial:

I am coming under a fair amount of fire for appearing to blame the plight of the Mavericks on poor Shawn Bradley. Well, allow me to clarify. There is no way that the Mavericks are down 2-0 because of Shawn Bradley. That is absurd, partly because he doesn’t play enough minutes to affect the outcome of these two games. Dirk, Finley, Avery, Van Horn all should receive blame for this thing long before big Shawn.

With that being said, if we can agree that he is not to blame for this series, could we at least agree that he is certainly responsible for the national image of the Mavericks being soft, white boys who can’t get it done? That seems fair. He has been dunked on more than anyone in the history of the league (I am estimating), and has never offered a hard foul on anyone. He is polite, meek, and a perfect gentleman, which is the complete and total opposite of what you want a big man to be in the NBA.

I am sure he is a great guy, in fact, when Dan and I had him on our show, I almost felt guilty because I did find out what a nice dude he is. But there are all sorts of nice guys in this world. Nice guys do not make great basketball players. And my blame of Shawn is not about one isolated dunk from Monday night, although admittedly, that might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Think of it as more of a lifetime achievement award for years of shameless dunk receiving, and years of soft fouls as the other team celebrated while standing over a meek Shawn.

Enough is Enough in my book.

I make no apologies for my feelings. Sure he is a good guy. So is Jimmy Christopher. I don’t want either of them playing Center for the Mavericks. I realize Pavel might be a younger more awkward version of Shawn, but I am willing to take my chances.

Happy Retirement.


Anonymous said...

No blame on Nelly for never teaching this elusive thing called "DEFENSE"? Remember, he wasn't considered soft in Philly, just after he came here and was taught by Nelly, just like EVERY Mav.

Anonymous said...

i hope one of Shawn's 36 kids grows to be 7"9 so the Mavs can have someone waiting in the wings

Sturminator said...


You might want to check with some 76ers fans about that. He has ALWAYS been soft. He did not need to be taught to be soft. I am all for blaming Nelly, but in this case, Shawn did not need to be taught to be tall or soft or unathletic. He teaches those classes.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Sturm.

Thank you thank you thank you.

Thank you for not becoming a bleeding heart like a lot of fans are doing right now for "poor Shawn".

There's actually a thread at right now discussing whether his jersey should be retired.


Sorry I just threw up in my mouth.

Anyway, good riddance. And btw, don't undersell the importance of determining whether his injuries are determined to be career ending. That would have big implications on our payrol and luxury tax situation.

But, most importantly, he's gone. GONE!!

I'm pinching myself.

Anonymous said...

Instead of focusing all your energy on blaming Shawn for his pathetic play, which is well deserved, why don't you lob a little criticism toward Cuban for signing him to that ridiculous contract. Against Nellie's wishes, Mark signed Shawn to one of the worst contracts in sports. This is just another example of Sports Sturm giving his boy Mark a free pass.

Anonymous said...

From what I've read, this year's labor contract included a provision that each team would get a 1 time chance this year (and this year onldy) to buy out a player and not have his contract count against the salary cap. This makes the Bradley decision obvious. He could have taken the Mavs money and found another team... but he decided to retire instead.

Look for the Allan Houston's of the world to be wearing new uni's next year.

Great Tat Bob... very original.

Anonymous said...

Bradley was most guilty for not earning that big contract of a few years ago. But there are plenty of overpaid athletes in professional sports, i.e. Chan Ho. It's not their fault some idiot was willing to pay them so much for so little. He is also guilty of not living up to his 7'6'' potential. Hey, if I was 7'6'' and sucked I'd still try to earn a few million from some sucker NBA franchise, too. But he definitely was not the worst center in the league. Having him come off the bench over the next few years making a small salary by NBA center standards would not have been the worst thing that could have happened, especially with the roster expanding to 14. He served certain functions alright. Hey his first three years in Dallas he averaged servicable numbers of 11.5 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 3 blocks a game. I'm sorry, but McGrady has slammed dunked over much better players who either got a facial or just stood there and enjoyed the view. At least he gave it a mantis man's try. Bradley, you don't suck as much as everyone says you do. Good luck, big Mormon. You'll be missed.

Anonymous said...

Bob you are so right on again, so good job with that. But anyways Shawn please see yourself out the door. Stick to being the good family man that you are and dont bring more pain and suffering to the Mavs fan by being a stiff white dude in the paint.

Anonymous said...

It should be against blog law to leave an idiotic comment, and not leave a name. To say that Shawn Mantis wasn't that bad is just dumb. The only thing he did more than get dunked on, was get knocked down to the floor. Even I could see that he sucked, and WAS the worst center in the league !

JIM said...


So Bradley Retires.....

Doesn't this open the possibility that Pavel Podkolzine becomes the NBA's new poster boy?

NBA players all looked to Shawn Bradley as a measuring stick. If you could dunk on him, not only would you have a nice poster for your posse and friends, but it validated you status as an "NBA Baller".

With Shawn Bradley leaving the game, Pavel steps in as the chosen one to fill his big shoes....

So Long Shawn and thanks for the posterizations that I use for my desktop on my laptop.....


ChozSun said...

I would have given anything for Bradley to hard foul ONE dood trying to dunk on him. It never happened.

Failed smile.

Anonymous said...

I just put up my unopened Shawn Bradley Action Figure on eBay. Hazmat Toys' stock has gone through the roof with this news....

Anonymous said...

Luis, I believe what you're thinking of is a provision to drop a player and not have him count against the Luxury Tax, not the Salary Cap.

You would still be on the hook for his salary, but you remove his salary from the Luxury Tax figure.

Anonymous said...

At least Bradley tried his hardest every time he was out on the floor. Thats more than I can say about some Maverick centers.


meredith said...

Remember, he wasn't considered soft in Philly,

Hands down, the funniest thing ever posted on the blog.

oh, were serious??

In all seriousness, Bradley was mocked like crazy in Philly. Every single person in that city with a pulse knew he was a big white stiff.

meredith said...

why don't you lob a little criticism toward Cuban for signing him to that ridiculous contract.

Ya know, ever since the day I moved to Dallas, I've wondered why Cuban never seems to take any blame for this. He was a horrible player in Philly, and that should have been the last team he ever played for. Everyone I ask says the same thing: "Well, Cuban saved this team - they were awful before he bought them - he gets a pass for Bradley."

I have never understood that. He gets a pass for quite possibly the worst contract in NBA history?

Anonymous said...

Guys, look - Bradley was a bad contract, but Ease UP! Worst contract in NBA History? Seriously? Ever heard of a dude named Jim McIlvaine? No one but the Sonics and the IRS has either. There were a pile of stupid contracts given out to tall white boys that can't play. Shawn's was just one of many.

Really, the sad note is this - I won't miss his play, but man, what entertainment! My buddies and I Loved waiting to see him fall...and time him on the way down... see him flail to grab someone nearby... and floor. High comedy.

Anonymous said...

Bradley made it in the NBA because his 7'6''. Not because of his talent. His almost 10 inches taller than me and about 20 lbs heavier and I could take him one-on-one.


Anonymous said...

Its amazing that such a worthless player (at least according to those here) could be the all-time leading shot blocker for the Mavs, and by a wide margin. it turns out there is something he did more often then get dunked on....block shots!

Go figure.

meredith said...

Jim McIlvaine played for the Sonics for two years, it seems. They got the Nets to take him in a trade in January of '99. It may have cost them money, but didn't seem to hamper their growth for more than a couple years.

Bradley, on the other hand, has been here for NINE years, because there is no way in hell anyone will deal for him. Plus, and this is what makes this trade is so atrocious, Bradley was RESIGNED. The Mavs already knew what they were dealing with, having watched him for a few years after they acquired him, and they RESIGNED him.


A serious question for people who lived here then - when the Mavs resigned him to a long term deal in August of 2001, what was the general public opinion? Did people think Cuban was crazy or were they in favor of keeping him around?

Anonymous said...

Wow, somebody tell Cuban to call up Disco, he sounds like the next Shaq. I am 5'9 and weigh 165, you think I could play point?


Anonymous said...

Wow, a NBA center got overpaid.

Now there is some breaking news in the world of sports!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jared in Irving,

In the thread you mentioned on, most of the responses do not agree that Bradley's number should be retired.

Of course, I suppose it would take some degree of reading comprehension on your part to be able to figure that out...

Anonymous said...


The Eagles losing so many years in a row has made you a very bitter person.

Anonymous said...


Relax, the Rangers are fine on pitching. They need some bats. Or at least that is what you and Norm both said not too long ago.

Good call on that one.

Anonymous said...

Mark Cuban signed Bradley to the big deal in order to show the league that the new Mavs were willing to spend and he was loyal to his guys. He did this with Fin, and Raef as well. He did build that reputation and has made the Mavs very successful. The unfortunate biproduct is that the Mavs are now saddled with the unmovable contracts of Fin and the Mantis. By the grace of God, he was able to move Raef, and he quit doing this before it was time to re-sign Nash. Now that Bradley is leaving, the Mavs only have to worry about Fin's huge contract. And as much as I think our Stone Hands center is over paid, that seems to be the going rate for spare NBA centers.

If you look at each move in a vacuum, the Bradley and Finley contracts look terrible. But when you look at the big picture the contracts, along with the elaborate lockers, etc., were a part of the big plan in overhauling the Mavs image accross the league. That has been done. Now it is up to Avery to overhaul the Mavs image of being soft.

Or maybe I'm talking out of my ass?

-Seacrest Out

meredith said...

The Eagles losing so many years in a row has made you a very bitter person.

Bitter because I think Bradley sucks? Wow. There's a lot of bitter people in this city, then.

And last season was a glorious time to be an Eagles fan. I'm hardly bitter.

Anonymous said...


Pooky is an idiot.

Bradley sucks.

I don't want to get into a pissing match with you, as I do not have the desire or life force for that. But why was last year a "glorious" year to be an eagles fan? They still lost! I am a Texas Alum. We are in the college world series championship. If we win it is "glorious", but if we lose, it was just a good season. Same with football last year, we won the Rose Bowl and it was a good season, but in order to be "glorious" we have to win a National Championship. Is the bar set so low for Philly fans that losing the biggest game of the year is still "glorious"? Your Red Sox had a "glorious" season last year, but the eagles had a good season.

- Seacrest Out

meredith said...

But why was last year a "glorious" year to be an eagles fan?

Fair question. You're looking at it as a Cowboys fan, a fan who has seen his team win several Super Bowls. Look at it from the POV of a 26-year old Philly fan, a fan who is not old enough to ever remember seeing a parade in her birth city.

When T.O. went down, most thought the Birds were done. But they got past the NFC Championship game, FINALLY, and made it to the Super Bowl, the biggest stage in sports. I flew to Philly to watch the Bowl with my parents, and had an amazing time, despite the devastating end result. I always figured watching my team in the Bowl would be equal to watching my team in the World Series. But it is better. It's bigger. It's only one game, and the whole world is watching.

Despite the end result, last year was more fun than I've ever had as an Eagles fan. If I was only happy when my team won championships, I'd lead a very miserable life.

Anonymous said...

Good point. The Cowboys have set the bar really high for me. In my 25+ years, I have seen 3 Superbowls and a Stanley Cup come through here. I am lucky. I am not miserable when my teams do well but don't win it all, but I just don't use the word "glorious" to describe it. The little Mavericks and my Texas Longhorns have had many a good season. But I cannot use a better word than "good" unless they win it all. I guess it is just all a matter of prospective. Texans, and Dallas fans specifically, are God's chosen people. I guess we don't understand the sports view of those less fortunate. Indeed the Eagles had a "glorious" season by Philly standards, while we in Dallas are dissapointed because we should have won 4 Superbowls in a row in the 90s, and how we are screwed by the HOF b/c of east coast bias and the 70s Steelers.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you two make out

Anonymous said...

Good one.
Maybe she could wear nothing but an Eagle jersey top and S.O. could wear nothing but a Cowboy jockey strap and they could together an discuss Superbowl envy.

Scott said...

Is this the beginning of the end for the overpaid mavericks? Who's next...Finley?

The only question is...who will take Bradley's place? Benga or Pavel? I dont know about I am going to guess that both will be overpaid and underachievers! That is...until Avery gets a better chance to kick em into shape!

Until either one do something...neither is worth getting excited about yet...but then there is always hope!

Anonymous said...

I'm torn on this. On one hand it will be nice to not have to watch tha mantis get dunked on, but he can still be a decent back-up or warm practice body. I'd rather see a buyout of Tariq Abdul-Wahadaburkadurkaburkadurk. When was the last time he was even in a game? He's been sitting in France and eatting cheese on Cuban's dime for years. He also makes a heck of a lot more than Bradley. If the Mavs had an answer instead of two questions at the back-up center it would make more sense.

Anonymous said...

Seacrest out,
As usual, you are talking out of your ass. So what's new?

Anonymous said...

Being such a spare and all, you would think that there would be more than NINE players ahead of Bradley on the All-Time Shot blockers list.

By the way Bob, thanks for your courage today in taking the "I'm Not Going To Talk Nice About Bradley Just Because He's Retiring" stance. I'm sure no other media member thought to take that position on the issue. But then again, you're clearly not just some guy in the next cubicle over....

I hope you and the rest of your buds enjoyed chewing on those low-lying apples.

Anonymous said...

Being in the top ten in blocks is kind of like being in the top ten in 3 pointers made or steals. If you had other skills along with it, you were probably a good player. If you were a one trick pony, and your only trick is blocks, you could easily be a spare.

Besides I think blocks is one of those categories that hasn't been kept for that long, because players like Wilt and Russell aren't on that list.

Also, Manute Bol is also in the top ten I believe. Worth mentioning....

madape said...

I used to think Sturm was a classy guy.

Thanks for showing us otherwise, Bob.

Sturminator said...


Thanks for your postings, but I figured I was entitled to my opinions today, no? Are we obligated to agree with Evie? I promise, on the Evie Blog, I will allow you to think whatever you like since you have done the same to me.

And Sam-

If you think I agreed with Norm on what the Ranger's needed when the season began, please review March 9th and March 31st posts on the archives. They explain in great detail how Norm and I differed in our opinions about what the problem was in 2004.

Go Star Wars-

Sturminator said...


Sorry if it appeared classless. Sometimes, difficult things need to be said. I am happy he is gone. No apologies from me on the message, but perhaps the delivery was too harsh for those who enjoyed his skills.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Bob, I didn't realize I needed my own blog to voice some dissension. We can't all be bloggers...some of us are just commenters.

About Bradley - he's been the favorite whipping boy of the organization, the media, and the metroplex for quite some time now. Sure, some of it is deserved, and some of it isn't. As the only option we had at center last year, the man should have seen more consistent playing time. Yes, there were times he was dunked on and it was embarassing. But there were many more times that he came in and altered shots and least slowed down the opponent's layup drill we became so accustomed to seeing. Of course, those moments don't make sportscenter, don't always show up in box scores and may not be nearly as memorable. But I was there, and I saw that there were times the Mavs probably wouldn't have won the game without him.

But the Mavs have Damp now and need to look forward to getting a better, more athletic backup. From a basketball perspective, I'm not totally unhappy that he will not be on the roster next year.

But from a fan's perspective, I just think that someone that wore the uniform for eight years, someone that was always incredibly fan-friendly, and one of the few remaining mavs left over from the 2003 roster, - that person probably deserves a little bit more respect than he has been given - which is to say, perhaps he just deserves a tiny bit.

But that's not nearly as fun as joining in on the big collective dog pile, now is it?

Sturminator said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sturminator said...


You are welcome to anything you like. I just took particular defense to the idea that we (I guess anyone that disagreed with you on Shawn) got together to unfairly critique Bradley. You said you "were there". Well, so was I for nearly all 8 years he was in Dallas. He sucked more often than not. And never particularly indicated that he cared. He may have been fan-friendly, but the guys on his team were generally annoyed by his overall basketball attitude from what I know.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Give it up Bob, it's not worth it. You'll never see another spare defended so rigorously by his defenders than Big Shawn. Madape up there who called you classless is the same fellow that proclaimed on that Bradley would be headed for the hall of fame if he'd had a different coach for most of his career.

So, clearly you can see there's no arguing with these people. You're going to get tired head very quickly, if you don't already.

Anonymous said...

People who defend Bradley's play on the court either don't know basketball or are blinded by their Maverick 'blue colored glasses'.


I really don't care what he's done off the court. The fact is he's been a cancer on the court for this franchise for EIGHT YEARS and you 'real' maverick fans should be celebrating that he's gone. Not whining about someone pointing out the facts too harshly for you.

He sucked..he's gone..good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Sorry again Bob..I wasn't trying to imply that the media was collaborating in some way. I just found it funny that someone was thanking you wildly for your position, when it was pretty much identical to everything else I heard on the airwaves yesterday and all the many many days prior to Bradley's retirement.

Since he had such a long tenure here, I thought it might appropriate to wish him well for AT LEAST ONE DAY. Its too bad that I don't get to decide what is appropriate, and what isn't.