Wednesday, June 29, 2005

How to Not Get Your Contract Extension

Kenny Rogers goes nuts on media

Rogers' angry on-field tirade included shoving two cameramen.

Rogers also threw one camera to the ground and threatened to break others while walking to the field for pregame stretching.

The 40-year-old left-hander shoved the first cameraman, who was shooting video of Rogers, telling him: "I told you to get those cameras out of my face."

Rogers then approached a second cameraman. He wrestled the camera from Larry Rodriguez of KDFW-TV, threw it to the ground and kicked it.

Rogers saw two other cameramen who were recording from the Rangers dugout and walked toward them. He did not make contact with the men, who were backing away.

"I'll break every ... one of them," Rogers said before he was escorted to the Rangers clubhouse by catcher Rod Barajas.

What a class act. Make sure you lock him up, lest he gets away.

Some dude named Chris Martin posted on and hit the nail on the head:

What happened to all of the good guys and great chemistry from last year? Could it be that winning breeds good chemistry and not the other way around?

This thing is coming apart at the seams. Do you think my wife would be annoyed if I cut vacation short to get back for this?

Look for the media to get blamed for this, too, since it is the favorite Rangers spin these days.


meredith said...

Too late. Harold Reynolds blamed the cameraman tonight on ESPN, saying that he knows Kenny to be a mild mannered guy, "so something must have been done to provoke him."

Of course, everyone already knows that Harold Reynolds is a jackass.

Cody said...

Atleast the Rangers are falling apart in a entertaining way.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to go into the office tomorrow morning, tell my I.T. department to get that new monitor out of my face, and then smash 2 or 3 computers when the I.T. types don't move fast enough. If my company's management team is anything like the Rangers' brain trust, I'll get both a promotion and a raise. Although I think I'd probably end up in handcuffs, instead. Rogers is a jerk, and should be forced to get a real job.

Patrick said...

"so something must have been done to provoke him." Nice one, Harold. I wonder what the water cooler and the picture hanging on the wall said to provoke him?

Could Kenny just be missing BaD radio?!? Coincidence, or cause?

Brandon said...

Just like that cameraman in New York was to blame when Randy Johnson shoved the guy's camera away on his way to a physical with the Yanks.

Or when Rodman kicked the cameraman several years ago? Yeah, the nerve of these cameramen. Trying to do their job and all.

dan said...

The Rangers may ought to go ahead and designate Rogers for assignment, I think a few games in the minors will help him straighten himself out, and I think he stands a 50/50 chance of clearing. But to do so they would need to bring some other pitcher in here. Maybe they could trade for a guy like Ryan Drese, he's been pitching pretty well lately, and he won 14 games last year!

The Rangers never cease to amaze. Even if they aren't going to be competive in the market or for first place, their players and front office always seem to do things that just make you scratch your head. With the current state of affairs not only is it probable that Tex will go somewhere else in a few years (mostly Boras related) but I wouldn't blame him.

AttnyDan said...

Growing up a Rangers fan, watching them struggle for 20 years, then finally winning for a few, then back to struggling (Grubes, cue Joe Namath), this year makes me want to puke!! Lose or win, at least play with class was what Showalter always trumpeted.

I am flat embarrassed by the last 2 weeks of Ranger events and think someone should get a website dedicated to getting Hicks to sell the team. or something.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this Bob's adopted High School football team?

I thought you were supposed to use newspaper and a water bottle?

Anonymous said...

I wish BAD radio was in town to cover the incident. One of the interesting parts is how each media outlet got completely different footage of the event. Channel 11's was clearly the best.

The funniest was Channel 5, who only had film of Kenny storming back to the dugout after the beating. You can see Kenny charging at the camera, and then you see the camera frantically turn around and run away to the other end of the dugout as Kenny chases the cameraman.

Anonymous said...

dan wrote:
"The Rangers may ought to go ahead and designate Rogers for assignment, I think a few games in the minors will help him straighten himself out, and I think he stands a 50/50 chance of clearing"

Are you joking?

There's no chance in hell Rogers would clear waivers. He's only making, what, $3 million this year? Maybe $4-$5 tops I forget. And he's been arguably one of the best pitchers in MLB this season. He could easily be chosen to start the all-star game. Other than that start in Anaheim and the little blow-up in the 5th or 6th inning in Florida, he's been damn near perfect. He'd get claimed by any team who has any desire to win and could use a solid starter.

The chances Rogers would clear waivers are 0%. If you're thinking maybe his recent personal problems will make teams want to steer clear, I doubt it. He'd have to kill a man to do that.

jon g.

Scott "Scotto" Mathews said...

W E L L ... Kenny the ace became Kenny the @ss. I am sure that this will be drug out longer than it needs to be, but still a camera guy? Whatever happened to taking out your frustration on the pitching a complete game with 12 K and no runs allowed? the good ole days!

On a different note, I was reading the article on the incident and they had the clip from FSN...Bob..sounded like another Jim Nox ear sounded like he called Kenny Rogers Kennedy Rogers. You all should go listen to it and let me know if I have an ear problem!

See what happens when you go on Vacation? All the good stuff happens!

Jason F. said...

The worse the rangers do, the better. I'm ready to start hearing about some real sports. C'mon Football season.

Evie said...

Its time to cut ties with this him before the deadline, see what we can get.

Just a casual observation:

Does Larry Rodriguez strike anyone else as a bit....odd?

Its a little bit weird that one minute he's doing an interview with GAC, and the next he's being put in a neck stabilizer.

Am I mistaken, or was he not the guy on the phone with Galloway yesterday immediately after the incident happened (you know, while the Hardline was busy gushing about Rusty Greer Day)

Miles said...

Your eight Evie, i also heard him on Randy Galloway show after if happened. He was probaly faking it a little because hes going to try to get as much money from Kenny as possible.

Anonymous said...

Yep, what a pansy. I think after the interview then his neck starting hurting. Call for the stretcher.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how the Rangers never had these incidents when Doug Melvin was GM...

I'm not trying to defend Kenny by any means b/c what he did was way out of line and he deserves as tough a penalty as possible for what he did, but I think the Rangers are also to blame here. Yes, Kenny blew up and lost his cool, but this could have been prevented.

Why did the Rangers management not step in and say anything about the injury before Monday? They knew about the broken hand before, and no one send a damn thing. Also, why did John Hart or anyone else not make a comment in support of Kenny, saying that the contract negotiation had nothing to do with him missing a start in the midst of all this mess? Rogers took a step in the right direction yesterday by accepting that he was irresponsible. If Hicks and Hart know about his short fuse like they say, why wouldn't they protect their player? It almost seems as though they are making Rogers look so bad that when they don't resign him, they will look good for not having done so. I'm not referring to this incident, b/c there is no defense for it. But they haven't stuck by him like they should.
The Ranger's management sickens me. John Hart must go....

As for Rogers, they need to come down with a huge suspension.

Mark in Las Colinas said...

Did anyone notice that the cameramen Kenny went after were all smaller than him? I heard that there were a couple of bigger cameramen there and Rogers didn't step in their direction once. What a freakin' P?

Anonymous said...

Amen Jason F. I'm out on the Rangers. The June swoon and now the Kenny Rogers Roasters high jinx just makes me anticipate training camp even more.

Let's talk some football and the imminent return of the NHL.

Evie said...

Its pretty funny to hear a Cowboy fan wish failure upon the Rangers so sports radio can be entertaining.

There's so much irony there I don't even know where to begin.

Anonymous said...

Stop picking on Kenny.
The guy is under a lot of pressure.
Playing a boy's game at millionaire wages can really get to a guy.
Us commoners living our daylight hours in a 10x10 cubicle or digging ditches for a living, barely making five figures, would not understand.
You'd want to beat up on a camera guy too if you were famous enough to have one put in your face.
Please have some sympathy for God's sake!

Anonymous said...

I dont think these Rangers are done yet. Every time last year we thought they should pack it up they went on a winning streak. These kids are just too dumb I guess to know that there season is over, since everyone says it is.


Anonymous said...

15 game winning streak for Kenny

Anonymous said...

It's freakin' 18-3 in the 7th at Ameriquest. Ranger's are putting together a winning streak...hmm hmm.

dan said...

jon g.

1. Sarcasism

2. remember the whole "we think there's a 50/50 shot of Drese clearing waivers.

3. obviously not so subtle humor was lost on you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob

is that Larry Rodriguez a distant smaller cousin?

Kim said...

Is it just my double XX chromosomes or am I the only person around here who thinks that Kenny's only problem is that he needs to get laid? Forget the contract extension...the best thing for Kenny to get out his primal animal aggression is to go home (or where ever) and release the tension. This isn't baseball related. And personally, I'm tired of hearing about anger management counseling and sports psychology. Dude, go home. Play with your kids. Sleep with your wife. See if that feeling doesn't miraculously come back to your hand.

Brandon said...

You never know.

He might have gotten himself some last night after getting sent home.

Anonymous said...


I stopped reading at the '50/50 chance of clearing' line.

And since I can't visually see you roll your eyes as you type, sometimes it's hard to pick up on sarcasm via the internet.


jon g.

Anonymous said...

Dan and Jon are the best of friends. (Sarcasm, yes or no?)

Anonymous said...

Rogers + Troy Aikman = gay

Anonymous said...

Kenny Rogers is a dumbshit....