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BaD Radio - Recap - 5/10/11

Tuesday 5/10/11

Episode: 2930

Location: Studio

The Mix: “I forgot that Ben Wallace was one of those Poochensteins that LeBron dragged across America.” - Norm

The Open: Speed dating 101 Bob celebrated Mother’s Day by taking his Mexican mother-in-law to the airport after her 35 day stay. She’ll be back next week. Dan has some emails that he wants to get off his chest. One emailer says that he was in drug rehab and at a meeting when the counselor said “Pull yours out and we’ll see who’s bigger”, the emailer said “Mark”. Turns out that more than half of the males in the rehab facility knew what he was talking about. The Ticket is strong in drug rehab. Chris Young is done for the year as a Mets pitcher due to injury; one emailer blames the BaD Radio curse.

12:40 – NBA Playoffs: There were two overtime games last night and one of them going into 3 OTs. With the Mavs already done with their series, focus is now shifting towards the OKC/Memphis series with the winner facing the Mavs in the Western Conference Finals. Looking towards the Eastern Conference, it would provide a lot of talking points if the Mavs ended up facing the Heat in the Finals. Bob was asked a question, if the Mavs pull off this Cinderella story and win a ring, will it be the greatest sports story in Dallas history? It would be. What makes a great sports story is not only a team coming out of nowhere to win but a team that comes out of nowhere that has had their hearts broken multiple times. Dan thinks that if the Mavs lose this next series it will negate what they did against the Lakers.

1:00 – Gay Not Gay: Is it gay to celebrate May the 4th as Star Wars day? No. Is it gay to go on a cruise with 3 other dudes? Is it a gaycation? Not really. Is it gay for 2 grown men to like Matthew McConaughey Fan Page on Facebook at the same time? Yes. Is it gay for one guy to paint another guys back before going into a Mavs game? Not if it’s with a brush. Is it gay for a guy to go buy maxipads to put in his gloves for when he is boxing? Yes.

1:15 – Lakers Troubles: The Lakers have about $85 million in guaranteed money to current players for next year. Barring a trade, it doesn’t look like the Lakers will be able to do too much in the off-season.

1:40 – Lakers Baby Mama Drama: So apparently some in LA are blaming Pau Gasol’s distant look and ineffectiveness in the playoff on his breakup with his girlfriend and the affect this had on the locker room. The rumor is that Kobe and his wife had something to do with Pau’s fiancé breaking it off. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, Kobe ratted out Shaq and his fun times on the road to his wife. That eventually led to Shaq’s divorce. Is Vanessa Bryant the Yoko Ono of the Lakers?

2:00 – Scoops Callahan Fallout: Some more “legitimate” media types did not find the humor in Tom’s question to Phil Jackson. Mike Harrington (@BNHarrington on Twitter) from Buffalo, New York has a particular problem with Scoops. Let’s just say this guy is EXTREMELY insightful… He calls Scoops disgraceful and a mockery to real professionals. This guy kicked the hornet’s nest that is the P1 Nation. His tweet of the day says that he would chew Scoops out if he saw him in a press conference. Check out this guys Twitter Feed.

2:20 – Stuff: Read the article about the aforementioned Mike Harrington. Ridiculous. And now a question: Where is Roddy B? Another question: What would happen if Caron Butler got healthy? Do the Mavs have any use for Caron right now? The way it looks right now, no.

2:35 – More Stuff: More Scoops Callahan fallout and Rashard Mendenhall backlash. Tony Romo failed to qualify for the U.S. Open golf tournament once again. He had to hop a fence to go into someone’s yard to get a ball he hit.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1869 a gold spike was driven in a railroad that completed the Trans-Continental Railroad. Happy Birthday to Chris Berman, Steve Mayor, It’s Ok She’s My Step-Daughter 4, Ronnie Seikaly, Pat Summerall, Danny Carey, Mark David Chapman, Dave Mason and Young MC. Spares include Adam Deadmarsh.

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