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BaD Radio - Recap - 5/4/11

Wednesday 5/4/11

Episode: 2927

Location: Studio

The Mix: “So Leo and Jack stop at Brooks Brothers on the way to the Staples Center?” - Bob

The Open: Tony Romo was recently on TMZ, they were showing where he is going to get married. Bob hopes the Dan Band is there. There are tons of parody pictures floating around of Obama and the top-level White House employees watching the live feed of the Osama raid. Here’s one with Dan. And another.

12:40 – Phil Jackson: Bob considers any time that Phil Jackson speaks in a press conference or interview it is stop-down material. Phil forgets more basketball in a day than most people know in their lifetime. He was particularly crabby after game 1.

1:00 – TiVo Talk: Dan is on board with The Killing on AMC. Bob has been watching Game of Thrones. He believes that it’s a pretty solid show even though there are a lot of girls who might catch a cold if they’re not careful. There’s character development, a good story line, a little bit of fantasy and a midget. Dan got a new iPad app, HBO Go. It’s available to people to are subscribed to HBO. It allows you access to anything that HBO has ever done. HBO Go is also available online and on your phone.

1:20 – Baseball Talk: Last night, Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano threw a 6 walk, 2 strikeout no-hitter. He threw 123 pitches and he is tied with 9 other guys for the 13th most walks in a no-hitter. Andre Ethier extended his hitting streak to 29 games last night, going 1 for 4. Only two people have ever made it to 40.

1:40 – Tom Grieve Show: Tom says that he’s played in a no-hitter before and he has seen 2 of Nolan’s no-hitters plus quite a bit more. It was an impressive start for Liriano not only for the no-hitter but because he was pitching in a 1-0 game and it was his first complete game. The Rangers started out 9-1, then Hamilton gets injured and they go 7-13. It’s an interesting trend. As of late the Rangers have been in some very close games but haven’t been able to pull out the win. These are games that they win if they are playing their type of baseball. The Rangers have agreed to terms with Leon’ys Martin, a Cuban defect. He’s a Julio Borbon type player but he is supposed to have a bigger upside. Texas has signed him for $15 million.

2:00 – Rashard Mendenhall: Mendenhall has been causing a lot of controversy over the past week on Twitter due to his comments on the bin Laden death. Here are some examples of what he said. He has recently sent out an apology. Check it out here.

2:20 – Mark Aguirre: The former Maverick joins Bob Dan and Donovan in studio. Every time he comes in studio, Bob feels like he’s taller than Mark. They measure and it’s very close. He was listed in the media guide as 6’6” but is closer to 6’4”, but that’s what they do. In high school he was always the jump shot off the dribble type of guy, it wasn’t until college that he developed his low post game. Mark, like Dirk, had a very unblockable shot. The key was that defenders were scared to leave their feet. Mark thinks that this is the best version of Dirk that we have ever seen. Dirk is looking for the ball and he is looking to do damage once he gets it.

2:40 – More Mark Aguirre: Mark’s take on LeBron James, he thinks that when LeBron decides to make it his number one priority to be the man, to win championships, he will do it. It seems like LeBron is focused on being a global icon. Mark left Dallas on not so great terms, and Bob wonders if the Mavs went to the finals in 1988 would Mark have stayed. He had a sincere desire to make it work in Dallas but he took his talents elsewhere and got his ring. Mark says it would have been extra special to do it here in Dallas.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1970, Kent State happened. Happy Birthday to Bob Tway, Will Arnett, Lance Bass, Legend of the Magic Taco and Dick Dale. Spares include Butch Beard, Cleveland Gary, Rene Lachemann and Tom Lampkin.

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