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BaD Radio - Recap - 5/2/11

Monday 5/2/11

Episode: 2925

Location: Studio

The Mix: “I think he has the blackest lips on a human, ever.” - Donovan

The Open: Gordon Sinclair – Americans. Enough said. The news of Osama bin Laden being killed by a team of US Navy Seals bumped Bob from his TV appearance with Mike Doocy. Poor Bob. There were TONS of Osama jokes on Twitter last night and even a few people who thought it was too soon. The pep rally aspect of it was kind of weird though, but America just wants a reason to party.

12:40 – Osama News: Dan thinks it’s quite fascinating when the proper news gets information wrong and FOX 4 didn’t fail to fascinate. They had many wheels off moments. They’re not that good at improv. Basically this whole segment is audio from FOX 4 last night.

1:00 – More News: The bin Laden mansion was located in Abbottabad. They have an ice arena and a golf course. You can check it out on Google Maps/Earth. Check out the user reviews of the golf course on Google. They’re all recently added in the past few hours. American humor at its finest. Bob got bumped for about an hour on FOX, yet they still went on with the show while waiting for Obama to come on.

1:20 – More News: If you do the math on the whole thing, 47,000 soldiers have been killed or wounded directly because of 9/11. Initial reports on Osama’s location starting coming in around October and it has been in the works this entire time. Dealing with everything else, plus this, brings to question, why would anyone want to be President.

1:40 – Even More News: Osama’s body was buried at sea, which is what is supposed to happen according to Islamic law. That is the only shred of doubt that is out there. Obama was very cautious about not upsetting the moderate Muslims. A smart move. Bob wants to proclaim his love for the Navy SEALS. Of every 10 that go out for the SEALS, 8 drop out. The whole operation to kill bin Laden took 40 minutes. There will be books, movies and tv shows about this. Osama’s son and two couriers as well as a woman that was used as a human shield were killed.

2:00 – Sports Talk: NFL Draft, Dan wonders if it’s common for the Draft to do bits when it comes to announcing the late round draft picks. They brought out fans, actors, grandkids, old people and everyone else.

2:15 – Cowboys Draft Thoughts: Jason Garrett has said that he is very excited about the players they drafted. What else is he supposed to say? Bob is really happy with the first round pick, it’s the second round (Bruce Carter) and third round (DeMarco Murray) that give him great pause. Both of these picks seem to be made to pay for past mis-picks in previous drafts. Some people believe that once it gets to the 7th round, it might be better to not get drafted because then you can pick your situation/team in order to get a tryout.

2:45 – Mavs Talk: With game 1 of the 2nd round starting tonight against the Lakers, it’s odd to think that the Mavs and Lakers haven’t played in the playoffs since 1988. The Lakers come into this series as underdogs against the defending champs but the Lakers are very beatable. The Mavs start on the road and the Phil Jackson’s teams are 48-0 in series in which they win the first game. Basically, the Mavs must win this game to have a chance.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1863, Stonewall Jackson was accidentally wounded by his own men. Happy Birthday to Roy Hinson, The Rock, Keith Moreland, Splitting a White Ho with My Black Bro, Larry Gatlin, Lou Graham, Goldie McJohn, Bianca Jagger and Bob Henrit. Spares include Gates Brown and Jeff Agoos. RIP to Dr. Benjamin Spock, Norm Van Brocklin, Jay Edgar Hoover and Leonardo Da Vinci.

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