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BaD Radio - Recap - 5/5/11

Thursday 5/5/11

Episode: 2927

Location: Ozona

The Mix: “It’s Cinco de Mayo aka Drinko de Mayo” - Dan

The Open: “Text weiner to your mom.” The guys are on location at Ozona’s on Greenville, celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Bob’s better half is Mexican so naturally he has a greater knowledge of Cinco de Mayo than anyone else. Hypothetical, if Bob got the DirecTV bill and there were some Spice TV programs bought on there by his wife’s mother, what would he do?

12:40 – Mavs Talk: The Mavs dominated the Lakers last night to go up 2-0. To Bob, this is one of the biggest sports surprises he’s seen. The way Bob has been surprised about the Mavs, Dan is feeling the same way about JJ Barea. The Lakers were so annoyed and thrown off by Barea’s ability to drive and pick the Lakers apart. This is a perfect matchup for JJ because the Lakers have small guards that can’t keep up with him. Unlike the Portland series where he was being guarded by big quick guards. Carlisle is making the Lakers adjust to him, big props to him.

12:50 – More Mavs: The big difference in this series so far has been Chandler and Haywood. They have given this team a defensive presence down low that the Mavericks have never seen. Haywood has seemed to accept his role as a backup center. Even though Tyson Chandler only had 6pts and 7 rebounds, he is arguably the most important person on this team – outside of Dirk, obviously. Bob noticed that the refs swallowed their whistles and it was a bigger benefit to the Mavs. This has never been the case.

1:15 – Even More Mavs: Pau Gasol seems to have been turned on by the Laker faithful and some of his Laker teammates. More on this later. Despite the great things the Mavs did last night, there were a few minor faults. DeShawn Stevenson banked home a 3 pointer then became trigger happy, he’s under the mindset that he’s only going to play about 6 minutes so he’s going to make it worth it. He also celebrated his 3 pointer off the glass. It was a little ridiculous. Bynum, after the game, said that the Lakers have some serious trust issues and unless they come out and discuss them it’s not going to get better. That’s not something you say in front of the microphone, you handle that in the locker room behind closed doors.

1:40 – So Much Mavs: Post-game. The guys like Ernie Johnson, but hate that Chris Webber is in studio. Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley are fine on their own. Taking calls: A caller observes that the Lakers are trying to guard Dirk in many different ways, it’s not working. Another caller wonders if the Mavs won those games or the Lakers lost those games. Game 1, the Lakers lost. Game 2, the Mavs took it.

1:50 – Are You Tired of the Mavs Yet: Some Cheryl Miller audio. She was confused at one point and said that the Mavericks were down 23 against Portland, it’s the other way around. with JJ Barea after the game. Marv Albert called Larry David, Larry Davis. Steve Kerr tried to bail him out. Corby got a question in to Dirk at the post game presser, it was the final question asked. Tid bit: The Mavs have never won consecutive games in LA.

2:15 – Donovan’s Game: The game is called “Is It True”. The basis is, he asks a Mexican girl a whole list of stereotypes and Bob and Dan try to guess if she says the stereotype is true or false.

Question 1: Were you pregnant before the age of 16? Bob: No. Correct answer: No – but a lot of her friends were.

Question 2: Have you in the last 24 hours eaten tortillas? Dan: Yes. Correct answer: Yes

Question 3: What about beans? Bob: No. Correct answer: Yes

Question 4: Do you have car insurance? Dan: Yes. Correct answer: Yes

Question 5: Have you ever been around spoke Spanish around white people and talking about them? Bob: Yes. Correct answer: Yes

Question 6: Have you been in a car with more than 6 people at a time? Dan: Yes. Correct answer: Yes

Question 7: What about living in a house? Bob: Yes. Correct answer: Yes. (8 people in 2 bedroom)

Question 8: Was someone drinking a beer at your birthday party before you turned 13? Dan: Yes. Correct answer: Yes

Question 9: Do you own a sombrero? Bob: Yes. Correct answer: Yes

Question 10: Are you Catholic? Dan: Yes. Correct answer: Yes

Question 11: Did you cry when Selena was killed? Bob: Yes. Correct answer: No

Question 12: Do you draw in her eyebrows? Dan: Yes. Correct answer: Yes

Question 13: Have you said “No Ingles” to get out of a pickle? Bob: Yes. Correct answer: Yes

Question 14: Do you send any of your paycheck back to Mexico? Dan: No. Correct answer: No

Question 15: Do you know any illegals? Bob: Yes. Correct answer: Yes

Question 16: Have you ever been to a cockfight? Dan: Yes. Correct answer: Yes

Question 17: Are Chiclets your favorite gum? Bob: No. Correct answer: Yes

Dan is the winner.

2:40 – Hockey: The Capitals got swept. Detroit is down 3-0 against San Jose. Boston is about to sweep the Flyers. There is no drama in the NHL right now. Mike Modano has been a healthy scratch for Detroit in 6 of their 7 playoff games. It seems sad.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1925 a school teacher in Tennessee got in trouble for teaching Evolution. Happy Birthday to Hideki Irabu, Say Aloha to My A-hola, Leroy Hoard, Charles Nagy, Brooke Hogan and Michael Palin. Spares include Juan Acevedo, Laphonso Ellis, Harold Miner and Travis Jervey. RIP Karl Marx and Tammy Wynette

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Wes Bullard

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