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BaD Radio - Recap - 5/9/11

Monday 5/9/11

Episode: 2929

Location: Studio

The Mix: “Showing Sugar Shane’s girlfriend was worth the $60” - Donovan

The Open: “I think you guys can go.” “Why are you yelling, you’re a foot from me?” Dan is wearing his road Barea shirt as a sign of concession that he was wrong about Barea. Bob was stuck in traffic near the studio today as what seemed like a Presidential motorcade made its way down Oak Lawn. It was the Dalai Lama. He’s in town to speak at SMU.

12:40 – Mavs Talk: The Mavs won in deciding fashion against the Lakers, completing the 4 game sweep of the defending champs. Going into game 4, the national media thought that if there was one team that could comeback from 3-0 it would be the Lakers and the only team that could lose the 3-0 lead would be the Mavs. Kobe came out firing on all cylinders, single-handedly trying to keep the Lakers in it. But the Mavericks squashed that attempt very quickly and the game was out of hand halfway through the 2nd quarter. Everyone went into Sunday’s game looking for the Lakers best punch, but in all reality Friday was their best punch and the Lakers were defeated after the Mavericks came back to beat them on Friday.

1:00 – More Mavs: It got to the point yesterday as the Mavs were just completely pouring it on that you couldn’t help but laugh maniacally as Terry and Stojakovic were raining 3’s. The Mavs offense seemed to be toying with the Lakers defense. LA was never able to adjust to anything the Mavericks did. This lack of defensive communication spilled over into every aspect of the Lakers game and the Mavs took advantage of it.

1:20 – Even More Mavs: Dan was at the game yesterday and noticed that the crowd dictated the chants and yells rather than the PA guy. A nice change compared to regular season games. The energy was electric. Tyson Chandler’s video. Dan’s two points from the series: Games aren’t decided until the 4th quarter and Deshawn Stevenson will shoot the first 3 of every game. One other negative, JJ Barea doesn’t seem to be able to throw a lob pass to save his life.

1:40 – Yep, More Mavs: Odom got kicked out for hitting Dirk and Bynum got ejected as well for a blatant cheap shot against Barea. Bynum hit him, and immediately started walking off the court. He knew what he was doing all along. Phil Jackson and Kobe seemed to be the classiest losers of the bunch.

1:55 – You Guessed It, Mavs: Jason Terry had a misspeak during a halftime interview. He said “You can’t do it for 2 halfs, you have to do it for 48 minutes.” In ESPN’s halftime coverage, Magic Johnson appeared to almost shed a tear. Stuart Scott sounded like he was choked up as well.

2:15 – Scoops Callahan: 1920’s Reporter Guy strikes again! Tom Gribble appeared at Phil Jackson’s last press conference as a coach and got in the final question ever to Phil. He’s gotten Wayne Gretzky, Mike Modano, Will Smith, Peyton Manning, Mack Brown, Bill Belichick, David Beckham, LeBron James, Vince Young, Paris Hilton, Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady and so many more. Here is Scoops and Phil Jackson. ABC, TNT, NBAtv and ESPN all commented on it. This is the pinnacle of Scoops Callahan. Bravo, Tom!!

2:40 – More Scoops: Everyone was watching the Phil press conference, Chuck Klosterman referenced Scoops as well as Aston Kutcher asking who that guy was on Twitter. He’s definitely the buzz of the internet and publications in Dallas and Los Angeles.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1980 a freighter ran into the Skyway Bridge in Tampa Bay and people died. Happy Birthday to Doug Christie, Tony Gwynn, Calvin Murphy, Steve Yzerman, Candace Bergen, Ghostface Killa, Billy Joel, I Love It Hairy, Richie Furay and Mike Wallace. Spares include David Benoit, Tony Twist, John Stuper and Ron Jackson. RIP John Brown

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