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BaD Radio - Recap - 5/11/11

Tuesday 5/11/11

Episode: 2931

Location: Studio

The Mix: “Robert “Tractor” Traylor will not be missed by you.” - Dan

The Open: “…because of the implication.” Dan wants to perform “Sky rockets in flight” at Summer Bash and has enlisted Donovan to sing the high pitch vocals. Donovan thought that it was written for Anchorman. He’s black.

12:40 – Hockey Talk: Mike Modano has been a healthy scratch for a majority of the Detroit Red Wings playoff games. He actually dressed out and played in game 4. Detroit has come back from down 3-0 to tie the series 3-3 with game 7 happening tomorrow in San Jose. The winner will play Vancouver. San Jose has never been past the second round and are on the verge of giving up a 3-0 series lead. Bob wants to see Modano have a happy ending but he also doesn’t want to see the Red Wings win. He’s conflicted.

1:00 – Donnie Nelson: The Mavs GM joins BaD radio and Dan promptly asks if the Mavs have now won the trade that involved Tractor Traylor and Dirk. Too soon. The Mavs drafted Traylor, traded him for Dirk and another guy, traded the other guy and someone else to Phoenix for Steve Nash. The fans gave the Mavs a lot of grief over getting Dirk initially because short term it wasn’t a pretty decision. Long term, the Mavs felt they made the right decision and they certainly did. Donnie was initially told when he joined the Mavs that he was being prepped to be the next head coach but that wasn’t what he wanted.

1:20 – More Donnie: Bob asks if this is the best Dirk we’ve ever seen? Donnie says that this is the “hungriest” Dirk we’ve ever seen, there’s a quiet confidence with this team within the locker room that is unlike any the Mavs have ever had. Donnie thinks that game 4 in the Portland series was the first real gut check for this team in the playoffs and it’s all about how you react to that gut check. The veterans on the Mavs would not allow this team to lose game 5. Tyson Chandler’s biggest attribute to this team is his constant positive reinforcement that he provides in the locker room and the Mavs were in the right place at the right time to acquire him.

1:40 – Even More Donnie: Donnie says that Mark Cuban is the best person to work for and he is extremely grateful for the opportunity that Mark has given him. Donnie has so much respect for Dirk and the amount of sacrifice he has made to stay in Dallas and remain loyal to the franchise and city. Dirk is the most consistent player on and off the court that Donnie has ever been around. On J.J. Barea, they initially signed him to be a 3rd backup on the team and like every level he’s been on, J.J. has proven to be valuable. Go Mamricks.

2:00 – TiVo Talk: The top 3 cable shows last week were all Mavs/Lakers games. Repo Games, set in Dallas in one of the top cable shows as well. Dan and Donovan have experience in this area. On the show, if you can answer a set of trivia questions they’ll knock off a few months of your debt. The Chicago Code has been cancelled.

2:15 – More TiVo: The final season of Entourage is on the verge of starting. Rescue Me, Breaking Bad, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Dexter will all be back within the next few months. Dan is on board with The Killing and Game of Thrones. Bob just doesn’t have time to watch The Killing but will be on board when he has time to watch it. Bob has now bought the book “The Game of Thrones” and thinks that it helps with all the back stories. It’s worth it to watch the first episode over again to get a better grasp of what’s going on. Bob is really excited about Game of Thrones. It releases his inner dorkdom. Bob is back on board with The Office after a hiatus. Dan thinks that Spencer Pratt will take over for Steve Carell.

2:35 – Random Segment: Here’s a video of the new In-N-Out burger line today. The Tom Grieve Show is being bumped to tomorrow because the Rangers are playing right now.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 2011, In-N-Out opened in Texas. Happy Birthday to Bobby Witt, Steve Bono, Lewis Farrakhan, Eric Burton, Beaverly Hills Cop and Joel Herndon. Spares include Mark Breland, Corey Fuller, Dane Iorg, Milton Pappas, Mike Rathje and Floyd Youmans. RIP to Bob Marley and Tractor Traylor.

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