Monday, February 14, 2005

Ch-Ching! A Mavericks Money Ball!

If Friday was a nice win, then this is a great win. A great win in Seattle, as the Sonics somehow squander a glorious rally to cough up a 90-80 lead with 4:31 to play. With about 7 minutes to play, the Mavericks looked as if they had allowed referee Violet Palmer to get under their skin (and yes, I have voted her the worst ref in the league).

But, when it came time to win, the Mavericks did not allow the Sonics to score, and got just enough offense to leave with a huge smile. Jason Terry and Dirk are the heroes again, but let’s not over look Erick Dampier’s run here in the last few weeks:

Dampier’s Double-Doubles (at least 10 points & rebounds)

First 39 games: 8
Last 10 games: 8

I cannot tell you what Avery Johnson told him in that locker room screaming match, but it appears that perhaps it got through to Damp (or “3-D”, as Bob Oretgal now calls him).

And, while we praise the Mavericks for their fine weekend, let us not forget Michael Finley, who led the team in minutes both games, and after being scolded for 1 rebound in the game against Chicago, he grabbed 17 in the 2 games out west. Perhaps Dampier and Finley are both demonstrating that you need to be scolded sometimes, because they are both responding to it…

Mavs go 2-0 on the road-trip

Howard locking down on Allen, Peja

Josh Howard had one of the NBA's toughest defensive assignments for the second time in three nights. And once again, he limited an offensive machine to less than half his scoring average.

Ray Allen, a 24-point scorer, got 10 points on 4-of-17 shooting Sunday night, a big reason the Mavericks were able to overcome a 10-point deficit in the last 4:31 for a 95-92 victory over Seattle, ending its five-game winning streak. On Friday, Howard shadowed Sacramento's Peja Stojakovic and allowed the sharpshooter only nine points.

Aikman says bag the Pro Bowl

Jimmie Johnson wins the Bud Shootout

For some reason, someone cares what Tom Hicks thinks As he says the players turned down the best offer …To which I say, “Tom, if anyone else cares what you think about hockey, given the fact that you have been trying to get out of hockey since you cashed in on the new arena, we will let you know…See, this is the problem with hockey right now. You have a commissioner and many owners that don’t care about hockey anymore than they care about a mutual fund. Guess what, guys, it shows…

Saunders fired in Minnesota

A decent start notwithstanding, destiny took its course and this team with great expectations fell flat. A 13-6 start, was followed with a 12-20 run, including having lost seven of the last eight. An 18-point loss at Utah Friday night to the Jazz, a team that had lost five of six themselves, was the last hurrah.

The prohibitive favorites to win the Northwest Division stood 25-26, 11½ games behind the Seattle SuperSonics and ninth in the Western Conference.

And Kevin McHale is going to clean this up? McHale's Navy would have a better shot.
This guy has been questionable as a general manager, and he's never coached a second in the NBA, let alone this wacky bunch. Putting him on the bench would be like asking Ringo Starr to take over lead guitar to replace the late George Harrison for a Beatles tour.

Dale Jr. has new chief, new crew, will need new excuses

Snoop Smokes?

If you have listened carefully to our show, you know I have plenty of theories about sports that I may or may not be positive about. One has been heard rarely, but it is one I am pretty sure about, and now it is getting validated in the Washington Post: White People hate White Basketball Players, including J.J. Redick

"I don't know what it is," Wojciechowski said. "He looks like the common man. For whatever reason, those guys over the years have gotten the brunt of fans' enthusiasm."

For some college basketball fans, players such as Redick represent what they believe Duke embodies: a rich private school with a privileged student body. From Danny Ferry to Laettner to Bobby Hurley to Wojciechowski, Duke's white players have often received the brunt of fans' bile. Many of Duke's great black players, such as Battier, Johnny Dawkins, Jason Williams and Hill, seemed to be respected by fans of opponents more than they were hated.

The white Duke players "seem to be so every-guy-like," said Peter Roby, director of Northeastern University's Center for Study of Sport in Society. "Guys sitting in the stands might say, 'What gives you the right to play like that when you look so much like us?' "

Last time the Cup was canceled

Save Arrested Development …Please!

Here, is an Arrested Development love-site,

Take the Swingers test

Liverpool pounded by Birmingham ...Ouch...That hurts the chances to catch Everton...doggone.


polarbear12083 said...

This was a game that Liverpool needed to win period for a chance to get in to the Champions League. To me, Liverpool can not find a senese of a stability and consitancty this season. I thought brining Gerard Houlier (I think that is the spelling) would help push Liverpool back into the ranks with Manchester United, Aresenal, and Chelsea. Actually, I perfer Liverpool to be in that mix, in the 4th place spot than EVERTRON! I remember preview shows of the season had this team being relegated next season and it looks like they will be playing in Europe next season, just wow.

For Liverpool's sake, I hope this lost does not effect their chances in the first leg match against Bayen Leverkusen.


Love your show...

X-factor said...

Love that movie. The question about who assisted the goal in the hockey game was hard.