Thursday, February 10, 2005

It's Awesome, Baby!

I have 2 things for you today:

Item #1: College basketball is gaining at least one fan off of the NHL lockout. I have watched roughly 10 complete games already this season which constitutes about as many as I have watched total since moving to Dallas in 1998.

Last night, it was Duke vs. North Carolina for me. What a great game. The 218th meeting between the biggest rivals in the sport, and it was a thriller. Duke won 71-70, to win for the 15th time in 17 games. I swear North Carolina looks like they are playing NBA Jams when I see them play normally, but Coach K slowed them down in huge fashion, and held the Tar Heels transition game to almost nothing. Great game with the rematch at the Dean Dome in a month.

Item #2: Yesterday on the show (and more coming today, for that matter), we played audio from the actual broadcast of Super Bowl VI, the Battle of New Orleans, when the Cowboys won their first Title. Check out the life of a radio show, as I present to you three consecutive emails I received.

Email 1

Just when I thought you guys were on the verge of failing…you boys have "...totally redeemed yourselves..." as the audio kings of the little ticket. This will be great on going audio (as Bob mentioned) for Cowboy fans who were not thought of around Super VI and other games of glory. Don't let it stop there, bring on the Rangers and Mavs audio, anything old school you can find about any team of relevance…Great work!

Eric Elliott

Email 2

If you guys have nothing in your bag for the day, just say it. This book report on Super Bowl 6 is really some of the worst work you guys have done. I am a big fan of the show and I think I have told you before that you guys have the best show on the ticket but this really sucks. Please bring back the real Bob and Dan.


And, finally, Email 3

Great job today, guys, of providing a bit of historical context to the Cowboys and their impact on this town, the players from that era, etc. Really entertaining and I salute your acknowledging what has come before.

Thanks guys,


Which proves that no matter what you do on the radio, some people love it, and some people will hate it. You just hope more are in the first group than the second.

We get no respect!

Eddie Johnson scores for the US in 2-1 win over T&T

Kenny Rogers to retire? …By the way, I cannot believe how sorry this is of Kenny. I normally will align with anyone against Tom Hicks, but there is no way that Kenny has any leg to stand on here. With a few days before he is to report, flat out, this is sorry...

Rogers, who won a career-high 18 games last year, has told the Rangers he might retire if he does not receive a two-year contract extension, according to sources.

Rogers' agent, Scott Boras, confirmed that they have approached the Rangers and are interested in a two-year contract extension. Phone calls to Rogers were not returned.

"We feel this is something that Kenny has earned based on what he did for the Rangers last year," Boras said Wednesday

Revo on Rogers ...

I'd like to say this isn't the Kenny Rogers I know, the baseball warrior who busts his hump every time he steps onto the field; the soft-spoken guy from the strawberry fields of Plant City, Fla., who has the guts and guile of a burglar.

But maybe it is. This isn't the first time Kenny has had contract problems with the Rangers. He can be stubborn -- even pig-headed, some might say -- when it comes to a contract. He's walked out before.

But this would be dead wrong. Nothing more, nothing less.

Hakeem a Terrorist?

Stew Mandel on Duke over UNC …Scott May’s kid is really good…

Shocker: Freddie Mitchell speaks!

"It was kind of like me being facetious and kidding around. They blew it way out of proportion," Mitchell said of his pregame comments. "[Their reactions] reminded me of little girls. They're sensitive. Real, real sensitive.

"Now the thing that bothers me the most is you've got everybody talking now. ... I've got [Patriots coach Bill] Belichick even throwing remarks about me. It's like, 'Man, did I hurt you that bad that you have to go out and shout my name?' Troy Brown saying something, Mr. Belichick saying a little something. It's funny how I got under their skin."

Culpepper not defending Moss very strongly

"He's my good friend, but you almost get to thinking that maybe enough is enough," Culpepper said after Wednesday's practice for his third Pro Bowl appearance in five seasons. "And maybe the Vikings organization has had enough."

Vinny back to the Jets!?!….

Hull says cancel the season already

Email Question of the day:


just wanted to say that as a cowboy fan, i completely agree with your assessment of Irvin getting to the HOF. it's disappointing that when it just comes down to a yes/no vote, the panel denies him. but i can see the importance of the first ballot HOFer. i was curious as to what your reaction would be if for some reason Aikman didn't make it on the first ballot? i know that's thinking high to think he won't on the first ballot, but I’m curious as to what you would think if Aikman was denied the first time.....thanks I’m gay

detroit targers fan,


Aikman is interesting- He is a no-brainer HOF QB- And he compares very favorably with Bob Griese and Bart Starr- Starr was first ballot, Griese was a fifth- I am figuring he will go next season, but we should assume nothing, right?


Anonymous said...

Wow, how anybody could not have loved the segments on Super Bowl VI is beyond me.
And I don't even like the cowboys.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I think that was awesome broadcasting yesterday Bob

Anonymous said...

As a radiophile, I was wondering what the Cowboy announcers sounded like on the Lily / Cole sack of Griese as the TV announcers were not very descriptive. Any idea who was on the air for them then? Frank Gleiber perhaps?

Didn't the Cowboys have a man play the National Anthem on a trumpet back in the day? I don't remember if he got the Super Bowl gig.

P1 in Austin

JIM said...

Maybe instead of sending hate e-mail to you, maybe these clowns should suggest another topic to talk about on the air......

With the NHL lockout, the NFL now read to go into hibernation until the NFL Draft, You have the Rangers (Yuck!), the Mavericks (Consistency, please?), and College Basketball (Duke/UNC was awesome by all written accounts).

Also, feel free to toss in some soccer (FC Dallas/US Soccer) segments whenever possible.... Although, those segments would probably generate some hate e-mail as well...

Besides, You can't have an entire show on Conseco's upcoming book.....

If you did, you might want to play the Seinfeld theme before each segment, because that day would truly be about nothing......

Thunder Jones said...

Seeing a game at Cameron is friggin' awesome. Too bad everyone can't be a Dukie.