Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Last Day...Maybe

I spent Tuesday night answering 200 emails about Lee Corso (scroll down for more on that), and watching all of my Canadian Websites ponder the latest NHL developments. Never has such a frustrating event been so entertaining. Here is a quick time line:

Monday Night: The Players, after 6 months of saying they would rather die than accept a cap, accept a cap in theory. The Owners also agree to stop linking revenue to spending in the formation of the cap. Figures are a ways apart as the owners insist on $40 million and the players are talking $52 million, but there is hope.

Tuesday Afternoon: Bettman offers the final, final, final offer of a $42 million cap in the form of a pompous, scolding letter to Goodenow that somehow got leaked to the media.

Tuesday Dinner: Goodenow responds with a proposal of a $49 million cap to the final, final, final offer.

Moments After Tuesday Dinner: Bettman rejects Goodenow’s proposal out to half-court, and still claims that it will be $42 million or he pulls the plug at lunch Wednesday.

I still feel like it will get done, but obviously the developments of the last 24 hours make you question the whole thing.

Keep in mind that when/if this gets done, they still have arbitration, free agency age, and a few other topics to sort through which could take days. Then, we are looking at 3 weeks before hockey which would be a 28 game season and then playoffs. But I promise you this, if these clowns cancel this sport for a few million in either direction, I wish them all immediate disease.

The plot thickens….Get It Done, Boys!

By the way, here is the full story about our day with Lee Corso from , including audio of the full deal. Thanks, Brooks! We even made Fark!


Mavs with another Western Win

Bledsoe released, to Dallas? has learned that there were discussions between the Bills and Dallas Cowboys officials in recent days about a potential trade. It is not known if the Cowboys opted not to pursue those talks or if Bledsoe advised the Bills he did not wanted to be traded. Such a deal would have reunited Bledsoe with Bill Parcells, the coach who brought him into the league as the first overall prospect selected in the 1993 draft.

Bledsoe’s Career Numbers ….


Anonymous said...


You didn't comment on what you thought he was pulling. It's fairly clear that the joke was harmless, so I think it's got to be one of the following:

1) He was spoiling for a fight because you guys kick the other sports radio stations' arses (note company affiliations).

2) He mistakenly believes that he is BIG TIME, and locals should never joke at him.

I'm curious for your take.


meredith said...

I can't believe you are on board with a shortened season. You know how much I miss hockey, but I want no part of a 28-game season. Can you imagine your team winning the Cup during this fraud of a season? I hope the Flyers don't win it - I want my team to win without being followed by a giant asterisk.

They need to just cancel and work on next year. Sure, I miss watching hockey, but it's too late. If they wanted to save the season, they should have though about that in August.

Observer said...

Dan was totally right in that interview. I think it would've been pretty funny if Corso had been doing shtick, but it seems clear he wasn't. I don't know what that guy was thinking.

I was real proud of Dan sticking up to Corso's attempt to "big time" him. I think Dan has learned the art of the on-air confrontation thanks to many uncomfortable political discussions with you. Your pigheaded stubbornness makes for radio gold and a very savvy co-host. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

big smooth said...

So which Drew is it going to be....Bledsoe, Brees, or Henson?

JIM said...

The best quote from anyone associated with the NHL Lockout:

When the players finally agreed to a cap, Here's what Chicago Blackhawks forward Matthew Barnaby Chicago had to say:

''We probably could've gotten this thing done in the summertime,'' he said. ''Am I mad? No. I want to get back to work. But at the same time, I'm just a little disappointed that it went this far to play poker and to have someone call your bluff.''

-You know that the hockey world is spinning out of control when Matthew Barnaby is the voice of reason.......

What a shame if the season is killed.....

Anonymous said...

The players have brought this entirely upon themselves with their greed. I still want to know how Bill Guerin and the others think they'll ever recoup what they've lost by playing in Europe or the UHL. The money train has left the station and these moron players were too stupid to jump on board before it left and now they're screwed...

Bill Howard said...

I agree with Meredith. As a diehard Flyers fan, I don't want them to win a Cup this way. Let's just cancel it, get things fixed right and then crank it up in the fall.

On a side note, if they do cancel the season, it will make for one heck of a world championships in April. Hopefully Mario will play.

Anonymous said...

Screw Bettman. The owners never wanted to play this year.

Screw Goodenow. 5 months ago you wouldn't take a cap, now today you will?? You sold out the players.

Screw the NHL. They've gotten the last dollar out of my pocket.

meredith said...

Two Flyers fans posting on Bob's Blog...excellent.

That Barnaby quote is interesting. I've often wondered how many players disagree with Goodenow. I know Brett Hull and Jeremy Roenick aren't pleased, but I wonder how many players are quietly furious.

jordan said...

You should have put Corso's head on Gabe Capler's body in the leopard print underwear.