Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Cinderella Story...Out of nowhere...

I think we all know that the media lives a semi-charmed life. That is what is so annoying about the constant whining about everything. You would think those who have access to such cool things would act appreciative once in a while.

Case in point: Tonight, the Super Bowl Media Party is located at TPC Sawgrass. That means that I will have an opportunity to do something I never imagined. Tee one up on the very famous 17th Island Green. I am sure it will go in the water, but I am so fired up to try.


JJ Taylor’s look back at 2004 with Parcells

Some members of the front office wonder whether the losses dampen Parcells' passion.
When the Cowboys score 10 points in the final 1:45 to rally past Seattle, 43-39, on Monday Night Football, the victory energizes Parcells.

After the game, Parcells shoves Brett Daniels – a member of the public relations staff – because the coach doesn't think Daniels is hurrying the players from the locker room to the chartered buses quickly enough.

Parcells spends much of the next week yelling and screaming at his coaching staff and players. His intensity is evident at practice.

When rookie free-agent cornerback Lance Frazier fails to attack the line of scrimmage on a running play and force the flow inside, Parcells rips him long and loud.

Big Bill is back.

King’s MMQB

David Aldridge on the black QB

Edwin Pope defends Jacksonville

they just can't placate Jax-bashers obsessed by the notion that this is the smallest site for any Super Bowl yet.


In sheer size, Jacksonville is the largest city in the United States, at 840 square miles, and 1.2 million folks like it enough to live here.

A funny Patriots song

Steve Smith cracks back on Freddie Mitchell …Hard!

So it was last week that he openly ripped wide receiver Freddie Mitchell of the Philadelphia Eagles during an interview on Sporting News Radio.

"Freddie Mitchell has 22 catches (this season). He's not a premier receiver," Smith said. "My son in flag football had 22 catches. That's the level he's on."
Smith even took issue with the fact that Mitchell scored two touchdowns in the Eagles' second-round playoff win over Minnesota, one of which came when he recovered a teammate's fumble.

"Score with the ball. Don't catch somebody else's fumble.... Freddie Mitchell can't
hold my jock," Smith said.

Smith was just getting warmed up.

"Let's put my paycheck up with his paycheck. Let's put my touchdowns up with his touchdowns," he told the national-radio audience. "I got half of his receptions and I only played one game! And he got 22? Whoop-dee-do. He's an NFL player.

"You've got to be kidding me. He's a joke. All I have to say.... I was drafted in the third round. He was drafted in the first round. Hey, I'm not going to say it.... Bust.... Bust.... And I'm not talking about Jerome the Bus either. He's garbage and Steve Smith said it. If he's got a problem, he knows where to find me - North Carolina."

Today, most of the world braces for the true sporting event of the week,
Manchester United visits Arsenal …2 pm, Fox Sports World…

Napoleon Dynamite Audio Page


QualityPantalooner said...

What club will you use?

Observer said...

No spoilers on Man U vs Arsenal other than to say it lived up to the hype. I will warn, though, that if you are TiVo'ing or DVR'ing the match, you want to add about ten minutes to the tail end of the recording because the whole broadcast went about ten minutes over (the live version anyway).

The only reason I got to see the last part was because I happened to schedule a recording of the replayed FA Cup 4th round match directly after the live broadcast of Man U vs Arsenal on FSW. I don't know if the replay broadcasts will have this problem, but fair warning.

That's a real pet peeve of mine with TiVo'ing stuff ... sometimes the recording cuts off before the show does. You can manually extend the recording, but I always forget beforehand, and 99% of the time it doesn't matter.

Will said...

I have a posting etiquette question, and I know that sounds real odd, however may we reference items heard on Bad Radio as well as the blog content or just the blog content? Thanks.

Sturminator said...


I think you can post comments about anything you want really- If you want to reference the radio show, by all means do so-