Monday, February 21, 2005

What a Finish!

I admit I am a sports nerd. So, when I tell you that I watched every second of the Daytona 500 (yes, including the mind-numbing pre-race show featuring Kasey Kahne learning to surf, and Brian Wilson attempting to sing his own hit song with little success) it will likely not come as a surprise to many. But, I did, and it was awesome.

What a Race! It was heart-pounding gold, and that final portion of the race was so cool and exciting that I might have found another diversion from hockey mourning. It didn’t hurt that my official racer won the 500, the great Jeff Gordon, but regardless of who was standing at the end, the payoff was immense.

Racing is what every sport wants to be. Growing so fast in this country. Ratings are soaring through the roof. Personalities that are starring in every commercial during the race. If there really is a “Big 4”, Nascar has to be included.

As for hockey, I am really speechless at the developments of the past week. My life force is so low that I can barely type this sentence. There are many, many theories and while I would love to tell you I will get to the bottom of what went wrong, I am too numb to care.

Give me a day or two, and maybe I will get interested again, but as far as I am concerned, hockey has betrayed those of us who stick up for it, and I don’t want to hear about the subject until they have it settled.

If you do desire answers, I continue to suggest that Eklund, at Hockey Rumors is as connected as anyone. Check out his stuff…


David Poole was at the 500

Mark Stein was unimpressed with the All-Star Game …Me too, Mark…

But, check out what the league told KG when he wanted to skip…

Garnett, truth be told, wanted to skip All-Star Weekend completely to rest his sore knee, but was promptly informed by the league that he would have to spend the first five games out of the break on the injured list if he declined to show. Reluctant for days to even discuss his condition publicly, KG finally addressed it briefly after logging 16 minutes here, thanking the coach for his understanding.

SURPRISE STORY OF THE DAY! Rangers to cut payroll, and raise ticket prices

The increase is the first in three years for the Rangers. Cogen said a combination of timing, on-field performance and supply-and-demand factors led to the increase.

Further proof that anytime an owner claims that ticket prices are high because the players demand high salaries, he is lying. Cogen just said it. On-field performance and supply-and-demand are the reasons. We know that the Rangers are projecting a payroll almost $20 million lower than last season, so why are they doing it? Because they can. By the way, does anyone want to dispute the premise that Hicks is short of cash these days?

Brocail regrets the bullpen fight in Oakland

P1 James, way to go! He has started the website …Well done!


meredith said...

Last night I watched the Miracle on Ice game from start to finish. It was so nice to see hockey again, though now I'm missing it more than before...

Brandon said...

"I continue to suggest that Eklund, at Hockey Rumors is as connected as anyone."

Is he?

He's about as accurate on his predictions as an Amare Stoudemire 3-point attempt.

Sturminator said...

I didn't mean to imply he was a fortune teller. But Eklund appears pretty connected at giving you things to consider that the "media" either doesn't think of, or cannot print.

Who exactly could predict with any accuracy what has gone on in that abortion we call a sport?

chris said...

Eklund has been right on about a lot of what he has posted.

and I am getting to the same point as you bob, numb is a good word for it. I "thought" that the players finally figured it out that if they do not play this season things will go real bad for them... the proposal this fall will be a $30M cap.

Will said...

I just took the Napoleon Dynamite quiz on and it said I was Kip. Having not seen the movie I was wondering if that was good or not? Thanks much.