Thursday, February 24, 2005

Thursday Potpourri

Let's start with Bledsoe. Might I need to backpedal? It looks like the Cowboys got him for nothing. He must either really want to be a starter and/or play for Bill Parcells, because I would never have guessed that he agreed to a $2 million signing bonus. In football, that is chump change for a QB. Especially one you project to be a starter!

JJ Taylor’s details of the deal

Bledsoe's deal will pay him about $14 million, including a signing bonus of $2 million, and count $2.5 million against the club's 2005 salary cap. He's guaranteed $5 million over the first two years of the deal, which also includes incentives should Dallas make the playoffs.

Again, the more I think about this, the more I am convinced it doesn’t hurt Henson’s future, and it doesn’t kill them financially if he sucks. Nice job, Cowboys. The figures here are incredibly reasonable, and while I am not optimistic about Bledsoe’s production, in this risk/reward sports world, this looks like a very realistic risk. And, they can still pursue what they really need.

Meanwhile, the Mavericks pounded the Jazz last night for a very easy win on the road. Utah is not very good, and the injuries have not helped them. Of course, I told you last summer that everyone (Norm) needs to tap the breaks on the Jazz to the playoffs talk when they built their offseason around the silly signing of the large white spare Memhet Okur . And yes, I realize that Okur’s numbers are up. So?

Anyway, what caught my ear last night was the bold claim by the Mavericks TV crew that the Mavs lead the league in Free Throws made per game. This seems absurd given the Mavericks reputation so I had to look it up

Top 5 teams in Free Throws Made per Game:

Dallas 22.3
Orlando 22.3
Boston 22.1
Phila 21.9
Clippers 21.4

I am shocked that the Mavericks are #1, but really, could anyone name any of these teams in the top 5? Hardly the Spurs, Heat, and Timberwolves that you might expect.

Top 5 teams in Free Throws Taken Per game:

Miami 30.8
Wash 29.1
Orlando 28.8
Boston 28.8
Dallas 28.1

I guess if Shaq could make a free throw, they would likely lead both categories, but what a dramatic change in the way the Mavericks take the ball to the hoop this year.

Mavs Free Throw Leaders (per game)
Nowitzki 9.4
Stackhouse 5.6
Dampier 3.9
Howard 3.0
Finley 2.7

Nowitzki's previous career high was 2003, when he went to the line 6.8 times a game. One more reason why you could make the case he has risen to the next level...

Finally, reports that Randy Moss has been dealt is another in a long winter of bad moves for those of us who hate the Vikings. That’s right. I said “bad move”. Two humans were holding this franchise back in the last several years, Red McCombs and Randy Moss. Now, within a week of each other, it looks like both are gone. McCombs is a cheapskate embarrassment, and Moss is a cancer that has never won anything. It looks like they will now have ownership to properly spend and fill out a roster that needs filling out, and it also appears they will build around the real talent on that team, Daunte Culpepper. Not a good week for Cheeseheads…


From the Minnesota paper, Randy Moss traded

Reusse says McCombs did something right

The Vikings were in the playoffs in Moss' first three seasons [1998-2000]. They did not make it back until this January, and only because the NFC's pathetic standards allowed them in at 8-8.

So what glory is it the Vikings are surrendering by trading Moss? Big numbers individually, and nothing more. The Vikings were 29-37 (including 1-1 in the playoffs) in Moss' last four seasons.

Big News from Revo!

Kiss Chan Ho Park goodbye. He's as good as gone.
The only thing that can save Park's spot in the Rangers' rotation this spring is Chan Ho himself, and we've spent the past three seasons seeing firsthand how unlikely that is.

The Rangers are finally ready to let him pitch his way off the roster. A source close to the club says owner Tom Hicks is prepared to eat the last two years and $26 million of Park's $65 million contract if the Korean right-hander doesn't prove that he's one of the Rangers' top five starters this spring.

Don’t tease us like this, Revo. I hope your sources are right!

Mavs hammer the Jazz

From the Sacramento Paper, Why Webber was traded

Knight not done yet

Liverpool wins in Champions League, but fellow English teams Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United are not so lucky…

Canseco never ceases to amaze us

Smile, while Napoleon dances


Hi Bob, Dan,

As Americans are remembering the Miracle on Ice, I can't help associate the event with the current status of the NHL.

At the time the NHL believed that the events of Lake Placid was the key moment that would enable hockey to break through in the US. The NHL envisioned a lucrative TV contract, incredible market penetration, and teams all over the US.

We all know these dreams failed to materialize, with hockey popularity at record lows for close to 20 years (based on TV audience).

When that dream failed, shouldn't the NHL have realized: if we could not capitalize on one of the greatest moment (if not greatest moment in American sport history) our sport has no future in the USA. Let's manage our expectations, and continue to cultivate hockey regionally and in Canada, and make it the very best it could be But we all know the rest of the story: teams in Carolina, Florida, Columbus, etc.. And you know what? this is partially why hockey is such a mess...

Richard (Ottawa, Canada)

You know, that is a great point. If the Miracle on Ice couldn’t get hockey into the American mainstream, you wonder what could?

And this feedback from our Daytona 500 ratings talk from Tuesday, where the Daytona 500 outscored the NBA Finals, Masters, and Kentucky Derby in the ratings:


I have had a argument with a friend (who is a huge Nascar fan) on this very subject. I was wondering where you got your information because I really want to prove to him that while Nascar is the fastest growing sport I know I read somewhere that the NCAA tournament was the highest rated Sporting event with only the Super Bowl as an exception. Where did you get your info and was there mention on the Final Four as a comparison?

BaD Radio Rules

This has been a bit tough to find. But, finally I found this link from the NCAA that shows the NCAA Final is stronger than Daytona in the last 5 years (and likely much longer than that). According to the numbers I have found, Daytona is on a 5 year average of 10.5, and the NCAA Final game is at 13.6! So, congrats, you are right. I guess Fox conveniently left that event out of their bragging the other day…

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