Friday, February 11, 2005

Things People Say...

Finley with odd comments in FWST

Since the start of the 2002-03 season, the Mavs are 39-4 when Finley attempts at least six free throws in a game.

But Nelson said he didn't tell Finley he needs to attack the basket more.

"Every time I've tried to get Mike to drive the ball, I kind of confused him and it hasn't been easy for him," Nelson said. "His drives are usually pull-up drives. I'm not going to ask him to do something that he can't do."

Finley said he won't drive to the basket more because that would make his game too predictable. He added that this slump is similar to others he's had with the Mavs.
"I just think you guys [the media] don't have anybody else to pick on," Finley said. "So it's my time on the roster."

Finley, 32, is the 14th highest-paid player in the NBA with a salary of $14.609 million.

So, let me get this straight. He won’t drive because that would make his game too predictable, but the fall-away 22-foot shot is not? I fear that Finley’s finest days are behind him…

Kenny Rogers turns a 180 to Evan Grant

T.R. Sullivan on the Rogers story

"My discussions with the Rangers are supposed to be confidential," Rogers said. "They should be between me and the Rangers. It's not anybody else's affair."

This comment seems particularly interesting to me. Largely, because we have heard this before with the new regime of Hart and Showalter. It appears that this is their way of dealing with players. Player makes a demand behind closed doors, team leaks it to its beat writers to expose the selfish player, and the player is ticked off that his private comments were leaked.

You may remember all of the Palmeiro leaks from 2003, where they were leaking his trade refusals to the Cubs. At the time, I found it curious that he did not want to play for a winner, but he did in fact have a clause in his contract that allowed him to veto any trade. He negotiated that, they agreed to it, but when he utilized that clause, they still leaked it to the papers, making him look bad. It is a nasty tactic, but obviously effective. Nevertheless, it is pretty unethical if this is their way of doing business…

Everton attempts to hold off Liverpool for the final Champions League spot

Lupica on Giambi

Eagles franchise Simon

NHL crawls into its casket


X-factor said...

On Rogers:

Unfortunately, I believe that this sport, like all the others, is fan-based and fan-funded. We should know everything. Of course, the regime should tell them straight up that this will find the doorstep of most, and most of the veterans understand that thats how it's done. Which surprises me that Rogers is acting like a naive rookie. Save the confidentiality for their bank account number.

SMU Football Blog said...

Screw Rogers.

If you say something behind closed doors and are afraid of how it will look if your comments get out, rather than be upset when your comments are revealed, you should reconsider whether you should have made the comments in the first place.

Bob, yours and Dan's opinions on the Rangers have been spot on the entire offseason.