Thursday, June 09, 2005

Another Day in Sports Town, USA

I swear, this city never has a dull moment. So, he is your opening day pitcher, and before Father's Day, you basically cut him? Not even a bogus 15 day stint on the Disabled List? I am confused and amazed.

Evan Grant on the Ryan Drese Story

Fraley confused by it all

Drese was inconsistent for 12 starts. Poof. The organiza- tion changed its opinion.

The Rangers would be thrilled if another team claims Drese on waivers. If Drese were in the plans, the Rangers would have moved him into a mop-up role. That would give Hershiser more time to get Drese back on track.

If Drese remains in the organization, he will go to the minors on an outright assignment. The Rangers have superb pitching coaches in the system, but they cannot fix a pitcher who knows his team does not want him.

The Rangers have been busy this week with the draft and significant roster moves, but general manager John Hart has been invisible. Is Hart attending to personal business, or is another power struggle under way in Arlington? Those questions arise when the organization's leader remains out of view.

Galloway says its all Buck, all the time

John Hart speaks (although obviously not to Fraley)

The Rangers stressed that the move had nothing to do with Drese's dugout altercation with catcher Rod Barajas two weeks ago.

"This had nothing to do with anything but performance," Hart said. "I love Ryan Drese. He's a good kid. He helped us last year. But at some point performance has to come into play. This was unacceptable. He's been in a slump most of the season. There was no other way to make a move."

The news caught Drese's teammates by surprise.

"I had no idea this would happen," Barajas said. "I don't think anybody knew. I'm very surprised."

Added shortstop Michael Young, "We're all kind of caught off guard right now. I don't know what to think. It's probably in our best interests to focus on the game tonight, but at the same time, Ryan has been a teammate for two years. He always worked hard and was extremely competitive. In that sense there is some disappointment."

Arod hits 399 and 400 last night as the Yankees defeat the mighty Brew Crew… Jayson Stark ponders 756 for him

Oh yeah, the NBA Finals are tonight! Mark Stein is ready to roll

With Cap agreement, now the big market teams must figure out how to make it work

If, as now appears increasingly likely, the NHL's club owners and players reach a collective labour agreement that includes a salary cap, teams such as the Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, Philadelphia Flyers and Colorado Avalanche would not be expected to be happy with the damage this would inflict on their lineups.

Several sources told The Globe and Mail yesterday that the owners and the National Hockey League Players' Association have agreed to a formula for a salary cap and salary floor based on a percentage of club-by-club revenue.

The cap is said to be $36-million (all figures U.S.) for the 2005-06 season and the floor $22-million to $24-million.

The Leafs, with big-ticket players such as Mats Sundin, Owen Nolan and Ed Belfour, are on the hook next season for a total of $27.1-million for just eight players.

Unless a transitional period or some other relief is negotiated for large-payroll clubs, the Leafs would be looking at having only $9-million left to fill out their 20-man roster. That might mean signing marginal players or persuading the eight players they have under contract to take hefty pay cuts.

Similarly, the Red Wings, with highly paid Nicklas Lidstrom and Curtis Joseph, are committed to $38.2-million for 16 players. They, too, would have to dump payroll or sign low-paid players. Likewise, the Flyers, with John LeClair, Jeremy Roenick and Tony Amonte, have to pay $33.8-million for 13 players.

All of those numbers include the 24-per-cent pay cut offered by the union last December and which is believed to be part of the agreement reached on the salary cap.

Sea Bass into the Hall of Fame

USA 3, Panama 0 …Despite being denied live TV….

The latest NFL Jersey Sales numbers are in

Here is the list of the top player jersey sales on from April 1, 2005 through May 31, 2005:

1. Randy Moss, Oakland
2. Michael Vick, Atlanta
3. Tom Brady, New England
4. Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia
5. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh
6. LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego
7. Byron Leftwich, Jacksonville
8. Carnell Williams, Tampa Bay
9. Jeremy Shockey, NY Giants
10. Tiki Barber, NY Giants
11. Mike Alstott, Tampa Bay
12. Alex Smith, San Francisco
13. Braylon Edwards, Cleveland
14. Daunte Culpepper, Minnesota
15. Ronnie Brown, Miami
16. Brett Favre, Green Bay
17. Jake Plummer, Denver
18. Roy Williams, Dallas
19. Curtis Martin, NY Jets
20. Brian Urlacher, Chicago
21. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis
22. Ray Lewis, Baltimore
23. Cedric Benson, Chicago
24. Kurt Warner, Arizona
25. David Carr, Houston

Do you know these Tivo Cheats?

As I approach my 10th wedding anniversary, I ponder the 80th Wedding Anniversary of UK couple

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