Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday Links

That was Amazing. Especially Rich Harden’s revenge to the 3-0 count on Teixeira in the 7th. The Rangers had nothing for the A’s… Harden nearly perfect

Harden, who lost to Kenny Rogers in Oakland in May despite pitching a six-hitter, was simply unhitable Thursday. He had command of every pitch and got the Rangers swinging early and often. He threw just 81 pitches. It was the lowest total by an Oakland pitcher in a complete game in the 17 years since that statistic has been kept.

Adam Morris Grades the Positional Players for the Rangers

Hopkins versus Taylor Saturday night …And although I think Taylor will be a huge test, give me old man Bernard to do it again…

Hopkins, 40, doesn't believe Taylor can deal with the pressure of a big fight.

"His strength is his youth," said Hopkins, who is 14 years older than Taylor, 26. "But I'm the better athlete and the more experienced fighter. I will expose that. I believe I'm faster and I punch hard, and I have a better defense than Jermain Taylor."

And, by the way, The Executioner (Hopkins) is still #1 in ESPN’s Pound for Pound Rankings

Star Telegram’s Media Insider

FC Dallas has 6 All-Stars! …And if you haven’t noticed, Dallas has a VERY competitive squad now. It is well worth your American dollars to see them play. They open their new ground August 6th…

The starters include four FC Dallas players: forwards Eddie Johnson and Carlos Ruiz, midfielder Ronnie O'Brien and defender Greg Vanney. The other starters are midfielders Landon Donovan (Los Angeles), Clint Dempsey and Shalrie Joseph (both of New England), and Amado Guevara (MetroStars); defenders Eddie Pope (Salt Lake) and Jimmy Conrad (Kansas City); and goalkeeper Matt Reis (New England).

Cubs Owner Mark Cuban???

Jay Mariotti begs the Cubs to stop the stupidity of the 7th inning celebrity sing-a-long …And by the way, Mark Cuban sings today…

Bought anything cool on Ebay lately? How about the right to caddy at the British Open this weekend?

Cutino Mobley joins the Mighty Clippers

10 Worst Football Kits (Soccer Uniforms) of All Time

Listen to the British Open on your Computer (voiced by our friends in the UK) Open Golf


keith said...

Someone needs to let ole Marky Cuban know there is a baseball team here in town screaming for new ownership...

Patrick said...

Whoo hoo!!! Charlie Chaplin mustaches! No matter who wins, we, the P1s will win.

Anonymous said...

slow day on the comment section

Cuban said...

I really don't like Canadians anymore.