Saturday, July 30, 2005

You Go Now! No Trouble!

If you thought John Hart was a complete buffoon, then you may have to reconsider based on just this: He figured out how to trade Chan Ho Park

Let us never claim that so-and-so has a “un-trade-able” contract. If Washington can trade Juwan Howard’s deal, if Dallas can trade Juwan Howard’s deal, if Dallas can trade Raef Lafrentz’s deal, and if Texas can trade Chan Ho Park’s deal, then there is NO SUCH THING as a contract that cannot be moved.

And, imagine, San Diego happily did this deal. Without a prospect coming there way at all. Boy, they must have hated Phil Nevin. Oh well, I will take my chances on him, if only because I doubt he will suck the life out of the clubhouse like the finest Korean pitcher in Rangers History…


Very few blogs in North Texas will spend any time on the NHL Draft. Heck, if you wanted to watch it, you had to join me in front of the laptop to…Anyway, I was curious what the Stars were going to do with their two high picks, #28 and #33. Here is a look at what Doug Armstrong and his guys came up with…

Matt Niskanen
from the 5 outlets that rate players, he was ranked between 30 and 93. The Stars selected him 28th…

Scouting Report:

The future UMD Bulldog is a very smooth skater who has the foot speed and hand speed to quickly move laterally with the puck. He shoots the puck heavily and is experienced at controlling the flow of the game. He is a very poised player who chooses when to get involved with the play, and is capable in all situations.

James Neal

Scouting Report on James Neal from

Talent Analysis
Scout #1: He was better earlier in the year than he was late; he made better plays and saw the ice better and. He looks like he might be a decent skater sometimes and then other times I’d see him try to make the turn at center ice and I’ve seen a river barge with more turning ability. I soured on him as the year went on.
Scout #2: I like James Neal and I think he has a good upside. I don’t think he had the second half of the season that I had hoped he would to prove his worth because I think he wore down a bit. I still think he’ll be a pretty good player.

In other news, The MLS all-stars destroyed Fulham, 4-1 …Fulham is a middle-of-the-road English team in the premiership in England. In debates with my English soccer friends, I would generally be told that the best the MLS has to offer would be a 3rd division team in England. That means the equivalent of a AA baseball team. Well, let’s remember that this is a pre-season exhibition for Fulham, and on their best day they cannot play with Chelsea or Arsenal, but for a group of MLS All-stars to dominate in the final 20 minutes of the game like they did, sure convinced me that the MLS is making great strides.

The Morning News sits with a wise man …Just ask him…

The Good News: Barry Horn mentioned our show today …for maybe the first time ever.

The Ticket hasn't had a daytime lineup change since 2000, when BaD Radio took over the noon-3 p.m. time slot. That's Cal Ripken-like.
Program director Jeff Catlin calls the consistency "one of the key reasons behind The Ticket's success."

The Bad News: Just a few factual errors from Mr. Horn: Norm was the last lineup change in 2000 when he took over 10a-12p from Chris Arnold, and BaD Radio actually took over in 1999. Otherwise, flawless work again.


Greatmondo said...

Hey BoBo,

Is the "You Go Now! No Trouble!" from Menace to Society? Isn't that the line the little Korean store owner uses on O-Dawg, followed by "I feel sorry for you mother!"

Unfortunately right after that little monologue, his forehead ends up on isle 4 after O-Dawg lays a couple of hot ones in him.

Or maybe its just a generic line from all movies with the stereotypical Asain store owner...


JIM said...


I applaud John Hart for finally seeing Chan Ho for what he was, a high dollar mistake that needed to be eliminate or shipped off to someone else willing to take on his gargantuan contract......

However, one question: Who's pitching tomorrow?
Chris Young is clearly hitting the rookie wall after starting the season so well..... Benoit's a great bullpen pitcher, but as a starter, he hasn't performed as well, John Wasdin, nice guy but can be consistent......Ricardo Rodriguez, one good game, one bad one, it's seems all you have to do is roll the dice and see what game he'll have, C.J. Wilson, hasn't won a game yet and unless the Rangers score 10 runs when he starts, he may never win a game......

With all this, I wish Kenny Rogers just sat out his suspension in the beginning.... He's probably be starting today.

Anonymous said...

You may be laughing now Bob, but just wait until Chan Ho in San Diego turns into what Ryan Drese has in effective pitcher again. And Phil Nevin was a moody malcontent in SD, so yeah, they were more than happy to move him along. Plus it did take a check going to SD for about $4 million to move that "un-trade-able contract" out of town as well. So Hart certainly didn't prove himself to be any kind of genius in this at all.

Oh Happy Day said...

To make my hockey-pants go more crazy this weekend (which was started by the Stars drafting offense! real offense!), the Stars re-signed one Sergei Zubov tonight.

Does this seal the departure of one Michael Modano? Perhaps. He's available to the general public come 11 a.m. (or 9 where you are) tomorrow.

Kelly said...

I must say that I was glad to find BaD radio still going strong in it's familiar time slot after my recent move back to the metroplex. Congrats on the longevity.

I'm also glad to be back in a professional sports rich environment (as opposed to the one in Virginia Beach) - especially now that I can get my NHL fix. I missed my nosebleed season tickets (which were up there next to you back in Reunion!)

dip dip dippatomous said...


Man, Drese has been so good in Washington, that he's been GREAT! In one of the leagues most pitchingest pitching parks, he has the 2nd highest ERA for a starter on the Nats staff, still walks almost as many as he Ks, and still gives up a lot of hits, although not as many as in texas.

Park will OBVIOUSLY do much better in SD. A) NO DH! B)Petco has deep alleys that swallow left handed power, so he can afford to go back to his pop fly ways (eg: when with dodgers) instead of jacking with his pitch selection to try to get ground balls.

I did wonder how they were going to plug the rotation, but it's still a good trade because it gets rid of the biggest beating ever.

dippy do dah

Anonymous said...

Oh, no!!!!!

This is HUGE for Bob, kinda like Brett Favre being traded to the Vikings... what's Bob gonna do?

Ken in Burleson