Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wednesday Sports Thoughts

Today, let's read some email:

Hi Bob and Dan,

I must admit, it has taken me a while to warm up to BaD radio, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the past few weeks, maybe it's the return of hockey, maybe not. I listen all day on the road and at work, and I used to tune out from noon to 3, but not anymore. I guess what I'm trying to say is, good work. I don't think you've changed anything, so I guess the problem was me. I just wasn't used to your style. Anyway, please keep killing the Rangers front office, especially Hicks and that coward John Hart. Since we live in such a brutal media market, maybe if you guys keep calling them on every stupid thing they do, and the Star-Telegram and Morning News write at least one derogatory article per day, we can run him out of town before completely ruins our Stars too.

Anyway, got to get back to work, just wanted to say a quick word.

Patrick Lowry
Frisco, TX

Then, this zinger from Dallas Bat Girl:

Nice game of softball yesterday with John Daniels. Big Talkers. What about the leaks in the organization? What about the cancelled Winter Carnival, the autograph sessions? The Kenny Rogers mess? Financial flexibility?

Another thing Bob, do some investigative work. You keep bringing up the Fox money. It is spent, gone. Its not there. When is the last time the Rangers paid a bill within 60 days? Spent to keep Hicks afloat. Spent for a Gold Club that ruined the wind patterns. THERE IS NO FOX MONEY COMING IN. SAME FOR THE AMERIQUEST MONEY SPENT TO PAY THE BILLS.

Gay or not gay? The Bob and Dan interview with John Daniels.

Obviously, I had to respond to these charges, so here is what I sent her:

you address two entirely different issues, so allow me to answer them:

1) our handling of Jon Daniels: I make no apology for how we handle the assistant GM- When we get the GM or the owner on, we ask them direct questions about their jobs. Jon Daniels is their assistant, and it is really easy to bully someone's assistant, but not proper. He has nothing to do with their handling of autograph sessions. Further, we have never built a relationship with him, as yesterday was our first visit. One way to insure you will never receive another visit from someone is to throw at their head when they are just meeting you. It is always easy to ask tougher questions as you sit at your radio.

2) Tom Hicks money. Enjoy your fantasy land. The Fox money is spent? Perhaps you could believe your faulty sources, or you could believe Forbes magazine:

Forbes 2001

"Sure enough, News Corp. soon stepped up to the plate with two deals that were rich enough to keep Hicks from launching his own sports channel. In October 1999 Fox Sports Southwest signed a 15-year, $300 million cable TV deal with the Rangers and Stars. Six months later Hicks signed a separate $250 million, 10-year local TV package with another News Corp. subsidiary to broadcast Rangers and Stars games. "

Do the MATH!!!

That is $550 in local tv money through 2015, and roughly $45 million every year being paid through 2010. Then, $19 million from ESPN/Fox- But, if you say the money is spent, well, I guess you are right, and Forbes is wrong.

I am sure you mean well, but there is no reason to write with such attitude- We can certainly debate this in a more polite tone, no?

Thanks for listening to BaD Radio!


Adam reminds us that despite Hicks, Dallas is still pretty spoiled:

Bob, I trust your judgement here but maybe its appropriate to remind the metroplex that while this owner spending transition is dramatic, they have had three of the best owners in all of sports for the past decade. Be upset. Be angry. But for the love of god, realize how fortunate you are for having the opportunity to enjoy such great ownership and having such a terrific product on the field for so many years. If we are going to change the situation, we all need to quit putting money in Hicks' pocket. Keep Sportsing. Midwesterners rule.


Jason writes in defense of the iron glove of Ian Kinsler:


Kinsler in no way has an "iron glove" as you suggest. If you only look at his error totals, it may appear that way, but you can't simply look at error totals. Keep in mind that Kinsler is changing positions from SS to 2B. His AAA defensive numbers are very comparable to Mike Youngs the year he made the same switch. Considering Mike turned out to be a gold glove caliber 2B, please don't spread the misconception that Kinsler is poor defensively.

Jason Allen

My response:

17 errors is a ton. Are you telling me Mike Young had 17, too? That is something I might have missed. I am just making the point that Kinsler is clearly not ready, yet everyone suggests he is.

And his response to my response:


you're right, 17 errors is a lot, but keep in mind when Kinsler was drafted in the 17th rd out of the University of Missouri, he was drafted as a slick fielding light hitting SS. The offense was a surprise. I am not going to condemn him for 17 errors in 2/3 of a minor league season in which he has changed positions. Compliments of jamey Newberg:

"July 15 Newberg Report:

Norm Hitzges called Kinsler a "butcher" defensively on his radio show yesterday, and I couldn't disagree more. Hitzges evidently based his assessment on Kinsler's 15 errors in 82 games, in what's basically his first work ever at second base. Frame of reference: when Texas acquired Michael Young from Toronto in 2000, he'd played 90 games for AA Tennessee. Young had 16 errors in that span, and another seven in 41 games for Tulsa following the trade.

Jason Allen

Very interesting stuff, Jason. I may have to re-evaluate that.

A few links:

Art Garcia on the Mavs desire to trade Finley ...You can want to trade him all you like, but it takes two to tango...

A list of the first black players for each MLB franchise ...

Kelly Chase vs. Jim Cummings ...a great fight!

Chuck Wilson leaves ESPN Radio ...One of my childhood influences for sure...

Rosenhaus's life of poverty ...

Rosenhaus lives on Allison Island on Miami's intracoastal waterway. There's one street on the island, a palm-tree-lined boulevard, and 24-hour guard service to keep the public out. Rosenhaus, along with his younger brother and partner, Jason, purchased the house a little more than a year ago from Warren Sapp, one of his clients. The purchase price, according to Miami-Dade County property records, was $2,159,000.

The house includes five bedrooms, five baths and one of the most elaborate communication systems this side of NASA's Kennedy Space Center.
Rosenhaus says he owns two Treo 650s, a high-tech phone system that includes a palm pilot, a calendar, Internet and e-mail access, and also a message center that automatically forwards his calls to his cell phone. In all, Rosenhaus said there were four phone lines installed in his home office, which also happens to be his only office.

It's from here that Rosenhaus remains in almost constant contact with his more than 80 clients, the National Football League clubs that are on his negotiating list and the reporters he uses to enhance his profile.

"You call his number and I've never gotten a secretary," said Ernie Accorsi, general manager of the New York Giants. "I don't care what time of night or day, you call him and he answers the phone."

Rosenhaus says his whole life revolves around his work, but that might be somewhat

His home includes a pool and a gym. He says he has a new 21-year old girlfriend. And he owns more than his share of toys, including a black Hummer H2, a red convertible Ferrari 360 Spider, a boat and three jet skis.


JeradB said...

I want a new 21 year old girlfriend.

Steve said...

my 20 year old girlfriend is now my 21 year old wife. I rule!

Anonymous said...

Bob did you catch the Texas High School All-Star game last night? How big of a stud is JerMichael Finley gonna be?

Fake Big Mac said...

Throwing at his head?


"Huh Huh".

Thank you.

AttnyDan said...

So how did Dallas Bat Girl come up with that name?

Was she Lastings Milledge's high school girlfriend?

OK, cheap shot....sorry.

Anonymous said...

I Am sportsturm

Jared in Irving said...

I sent Bob the same comments from Jamey and he responded with the tired debate of "so since Aikman went 1-15, all quarterbacks that go 1-15 will be great".

Jason sent them to him and Bob responds with "Interesting stuff, I might have to reevaluate"

Okey doke.

Course Jason did include some stuff I assumed Bob would know, about what Kinsler was when he was drafted, etc.

Maybe I sent mine to the wrong Bob Sturm.....

Dan Cahill said...

When you are going to have a guest on, and lob nothing but softballs, please limit the guest to one segment. Your Jon Daniels "interview" was atrocious. Either grow a pair, and ask tougher questions, or minimize the time wasted so their can be more time for the genius of Why Today Doesn't Suck featuring the Genius of Grubes.

Sturminator said...

As I said in email, Dan, You are certainly welcome to having a different approach to interviews than Dan and me, but I always love how we get people complaining that we are too tough on interviews (Modano and Donnie Nelson last week) from some people, and then the very next week, we are too easy on others.

Emmitt once said, "opinions are like butt-holes, everyone do have one". I think he was right.

Dan Cahill said...

All I can do is speak from my viewpoint as a listener. From that, I'll just say "More of the genius of Grubes and Norm Drops and jarring humor, and less softball interviews".

You made the questions that the Hardline asked Rusty or Raffy look like chin music.

Anonymous said...

I knew that cheap b*stard Hicks was not going to pony up to buy out Guerin. Well, you can kiss Modano goodbye now for sure. If they re-sign Zubov, there won't be enough left for Mo, muchless Hatcher. The sooner that loser Tom Hicks leaves town the better...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would be very surprised if Modano returns now.

Anonymous said...

So Guerin at age 34 is worth keeping around at $6.74 million, but Modano at age 35 isn't? What a crock. The truth is that he's too damn cheap to buy Guerin out, again, it's all about the money with him. Hicks is going to turn the Stars into the Rangers overnight and they'll be lucky if they get 7,500 a night at the AAC this season to watch that crappy team at this rate.

Anonymous said...

ugh, never let grubes and gribble interview anyone again.

Hot Rod said...

Whats up with the guys seeking praise from BaD Radio? I cant even skate or walk on ice, how are these fools throwing punches? I know 21 year old girls, if Drew Rosenhaus spends all that time working, she is going to have a nice checking account from him and someone on the side with a bigger "hot rod".

Andy Douthitt said...


I have my big Ranger thought to run by you. My point is this... I am a 29 year old Dallas native and a huge fan of the hometeams. On my list of teams that matter, the Texas Rangers are dead last because of this.. they are an afterthought on the national sports map.
My point has to do with trade talk that you and Dan have been talking about the past few days. I think a fascinating reason why I believe the Rangers will never bring a superstar in his prime to play for them, no matter what position, has all to do with the Aura of this franchise.
When you think of The Texas Rangers what comes to mind? What is the aura that they give off to the national market? I'm waiting... and waiting... that's my point. The have no aura. Forget money, forget packages, forget contracts... players do not want to come to Arlington Texas to play for this team!!
If you step back and look at baseball from the players point of view, would anyone of giant significance ever want to be traded of signed by this team? no. We have no skins on the wall (championships, etc.) we haven't even sniffed playing deep into the playoffs. And our ownership team has publicly said, we are satisfied with being an afterthought nationally because we have no desire to move forward as a franchise to even challenge for a world series. That is why I am not mad at this team year after year, I just brush them off because they are what they are, and will never be any different. What do you think?

Grubes said...

Mr. Cahill and the guy that said I shouldn't interview anyone again both have good points.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree Andy. And don't look now, but Tom Hicks is doing his best to make sure that the Stars will soon be an afterthought too. Now that it's almost certain that Modano won't be back (because Hicks is too frugal to buy out Guerin to free up the cap space needed to do so), the Stars may be an afterthought very soon in the Metroplex itself, much less nationally. But that's what you get when you have shotty ownership. And just to think that some people still give Jerry Jones grief. What the Rangers and Stars need is a Jerry Jones type before they'll ever gain any credibility locally or nationally.

Small of the back tattoo said...

I may be in the minority, but I always felt that Big Mac strongly resembles Kelly Chase.