Monday, July 11, 2005

Kenny's World

With no concern about the game itself, Kenny Rogers decides he will go to Detroit

The Rangers starter told The Dallas Morning News on Sunday evening that he would participate in Tuesday's All-Star Game in Detroit.

"People are going to do whatever they are going to do," Rogers said. "I'm going because I was voted in by the players, and I earned it. I want the players to know their vote means a lot to me. I know how the players feel, and if I thought it would benefit them if I didn't go, I wouldn't go."

Let me just say this: He had better be 100% cooperative today at media day if he is going. Just sit there politely, and answer all of the questions the best you can. Because if you go and stone-wall or no-show media day, you will make it all the worse, Kenny.

Rangers complete sweep over Toronto

Lebreton on Rusty Greer Day …And who knew that Mickey Clark and Will Tettleton would be there? Oh, was that a Tom Hicks mistake? It must have been Will Clark (who now looks just like Chris Berman!) and Mickey Tettleton.

Heika on Hockey moving on

75% of Nascar Fans Rejoice: Your guy, Junior, won a race! …Seriously, it was a pretty cool moment seeing how happy those boys were…

Mac Engle on Dan Campbell

Somehow, David Wells puts Media spotlight on himself regarding the Rogers fiasco by comparing it to rape ...

"Some guy's being aggressive with a woman, and she says no, and he keeps on doing it. Well, you know what's going to happen. No is no in anything, when it comes to sexual or you know, whatever it is. No is no," Wells said during an appearance on Rhode Island radio station WSKO on Friday. "And I'm sure Kenny said, 'Hey, get it out of my face, don't do it.' But no, they want the big story, they want the scoop, you know?"

Another Story that makes me proud of being Wisconsin

Sports Guy with Baseball Awards

By the way, the Newberg Report had its Annual day at the Ballpark, and I was there with a few hundred other people. It was a great day, and Jamey and his crew should be proud of what they have grown into. Jon Daniels, the Asst GM of the Rangers, spent a ton of time with the group and was really enjoyable to listen to. I am sure I will be back next year. Great job, Jamey.


Eric in McKinney said...

Bob, damn you get up early to get this thing done. Thanks from all the early morning generic businessmen that like to read your blog as opposed to starting the day off with actual work.

AttnyDan said...

You were early today Bob, I'm glad you have the the intestinal fortitude to make this Blog interesting & give us something to do as we put cover sheets on our TPS reports.

However, I have a sneaky suspicion that your kids may have something to do with you getting up so early. So tell little Brett thanks for getting you out of bed at the crack of dawn.

Prediction: Kenny is extremely uncooperative at media day. I bet he says "Due to pending litigation, my lawyers told me not to talk about the incident" at least 50 times.

Chris said...

hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey.

Bob, I predict we will be talking about free agents very soon! Lets start the Forsberg to Dallas rumors now!

Clint in Arlington said...


Yesterday before the Rusty pregame ceremonies the Ballpark aired the final innings of the Kenny Rogers' perfect game he threw in 1994. They claim they aired it for Rusty Greer's incredible centerfield snag to save the perfection, but we all know what they were really doing, now don't we? I must admit it was nice to hear Norm Hitzges on the TV crew and to hear the likes of Gary DiSarcina again.

There were quite a few number of boos when Hicks was announced to the podium, I stand proudly as one of them. He sure as hell didn't gain any favor from me by annoucning Will Tettleton and Mickey Clark...

JameyNewberg said...

It was not Tom Hicks who said "Will Tettleton." It was Chuck Morgan.

Sturminator said...


You sure about that? I feel confident it was Hicks, but we had a similar vantage point-


JameyNewberg said...

Now you've got me second-guessing myself...I'll ask a couple people what they heard.

Jared in Irving said...

I am 99.99% sure it was Hicks. He was at the podium when they came out.

AttnyDan said...

It was Hicks. I'm paraphrasing:

"Rusty, we know you like to hunt, so we got you a brand new Dodge truck. Are they here yet? are they coming? Did you know they were coming? We brought some of your old teammates back" Then he butchered the names.

Ticket Sports Sunday nominated it as an early candidate for E-brake of the week.

JameyNewberg said...

You are correct. It was Hicks, not Morgan.

chicogrande said...

I was a bit dissapointed in the apparent low turnout at Rusty Greer Day. The stands looked largerly empty. I'm sure there are a variety of factors playing into this (i.e. it's a day game in the egg-fryer called TEXAS in July) but please, get on up and get to the ballpark for one of the players that truly made your franchise something to be proud of back in the day.

Ben said...

I think everyone loves Rusty, but come on. The stands were very empty because it's just like putting a banner up at the AAC for Brad Davis. The good, not great, fan-fav, hustle player deserves recognition. But this isn't a Hall of Famer.

P1 Paul said...

Doesn't it seem odd to have the All Star Game in Hockeytown? I mean, when you think of Detroit, you think Hockey, not Baseball.

Jared in Irving said...

Why does it require a Hall of Famer to honor him with a special day? I don't get this response.

Rusty meant a lot to this franchise, and it's not like he's some spare. He was a very integral piece of the best team this franchise has ever put toether. He hit third for several years in one of the premiere lineups in baseball.

I'm tired of all the Rusty bashing. The guy was a class act, he played the game right, and he deserves any accolades he gets.

BlueInTheGrove said...

and if Rusty wasn't white, no one would have ever heard about him.

Jared in Irving said...


Regardless of whether that's fake Blue or real Blue, that's funny.

Stupid, but funny.

Larry said...


Rusty Bashing? I see one post - where is all the rest?

"He was a very integral piece of the best team this franchise has ever put toether." How about you put this in perspective: He wasn't even one of the top two players on that team. That team never won a playoff series.

I think he is a class act and was a very good player, but to make him out to be the savior of this franchise is not only wrong, but also tiresome.

Lew said...

Yes, it was very good to see Jr. in Victory Lane. It's about time. Your homey Kenseth had the better car though. He led most of the laps. Gotta work on that pit strategy though. And what's gong on with Wonderboy Jeffie? (tisk tisk)

Jared in Irving said...

My comment about Rusty bashing was just referring to all the locations I'm hearing it, be it callers on Hansen's show, people I talk to, whatever.

I never said he was the savior of the franchise. I also never said he was one of the top two players on the team. However I was unaware of the stipulation that you have to be one of the top two players on your team in order to be an integral part of the team. I'd call the third spot batter in a good lineup pretty important.

He was important piece of a good team. Not a star, but certainly not a spare, and there's no reason he didn't deserve the honor he got. There's a reason you'll never see a Juan Gonzalez day around here, even though he was a vastly superior player to Rusty.

And yes, I do in fact realize the next entry is now up, and no one will ever read this. Ah well.

Steve said...

I read it.

You're welcome.