Thursday, July 14, 2005

To Sign Modano, or Not to Sign Modano

Is it wisdom or loyalty that will cause you to sign Mike Modano? Either way, you have to do it. You cannot re-sell hockey to Dallas without Mikey-Mo. You just can't. We shall see what other big offers come his way to make Hicks/Lites sweat...

Colishaw on Modano and the Stars

It doesn't help Mike Modano that he turned 35 this summer.

It doesn't help Mike Modano that he is coming off his poorest season, one in which he was outscored by Red Wings defenseman Mathieu Schneider, not to mention 108 other players.

It doesn't help Mike Modano that the Stars have millions of dollars committed to lesser players as the NHL enters its new salary-cap-restricted world.

None of the above should matter. Mike Modano should be a Star for life.

Heika rates the free agent market

The abbreviated NHL off-season should yield plenty of free agents. While teams have the right to re-sign these players, they are unrestricted and sign with any team they wish. Staff Writer Mike Heika ranks the top-10 free agents likely to be available (with player, position, last team and age):

1. Peter Forsberg, C, Colorado, 31
2. Markus Naslund, LW, Vancouver, 31
3. Scott Niedermayer, D, New Jersey, 31
4. Mike Modano, C, Dallas, 35
5. Nikolai Khabibulin, G, Tampa Bay, 32
6. Adam Foote, D, Colorado, 33
7. Sergei Zubov, D, Dallas, 34
8. Pavol Demitra, C, St. Louis, 30
9. Paul Kariya LW, Colorado, 30
10. Alexei Zhitnik, D, Buffalo, 32

According to our Friends at Andrew’s Stars Page Current Payroll Figures for the Stars

Player -- Compensation -- With Rollback
Bill Guerin -- $8,866,445 -- $6,738,498
Pierre Turgeon -- $6,000,000 -- $4,560,000
Jere Lehtinen -- $4,700,000 -- $3,572,000
Marty Turco -- $4,160,256 -- $3,161,795
Philippe Boucher -- $2,400,000 -- $1,824,000
Stu Barnes -- $1,500,000 -- $1,140,000
Jon Klemm -- $1,472,249 -- $1,118,909
Trevor Daley -- $600,000 -- $456,000
Jaroslav Svoboda -- $600,000 -- $456,000
Total -- $30,298,950 -- $23,027,202

Rangers claim they might buy ….

The Rangers, according to major league sources, continue to show interest in Kansas City's Mike Sweeney but don't want to give up Kevin Mench. They have scouted San Francisco Giants pitcher Jason Schmidt, and they continue to think about Tampa Bay reliever Danys Baez but know the asking price is still high.

Lovely, Tiger did not eliminate himself today. Tiger -6 leads the British Open

Thanks to P1 Brian, here are some details on the new video game career of Marty Turco

Video of Turco performing for the game people

Lakers make a move for Kwame

The Lakers have taken another bold step to remake their roster, agreeing in principle on a trade that would bring forward-center Kwame Brown from the Washington Wizards and would send Caron Butler and likely Chucky Atkins to Washington.

More on MLS Salaries ….Showing FC Dallas is now spending money

Saturday Night, a potential Fight of the Year as Bernard Hopkins takes on Jermain Taylor. I am very fired up about my chance to spend some money on this beauty. To get you ready, HBO is showing some recent fights from both men on Friday Night Including Hopkins big win over Oscar DeLaHoya

I went on and on abou the 2 Nike Commercials I love that are currently in heavy rotation. The Lance Armstrong Press Conference And 6-year old Tiger wins the British Open

Jason Witten Profiled last week by Pasquarelli

Get your Grubes T-Shirts HERE

I know this will defeat some readers, but clearly, I don’t care. You know how in Late May Liverpool won the European Cup to end their season; Well, They are back. Liverpool wins its first Champions League qualifier

Vieira leaves Arsenal! …Oh dear, for the Gunners…

Rosenhaus vs. Favre

MLS to Milwaukee


AttnyDan said...

So Guerin takes a 24% cut from 8.8m to 6.7m. If Hicks buys him out at 67% of his contract, then that would be 4.5m per year left. So basically, it would be a 50% reduction in Guerin's salary.

Of course, Guerin would get money from his new team, but still, a 50% reduction in contract value is alot of relief for these owners.

Hey Bob, if you took a 50% pay cut, would you be happy with your negotiating team!?! I guess the alternative would be selling Nissans or processing Miracle Mortgages.

By the way: Noticed Chelios hasn't backed away from his comments. If Kenny Rogers said the same thing about Hicks, oh Good Lord I don't want to even think about it.

ChozSun said...

What is really amazing is that they are sitting at 23 million with not even a third of a team.

How do they get a full team with a hard cap is going to be a miracle.

ChozSun said...

You know what, you got to cut Billy and Pierre in hopes of sign Mikey Mo and then load up the best you can on Offensive doods.

Since Zubs is known as a OffDef, I would sign him too.

gooner said...

F Liverpool and F Paddy Viera.

Hell, gas Viera and Betman at the same time!1!!1

Anonymous said...

If the Stars dont sign Modano, I will not go to another game ever.

Anonymous said...

They'll bring back Modano, but they MUST buyout both Guerin and Turgeon or else they'll have no flexibility under the new cap at all. It'll be interesting to see if Jere Lehtinen ends up being bought out as well, since he eats up $3.57 million himself. As much as I like the guy, he's not worth that much anymore in this new system unfortunately...

keith said...

This weekends fight surely has a chance to be a great one. I beg all of you, even non-fight fans, to find the Diego Corrales v. Luis Castillo fight that was on showtime some 3-4 months ago. They are not spares, they are the champs of the lightweight division and both have everyone there is to fight in that weight class. This fight is the best fight I have seen ever, you can throw in you hearns-hagker, leonard-hearns, ali-frazier, ward-gatti, etc... 10 rounds of jaw opening excitement with a final round that is beyond amazement...very Rocky-esqe

Jake said...

Nice gay pic to wake me up in the morning Bob...

Anonymous said...

Those two nike spots are great. It's been awesome watching Lance's bid for one more tour victory, and his comeback story never gets old. As for Tiger, that is awesome. I'm hoping he destroys the field again.

vijay said...

I disagree with one of the Anonymouses above regarding Lehtinen. In a league that will supposedly value offense even more than before, a guy like Lehtinen who can play great defense without all the hooking and clutching (which they will crack down on again) is very very valuable. In addition, let's not forget this is a guy who has scored over 20 goals in a season numerous times and over 30 once. If I had to rebuild this team right now with the rules in place, I would keep Modano, Lehtinen, Turco, Zubov, Morrow and throw away EVERYTHING else. With those guys and some youth mixed in with some more reasonably priced free agents, they could make a run.

And regarding the other Anonymous, how many people did we hear say "I'll never attend a Cowboys game after they got rid of Landry"? And how many of them are wearing Darren Woodson jerseys that they bought at the game???

Disturbed P1 said...

Is Bob more likely to rub one out to a picture of Mike Modano, Gabe Kapler, or Brett Favre?

Another Disturbed P1 said...

My money's on Gabe.....

AttnyDan said...

As Bob's Attorney, let me say that Bob would respond to the previous post regarding "rubbing on out" with this statement:

Bob is truly sorry for the embarrasment he caused himself, his family, his teammates and the entire organization. He hopes that he can put this behind him and look forward to an exciting second half of the season. Thank You

Matt said...


If you're a fight fan you REALLY should be watching Jason Litzau on Friday Night Fights instead of the rehashed De La Hoya - Hopkins bout.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like Jere as much as anyone, but is he really worth 9.1% of the team's total salary cap? He'd be the highest paid player on the team and that's an awful lot for someone that only scores about 15 goals or so per season. I believe there is a 50/50 chance he gets bought out.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Wie is wooping up on the US Amateur public links championship. First female to qualify to go to the match play rounds. She just won in the second round (she killed this dude '6 and 5') and will playing the third round this afternoon. Winner gets to go to Masters (if you are a man). As usual the other dudes have been a bunch of bitches about her even playing. Sorry dudes, this 15 year old girl is kicking your aces. You Go Girl!


Evie said...

This is by far the best blog entry in the history of the sturminator.

Everyone needs to stop discouraging Bob from posting shirtless pictures of Modano.

sharon said...

OMG!!! Let me get a towel and wipe the drool off my face. Modano is soooo HOT!!!! YUM!!!

Chris said...

Modano is a MUST. He deserves every right to retire as a Star, and the fans deserve that also.

So, they buy out Guerin and Turgeon... And are they going to let Arnott walk? what forwards are we gonna sign? Is Naslund available for under $5M?

I can't wait to see what the market does.

ChozSun said...

You gotta cut Billy and Pierre and then try to sign someone else. I cannot see the numbers working to keep Billy but with the 2 line pass coming, how do you not keep him.

I am glad not to be a NHL GM at this moment.

It has been reported that Mo has near the same speed has he always had. He might just do great as a 2nd or 3rd line center. You gotta see what the other big names get and let the chips fall where they may.

Small of the back tattoo said...

Anonymous Jere hater,
Jere is much more valuable to the Stars than you give him credit for. Good for 15 goals a year? Maybe in an injury-shortended season...

Oh, and that $3.5 million contract drops to $2.7 million the following year.

ChozSun said...

-cringe- still cannot get over the gayness of that cover. Sturm needs to post again so it pushes the image off the "front page".

No man should be that pretty.

meredith said...

If the Stars are smart, they'll let Modano go. I don't see it happening though.

Dude - you have got to go to Fenway. Last night was a blast, despite the shitty outcome.

Jethro said...

The only way there wouldn't be a shitty outcome to a game at a baseball park is if they weren't playing baseball. BASEBALL SUCKS!