Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sweet! Home Field for the AL!

Obvious Sarcasm, but, allow me to tip the cap to baseball. I found it laughable a few years ago when they decided the All-Star Game would determine World Series home field advantage. But, it felt different last night, and it works. I like it. It is a relatively intense all-star game, which is nearly impossible in pro sports.

Tex hits HR, AL wins

Fraley offers Rogers congratulations

This is lengthy, but a real worthy read in my humble opinion: Evan Grant’s Rangers Newsletter features email thoughts on the organization and its relationship with the fans…

Revo on Modano

Gabe Kapler has returned to the US, and will no doubt be on the Red Sox roster by the weekend (although some time in AAA is not out of the question). Check Kapler’s Japanese Stats Yomiuri Giants 2005 stats …eh, not too good really…

Kapler .153/ .217 / .261

Must have been all of those jokes they were playing…

Eklund thinks today is the day in hockey

I know I missed this Tuesday, but, Chelios takes on Bettman …again…

"For a guy who has done such a horrible job running a league, it's a miracle he still has a job," Chelios told the National Post.

"And if he's patting himself on the back for getting a cap, every sport's got a cap. I mean, big deal, he's the last one to get it and he's run our league into the ground."

"It's not so much the deal," he continued. "It's all about the lies and separating the players from the league and making us look bad because we have to defend ourselves. And that alone should be just cause for him to get the gas after this is all done."

Chelios is quite a dude. Either you love him or hate him, but he will say what is on his mind. And despite the “gas” comment, he is right. Bettman should resign when this agreement is made. Too much damage has been done for this league to move forward with him or Goodenow in the sport.

Desperate Hockeywives …Including, Jason Arnott’s wife …Hey Now.

Sheffield has no use for the World Cup next spring

"My season is when I get paid," Sheffield told the New York Daily News. "I'm not doing that. ... I'm not sacrificing my body or taking a chance on an injury for something that's made up."
"A lot of guys feel that way. They won't say it like I will, though," he added.

This is today’s “guaranteed to make you laugh or your money back” link: Carl Lewis Music Video

Despite this story being several months old, It was shocking enough for me to post it Max Kellerman’s brother murdered by a boxer

I found this last night, and wanted to share it with the entire class; Sports Illustrated has its team previews for college football out, and with schedules, depth charts, and analysis, it is enough to get you ready for the season. Click Here for any team in the country

Big 12 South


Texas A & M


Texas Tech

Oklahoma State


And no, I did not put them in any particular order to predict the Big 12, OU fans, so simmer down…


AttnyDan said...

I gave at church sunday morning, so maybe my prayers will be answered today:

In no particular order.

BaD doesn't beat us down with Kenny Rogers talk for the entire 3 hours.

Judy's (t$@ts) fall off-if she has any.

Tacos cost $25 bucks a piece today and Bob is awfully hungry: pay up Big Mac

Blue calls in to the show and says that if Kenny Rogers was black, they would've just executed him instead of booing him in Detroit


MR said...


Anonymous said...

That story about Max Kellerman's brother is crazy. Was he that black boxer with bleached hair that hit that dude after the fight when they were shaking hands?


Tim said...

I am not trying to be controversial, but why wasn't Tex named the All Star MVP considering his 2 run homer was the difference in the game. I have no problem with Tejada winning, but didn't he almost botch a double play by taking too long on his throw to first base and Tex having to tag the runner out. I just wanted to put it out there.

Anonymous said...

I thought Tex deserved the MVP too. Mostly because of that 2 run homer. But Tejada was a good choice too.

Anonymous said...

Must be a slow sports day when we're discussing the dang All Star game MVP on the Blog!!!!

The only reason I watched was to see Kenny's fan response. DEAR GOD please let Cowboys training camp start soon.

DJCahill said...

The only thing I care about seeing for Teixeira is not his name on the All Star MVP, but his name on the bottom of a long term contract.

Oh, by the way Bob, Kiss your kids and buy them a Chalupa or a Burrito. Throw a jalapeno in too...

Anonymous said...

Bob, You think you could like North Texas up there. You do work in the metroplex. Even SMU or TCU.

Captain Fubar said...

How Hicks & Hart handle Tex's future will be a make or break deal for me. If they aren't serious
about signing him long-term, then my days as a life long fan are numbered. If they don't resign him, they are simply not serious about winning, and don't warrant me or my family spending any money on them.....

Steve said...

"If they aren't serious
about...then my days as a life long fan are numbered."

Such a tired head statement.

We've all heard that from so many people about 2,398 times over the last couple of years. Save it for the next lame thing the Ranger's Brass do.

Anonymous said...

anyone miss pudge?...who was it that said catchers are worthless after 1500 games?
i think he would've fit in great with the young players.