Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday Sports Points

Well, on Monday Morning, it is too tough to narrow the weekend down to one particular sports point to begin the blog, so allow me to do some quick-hits:

1) – Tony Stewart appears to be the best car in NASCAR presently. What a month for the dude. Not so much for Jeff Gordon. We shall see how this plays out soon enough.

2) – Bernard Hopkins vs. Jermain Taylor was sweet. But despite the fact I had Hopkins winning this thing before the fight, there is no doubt that he was properly declared the loser of this fight. He wasted round after round early, and it made no sense to me. He then turned it on late in the fight, dominated rounds 9-12, but it was too late. He lost the fight, and now will wait for the rematch, which is no doubt right in time for the holidays.

3) – I love how when Tiger was just a wee lad, they always told me he would never be a legend. Now that he is a legend, they have to tell me that “St. Andrews is set up perfect for him” and “he may be on the verge of catching Jack for all-time majors, but let’s not forget that Jack had 17 2nd place finishes, too”. Love the media.

4) – Where was this planet before the ESPY’s? I don’t want to go back.

5) – The Rangers should likely begin plans for 2006. It starts with seeing what veterans have trade value. Kenny Rogers anyone? Oh, wait. He HAD value.

6) – I went to see the sport of ice hockey this past weekend. Perhaps you remember it. Well, after watching the Stars rookie scrimmage, I am ready to buy stock in big defenseman Shawn Belle. You may remember him as the player the Stars received when they sent St Louis goalie Jason Bacashihua. Belle is big and skates well. I think he may make the team this fall. We shall see, but the best thing was seeing hockey again. Good to have you back, boys.

Rangers defeated by Carrot Top …Lose 3 out of 4…

Ellis takes on the big magnificent Tuna

Greg Ellis, the former No. 1 draft pick who has led the Cowboys in sacks each of the last four seasons, knows he isn't the player Bill Parcells is looking for to execute the new 3-4 defense.

At 270 pounds, Ellis understands he'll be at a size disadvantage. It's a reality that has him worried about keeping his starting job.

"I think I won't be in Dallas as many years as the organization or Jerry [Jones] expected me to be there," Ellis said by phone Friday.

"Do I want to be? Yes. I want to be in Dallas, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did something with me at the end of the season because I don't think Bill liked the way I came to him."

Ellis and Parcells discussed the position change in late May, when the club had a three-day veteran minicamp. Ellis, who did not talk about the switch publicly then, said the meeting became heated.

"There was some screaming," he said, "but I didn't scream."

A pretty funny concept: Beer League

Whatever happened to: Vanderjagt hires Former Cowboys Coach Steve Hoffman

Raising the Baseball HOF standards

We have posted this one before, but here it is again, The Helmet Project

Normally, I do not post stuff from message board threads, but here are two fairly exceptional items for you to check out:

Chan Ho Park Comedy

Horns Fans find Aggie Pictures …Yikes…

Does Icing the kicker work?

This just in: The Ballpark is a hitter’s park

Great American Ball Park, so far this season, is the most home run-friendly park in Major League Baseball.

Entering the game Friday night, according to STATS Inc., there were 23.53 at-bats per home run at Great American. Ameriquest Field, home of the Texas Rangers, was second at 23.95.

RFK Stadium, home of the Washington Nationals, has been the most difficult place to homer. There have been 62.36 at-bats per home run.

Gabe Kapler is officially back!

The Red Sox [stats, schedule] lost several marquee names to free agency after winning the World Series but no former player has been missed in the clubhouse more this year than Gabe Kapler.

The universally respected and popular reserve outfielder left for Japan late last autumn but he will be returning to the Sox after an unsuccessful stay with the Yomiuri Giants. The team announced following last night's 17-1 pounding of the New York Yankees [stats, schedule] that Kapler, who cleared Japanese waivers yesterday, had been re-signed to a major league deal.

Kapler, who reportedly experienced back problems in Japan, batted only .153 for the Giants before being deactivated more than a month ago. He will be placed on the 15-day disabled list by the Sox due to the back problem but is believed to be close to starting a minor league rehabilitation assignment.

``Gabe is a great friend to a lot of us,'' Trot Nixon [stats, news] said. ``If there's ever a guy who epitomized `team player,' it's him. It will be great to have him back in this clubhouse.''

Sports in Texas is fun


AttnyDan said...

I have to admit that I became a total Tiger "Hater" when there was a chance for Bob to get the Charlie Chaplin mustache!!

Of course, it was never in doubt and Sport's Bob was 100% right. Tiger dominated and my heart was broken. Who cares if Gribble has to wear it, he doesn't care what he looks like anyways.

However, my pants were going crazy thinking about 6'3, Bald, Sturminator with a Chaplain Mustache walking around Lewisville with a big Rebel Flag on his North Texas Nissan as he goes to the cleaners to pick up his collection of white robes.

Prediction: Rangers don't recover, don't trade anyone, don't pick up anyone. Hicks has Hockey to worry about now, right?

Jim said...

Hallelulia!!! No more Ranger talk!!

Batting: In the top half of the American League in RBI, Runs, BA, Slug

Pitching: Bottom half of the league in ERA, Walks, SO, Runs.

Who are these people who have such pipe dreams about them doing something past June?!?!?

Fake Big Mac said...

Boy the Blog is awfully quiet today! Did Bobo pee on the Alamo this weekend or something?

Travis said...

Man that ESPN poll sure was Houston-centric. I mean really, the Rockets beating the Knicks was the best moment in Texas sports histort? Give me a break. Olajuwon having a better career than Emmitt? 2 championships to 3, and Emmitt got the rushing record.

Joe said...

Where was this planet before the ESPY's? Bob...Bob...Bob praising ESPN for more of their terrible programming? I honestly didn't know this was on until about an hour or two after the broadcast was over.

Sturminator said...


Quite certain that I was joking.


Anonymous said...
kenny rogers in all his glory

Disturbed P1 said...

When are you going to have Gabe on as a guest, and will your pants be between your ankles when he is on?

Zack said...


I attended the prospects scrimmage and I echo your opinion of Shawn Belle. This guy is big, fast, and seems to have some physicality to his game. I look forward to a Belle/Daley pairing securing the blueline for many years to come. I also noticed you conversing at length with Doug Armstrong and Dave Tippett. If they gave you any insight into the future make-up of the team, drop some of that knowledge on the hockey P-1's.

Joe said...


Thank you!

Andrew K said...

Why bother building for the 2006 Rangers when you can just let good players go in free agency, and sign a mediocre player or two in return (Richard Hidalgo). It's much easier and cheaper.

And for the record, I am now officially not on board with the 3-4 defense. And I'm about to jump the sinking Parcells ship.