Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Non-Cowboys Links

I think it seems pretty obvious when looking at the video below that the Sooners got robbed. No doubt. But, as you know, I like to see Sooners fans mad. They remind me so much of Spurs fans that it is really no surprise that in some cases they are the same people. You know. They are all “in your face” telling you how they are the best ever. And when they lose, it is not their fault. It is a conspiracy to keep them down.

Here is Sooner Columnist

When I saw the replay Saturday on the Autzen big screen, I thought, uh, maybe. By Sunday, I saw all the replays you saw and know the Sooners got rooked.

I know this was another game OU lost via dubious means, similar to Texas Tech a year ago, though frankly the Sooners deserved that one more.

Play defense the way OU did Saturday and officiating complaints lose some oomph.
But still, funny how technology or poor eyesight felled the Sooners for the second time in a span of six games.

Maybe there's an explanation. Maybe there's a perfectly good reason Riese looked at Oregon's onside kick and decided everything was kosher.

I don't see what it could be, but you never know. Fuzzy TV screen. Laryngitis. Bad headsets. True story: an OU fan e-mailed Saturday night that the only possible explanation is that the replay official in the booth said "Oklahoma ball," and the referee, holding his headsets to dim the Autzen noise, thought he heard, "Oregon ball."

We're open-minded. We're willing to listen.

But no one is talking.

And here is Sooner TV telling us how the Sooners were robbed.

Further visual evidence of the goofy call in Oregon:

And of course, last year in Lubbock it wasn’t their fault, either.

Look, you got screwed. But, isn’t there an opportunity to get a stop still? Didn’t Oregon still have to go 55 yards? Just like the Spurs fans, Sooners fans are blinded by the rage at the refs, but at the end of the day, they do not ask their team to make plays to overcome the unpredictable nature of officiating. Don’t be afraid to get a stop, Sooner.

Coach Fran with a goofy decision that was only canceled out by Bobby Ross’ equally goofy decision to call a run play on 3rd and goal with no timeouts and :09 left in the game.

Then came A&M's last possession, when Franchione opted to go for it on fourth-and-1 from his own 31.

It was a decision you could spend a week dissecting.

The easy call would have been to punt. A&M was averaging 40 yards a punt, which would have left Army roughly 81 yards to negotiate in 2:55.

The Black Knights needed 7:22 to drive 56 yards on 14 plays for their field goal on the previous possession. Army does not have a quick-scoring offense.

So why didn't Franchione punt?

He obviously thought his offense would put the game away. Unfortunately, his offense had become two-headed, which worked against the Aggies on their final offensive play.
Quarterback Stephen McGee and running back Jorvorskie Lane had combined for 96.9 percent of the team's total yardage at that point. McGee and Lane had been almost unstoppable, so there's no qualms with the game plan, but Army's defense could focus on just those two.

A&M sorely missed the threat of injured tailback Courtney Lewis on that play.

Actually, I believe it says what Fran thinks about his Wrecking Crew’s ability to get a stop.


TCU gets it done ...

Now TCU is talking, after taking care of payback on the field.

Just minutes after the No. 16 Horned Frogs held Texas Tech without a touchdown in a 12-3 victory Saturday night, avenging a 10-touchdown assault by the Red Raiders in a 70-35 loss two years ago, coach Gary Patterson started venting.

While TCU's 13-game winning streak is the longest in NCAA Division I-A, with a 4-0 record against Big 12 teams since the start of last season, Patterson doesn't think people are giving the Frogs (3-0) enough credit.

"All I hear about is do you think you belong," Patterson said.

"People have been underselling our kids for years. All everybody wants to talk about is the Big 12," he said. "I'm telling you right now. We're not the Big 12, but just a Texas team playing with Texas players."

When the Southwest Conference broke up after the 1995 season, the Frogs weren't included in the group that went to the Big 12. Half of the SWC's Texas teams - Texas Tech (2-1), Texas, Texas A&M and Baylor - went to the new power conference.

The Frogs have since been in three different leagues. They have won or shared titles in the WAC, Conference USA and the Mountain West, where TCU made its debut last season winning all eight conference games.

"People overlook TCU and kind of treat us like a Division II school until the end of the year when we come out of nowhere," said linebacker Robert Henson, whose blocked punt set up the third of TCU's four field goals against Texas Tech.

Even with an expanded opportunity this season for a spot in the Bowl Championship Series, TCU knows it can't make a mistake. The Frogs have a good start, but still must pull off another MWC sweep and win their remaining non-conference game at Army.

The only other time the Red Raiders didn't score a touchdown in Mike Leach's 79 games was in a 56-3 loss to Nebraska in 2000, the coach's first season. They scored less than 10 points only one other time, a 42-7 loss at Texas in 2001, and averaged 41 points in non-conference games.

Here is an important email:

This is not directed to you personally...but, let's start talking a little more TCU Football--the kids, coaches, school deserve some airtime--regardless of what conference they are in. Less money than the BSC schools, smaller fan base, mid-tier conference, yet Gary Patterson still produces Wins and takes the team to Bowl Games. It's one thing for the National Media to not give a S*** about TCU, but let's locally start caring and at least showing them the respect they deserve. Just like the Ticket started small, us locals supported The Ticket, and now look at you, you're all of the Metroplex (hell, almost the Nation) b/c of the fan base. Spread some love to TCU and give them some airtime. If you watch/observe this team every week/year, you can tell the team is committed to one thing--winning. My biggest fear is that GP will eventually get fed up and leave b/c the damn Metroplex only cares about the Cowbo ys (and of course, The Ticket is committed to the Cowboys.) However, TCU is spending millions on upgrading their facilities to continue to attract Texas talent--even without it, they are producing. BTW, have you ever been to Amon Carter for a game? Great environment for family/kids w/out a bunch of drunks like the Cowboy Games.

On another note, "quite frankly," I could care less about the Cowboys (honestly, who give a S*** about Vanderspank, TO, Bledsoe and the rest of the Boys...b/c, they could give a S*** about Dallas.) They won't keep their roots here.

The TCU/Tech game was amazing. I had some friends from other schools (i.e., OU, UT, etc.) and they said this was one of the loudest games they have ever been too.

Have a good one...thanks for letting me T-Off.


Meanwhile, in further arbitrary links on a busy Monday morning:

My boys suck …Saints 34, Packers 27…

Chelsea 1, Liverpool 0 … on the amazing goal by Drogba. Liverpool should have had a better result, but you only get credit for goals if they actually find the back of the net. Crossbars and close calls do not count.

Arsenal 1, Manchester United 0 …Without Henry??? At Old Trafford??? This, is a shocker.

Everything else will have to wait until tomorrow-



Anonymous said...

double 1st!

and double gay

Anonymous said...

You crack me up Bob. You love to hammer Sooner and Spurs fan for whining about the refs, yet you seem to keep forgetting the biggest whiners in the entire universe (Mavs fan/owner) are right in your own backyard. You may have forgotten about the NBA Finals already, but the rest of America hasn't...

Sturminator said...


Show me where I whine. Otherwise, your debate makes no sense. You met a Mavs fan who whines, so I must support him? This is Bob's blog. Bob answers for Bob. Not for Mavs Owner. Mavs fan. Or anyone else.

I trust that makes sense to you-


P1 Eric in McKinney said...

Great Blog today by the way. Most excellent!

Andy Douthitt said...

ok.. you have given me the forum to talk about the OU game...

Here we go.

We all know we got screwed, great.

Let's examine the reality of OU football in 2006.


Bottom line, inconsistency at QB is killing me here. PT can't throw a sideline out to save his life unless he is bootlegging out in front of the receiver. His arm strength is below average at best. Next, OU fans, the playcalling is good, the execution is bad. Where has our tight end gone since game 1 (Finley). Finally, I like PT's head on his shoulders, but you have to make plays to be a championship caliber QB in the Big 12 and he just doesn't. Maybe the most unathletic black quarterback in OU history, and that is just weird.


Over 500 total yards given up. Are you kidding me? What has happened to our defense. Great teams cause teams to go 3 and out at least more than a handful of times in a game. We don't. Great teams thrive on controlling the D-line and line of scrimmage. We don't. No sacks Saturday. This is the worst defense in the Bob Stoops era. IF we can't hold a good, not great Oregon team with under 2:00 minutes left in the game, we wouldn't even be in the situation that we were in at the end.


This is the basis for a National Powerhouse, and really since the Rhett Bomar/Adrian Peterson signings, we have been sub-par in our recruiting on both sides of the ball. Players over the past 3-4 years have either transferred, not performed in the classroom, or have been kicked off the team, and that is unacceptable. We are getting smoked by Texas schools in the recruiting wars and Mack Brown is winning the elite prospects right now over Bob Stoops. Until we can right the recruiting ship, we will not be in the National Championship hunt at all. Who is our backup to Adrian Peterson next year, who is the backup to PAul Thompson right now (a juco kid...sweet!!).

I am a loyal Sooner fan, but what I have seen this year is a replay of last year all over again with a little luck along the way for us to be 2-1. If you are a true fan of OU and not just a redneck hillbilly that is pissed about a onside kick that we should have recovered, you will see what is unfolding this year for the Sooner Nation... 8-3

OU TX weekend is making me nervous already because Oregon would have gotten there asses handed to them by the Horns last weekend.

That's enough of that. Go Cowboys

cracker1743 said...

Nice levelheaded assessment, Andy. Too bad Formerly Anonymous SOONER hasn't shown up, though I'm not surprised. I was looking forward to another dose of over-top-insanity this morning.

Meanwhile, my team strug-gles to win. They can't even beat the hell outta Army. Ugh. But that's ok, I'm an Aggie lover and a Yankee hater, so am used to taking pleasure in negatives. Thanks, OU, Tech, and Notre Dame for making my Saturday.

Phil from Addison said...

Watched the TiVo'd Arsenal game this morning. Too much church and Cowboys to work in in yesterday.

This Arsenal fan is pointing to the SCOREBOARD on ManU.

Of course, our necks are getting cricks in them looking up the table. :)

But, seriously--a turning point for this club, this season.

Chad T said...


As an OU fan, I recognize that we are a lot worse than we all had been told by the media. My summer was filled with dreams of Championships - only to see us lay fart after fart to open the season. We have a one-dimensional offense and a very questionable defense.
The truth is, any objective fan sees us at 7-4. Any improvement over that will require some help/luck. That is why this loss hurts so much. OU was an underdog and even with their flawed team, they managed to put themselves in a position to win. Which, if the Onside Kick was called correctly, we would have won by running out the clock.

Try not to enjoy my missery too much.


Soccer Shaun said...

In Regards to the JonC email.

I was a Tech fan at the game and congrats on the hard fought win. TCU's defense played great. I hope you run the table, but your offense must improve to do so.

Atmosphere was good except your announcer was horrible. Worse than the AAC announcer. He was way too loud. Also the game was not even close to being one of the loudest games I have been to. Try UT/OU, a Lubbock game, or especially Kyle Field.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Tech TCU game as well. TCU played well. But it's made me wonder if TCU will ever get the respect they deserve playing in the Mountain West. The caliber just isn't what you would find in the Big 10 or elsewhere. Not that the Big 12 at times is that great. My point is, TCU needs to seriously look at the schools they are up against and see if its a good idea to join the SEC or even form a more competitive conference. ( That begs the question of, "with who"? ) Don't be surprised if Francione leaves A&M and Patterson finds himself in College Stations learning to say, "Whoooop!"


Bob Loblaw said...

I am sorry to hear that you root for Sooner defeat. Such reactions to the Oregon and Tech defeats would be the same if they had happened to any other team. But I must say that I was more upset with the defense of Sooner. We may not be able to fix shoddy officiating, but we can fix god-awful tackling. This is the worst the D has looked since Stoops took over the program. We still have a Heisman trophy ceremony to root for.

dallas gooner said...

wow that arsenal-man u game yesterday was just awesome. i couldn't believe the pk miss by gilberto, and thought they would be lucky to get a draw after that, but they gutted that one out and it very well may have saved the season.

a great weekend for sports, great college games on saturday, great games yesterday as well. and best of all arsenal & the cowboys got a win against the hated rivals.

Fake Sturm said...

Big 12 has gone to crap with OU, Tech, Nebraska, and aggy all embarrassing the conference in a span of a few hours. And I almost forgot Kansas wetting themselves in overtime Friday night against the national powerhouse that is Toledo.

Would Fran have been fired on the spot if Army would have punched in that last TD? I usually root for all Big 12 but I found myself hoping that aggy would lose after that 4th down call. And it did make me giggle watching aggy storm the field and go crazy like they had just won the national championship. Poor aggy.

Kipster198 said...

Stupid message board..... I just had a high-content, top notch post get completely erased when I submitted it....

Now, I don't have the life-force to redo it.

In any case, Jef, the gist of it was-- TCU is doing the best they can with what they've been given to work with.

I'm going to grab some lunch now, maybe my life-force will be higher after I eat and I can retype the response.


Anonymous said...

"And it did make me giggle watching aggy storm the field and go crazy like they had just won the national championship."

No kidding. That was the most embarrassing moment of the entire college football season so far.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Kipster198: Props to your frogs. They really did the homework and came out strong against my Raiders. It's hard as a fan to watch your team lose holding 2 $45 tickets in your hands. But they did it. The winner is always the one who scores more points.

TCU is doing well. I guess my direction is, can the Mountain West ever produce a National Champion? A few years ago, TCU pretty much swept the conference, I think it was the one they just left. And still no national recognition. As long as there is a BCS, strength of schedule will be a factor and if that's the case FTW won't ever have a nat'l champ. You can't get it done when the opponents are Wyoming and Boise. TCU makes a strong case for calling it the Big 13.


And on my original comment, I forgot for JonC. That game was quiet. I've heard from TCU's own alumns that the band/crowd don't really get into it. They've styled it too much like a Cowboys game. It's very scripted and stale. Check out a game in Lubbock, College Station, Norman and Austin. But you are correct on one point, it's very "family friendly" and that's great for a Ranger's game but not college football.

12:59 PM

cracker1743 said...

And now is the time on Sprockets when the condescending Fake Sturm giggles and gets as excited as a little schoolgirl.

Brandon at GSR said...

I'm annoyed by the fact that when it comes down to it, the refs in our last two losses have managed to royally screw the pooch.

But I'd be remiss if I didn't state that even if we win in Oregon on Saturday, our defense, in it's current state, would cause us to lose at least two games this season anyway. That's of much greater concern than the officials.

That, however, doesn't condone the shoddy officiating that played a significant role in the outcome of the game on Saturday. And you can bet your a**, Bob, that if the same thing happened to Longhorn, you'd hear the same amount of whining from them.

Would you engage in similar Schaudenfrede if it did?

Anonymous said...

Aggie is 3-0.

tceh looks like a fool by froggie.
whorn gets embarrassed by buckeye on national television with an L.

I'll take my embarrassing W all day long. I don't care I just want to win.

One other thing, soonerfan got punked by the refs.


Rob said...

As much crap as Aggies take for being obsessed with the Longhorns, Fake Sturm has taken the obsession with A&M to another level. Almost comical.

It's ok, though. He mentioned last week that he graduated in 2004, so he's still in that phase of "I'm so cool, I went to Texas, everyone else, especially aggies and sooners suck." (It's really funny when you picture him saying that in Corby's fake frat boy voice.) Fake Sturm will grow out of it eventually like we all do.

Fake Sturm said...

"...if the same thing happened to Longhorn, you'd hear the same amount of whining from them."

Sorry, Brandon, but the Horns wouldnt give up 34 points to a Pac-10 spare and put themselves in that situation.

And now is the time on Sprockets where we as if we are aggy after a monumental victory over archrival Army.

Fake Sturm said...

Yeah I might grow out of it Rob, but right now its just too easy.

Anonymous said...

Good one Fakey. You're on a roll. Keep it up. The obsession is growing.

Anonymous said...

Ban Fake Sturm.

His obsession with the Texas Aggies is ridiculous, juvenile, and stupid.

Wes Mantooth said...

If you ban Fake Sturm, you have to ban Bob, Dan, Corby, Craig, Jub Jub, Mike, and Greg too. The Ticket is all about rediculous, juvenile and stupid behavior. That is why we listen to the Ticket and not ESPN Radio.

College football is more fun with guys like Fake Sturm and Formerly Anon Sooner. F.A. Sooner is WAY more over the top than Fake Sturm, but he is fun to read. He uses his heart and not his small Sooner brain. That is what College football is all about.

I just came back from Michigan and ND. My first time to see either team in person. They blindly hate eachother. And when the route was on, the taunting began, just like college sports should be. It wasn't violent. The football ediquite and knowledge was good. And the passion for their schools was in full force.

God bless College Football.

Wes Mantooth said...

Damn no spell check on this thing.


Jeff in Grapevine said...

I'm no Arsenal fan, but I hate ManU with a passion. Thus, my sports pants were going crazy on the PK stop. That was a beautiful match.

Less so for my Reds. Pool had all the chances in the first 45, but just couldn't finish. Drogba's goal was just amazing, but offset by the ugly of Ballack's stomp on Sissoko. There's a lot of diving and whining in EPL, but that truly looked like it hurt like a bizz-nitch. After that, for some reason Pool just looked disjointed. said...

The Drogba goal was pure f'n magic but otherwise the Chelsea/Liverpool never really took off for me. Liverpool looked lost in the attacking third - little to no creativity. Gerard played well. Gerard always plays well. I can't say that I think Liverpool deserved a point, though, since they had the man advantage for so long and did nothing with it. Arsenal looked good and very much deserved their three points over ManU (disclaimer - I'm a ManU fan). Arsenal dominated the midfield play almost all afternoon. When Carrick was brought in for Scholes, the midfield dynamic changed almost immediately but it was too little to late. Well done to Arsenal. For United - hurry up and get Giggs healthy and hope that Rooney and Scholes get into form quickly.
I wish I would have had a chance to see the Blackburn/ManCity game. I would have liked to see Beasely in his first Premier League action. I did catch Fulham/Tottenham. McBride wasn't much of a factor but Bocanegra had a fairly good game playing out-of-position in the midfield.

Brandon at GSR said...


Thanks for missing the point.

We'll wait and see if it happens. It would be really delicious if Texas gets raped by the refs in the OU-Texas game.

PS, It's interesting to see that after Bob calls Sooner out as a whiner, he gets three straight level-headed posts from Sooner fans that are as willing to throw the defense and inopportunistic offense under the bus just as much as they are willing to throw the refs under the bus.

Kinda blows his theory outta the water, eh?

Wes Mantooth said...

"PS, It's interesting to see that after Bob calls Sooner out as a whiner, he gets three straight level-headed posts from Sooner fans that are as willing to throw the defense and inopportunistic offense under the bus just as much as they are willing to throw the refs under the bus."

It doesn't blow the theory out of the water. Sooner should blame the team MORE than the refs. Not "just as much as" the refs. 500 yards of offense from Oregon? Really? Sooner deserved to loose with that performance. I don't care what the refs did or did not do. You can't bitch about officiating if you can't hold a spare PAC 10 school under 500 yards. I don't care who you are.

Formerly Anonymous SOONER said...

I’ve been thinking about this one for a few days now and I am not sure what to make of it. The fault is not with Peterson, Thompson, or the defense. The fault is not with the coaching, recruiting, or the players on the roster. The fault in this game belongs squarely on the referrees. I know nobody wants to hear it because everybody has to put on a brave face and say “we have to win no matter how bad the referrees are.” Well too bad – that just is not really true. OK, sure, a bad holding call or a missed pass interference call should not make a team lose. But when a ref blows criticall calls at criticall points of the game there is only so much your team can do to overcome it.

The fact is that OU put itself in position to win. Oregon came out and surprised some people (ok, maybe just me) by not playing like a bunch of plodding lumberjacks with a belly full of pancakes, but there team did not diserve to win. FACT: OU got screwed. The replay system is suppose to make sure that the right call is made in critical situations and all it did in this case was allow the ref to confirm the wrong call. I am tired of everyone saying “don’t look at the referrees look at the Sooners.” That is like saying “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

In this case the man behind the curtain is wearing a striped shirt and holding a betting slip to collect on his stupid wager against OU. The man behind the curtain is the referree. This is not OU’s fault. The Sooners did what they had to do to position themself to win the game and still had it taken away from them. In my record book this one is a win. It is a shame and a crime to have an undefeated team like OU ranked so low. Everybody knows it.

P.S. Dont hold my ideas against other Sooners if you dont like them.

Brandon at GSR said...

"Sooner deserved to loose with that performance."

On the flip side, did Oregon deserve to win turning the ball over 4 times, including 2 times in the 4th quarter, alone?

Look, this isn't about whether or not one team got screwed. It's about whether you have faith in the current replay system to get an obvious call right.

So do you have faith?

Matt in Valley Ranch said...

While two of my favorite EPL teams, Reading and Blackburn, did get big wins this weekend I was very disappointed with the Big 4 action.

How has Liverpool only scored 3 goals so far this year? Gerrard and Kuyt both should have nailed goals, especially Gerrard, who is usually one of my favorite players, he kicked it right at the goalkeeper when anywhere else would have done. I hate Drogba, but man is he a beast and he scores some of the best goals.

Like you, I'm not a Man U bandwagoner, but I don't hate them either, and when it comes to rooting for them or Arsenal then I'm a United supporter hands down. You summed it up nicely with the comments "Without Henry? At Old Trafford?" I don't get it.

I'd much rather see Liverpool at the top at the end of the season, but if it is between Man U and Chelsea then go United. Now they are tied and Chelsea is looking much better after the loss to Boro and close call against Blackburn and it worries me.

BTW, what the hell is up with Portsmouth? How did they pull no goals allowed in five games out of their ass?

Fake Sturm said...

Remember the UAB-OU game, I seem to remember a fumble caused late in the 4th quarter. UAB was down by 7, punted and caused a fumble and recovered the ball on the sooner 10 yard line. Refs said he was down, replay clearly showed it was a fumble. That call probably cost UAB the game. The point is bad calls happen every game and good teams overcome them. UAB is not a good team and could not overcome. Neither is OU.

Fake Sturm said...

Oh boy...

OU President calling for the game to be nullified. This is embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

TCU is a good team. Good teams beat Texas Tech.

Sooner has a legit beef but bad calls are part of the game.

Mavs fans do whine more than any fan of any sport in the metroplex.

Aggie has nothing to be proud of. Your losses are coming. You will have trouble with Sooner and Longhorn. Flip a coin with Tech (sorry Norm). Nice to see a team with real soldiers give you a game.

Horn took a step back with the loss to OSU but still by far the class of the Big 12.

Just sayin'.

Phil in Addison said...

M in VR -

"...I was disappointed with the Big 4 Action."


Arsenal v. ManU was the best match I had seen in 6 months. Better than any WC game this summer. Only rivaled by the UEFA Champ Final (Barca v. Arsenal). Brilliant football on both sides. It doesn't get any better than that.

Anonymous said...

Just ignore Bob, he loves rubbing salt in the wounds of the teams he hates the most (Sooners, Spurs and Vikings). And of course he won't call out the Mavs for being the biggest crybabies in all of sports because he roots for them. As for the Packers, even Bob knows they suck so bad that there is no point in even arguing any over them these days. And the Badgers? Well, nobody south of Milwaukee even cares, so there is no point in even bringing them up in discussion.

Brandon at GSR said...

Boren went overboard to be sure, by calling that the game's result be wiped from the record.

Open that Pandora's Box? Ehh, no thanks, buddy.

As for Wes...

"It doesn't blow the theory out of the water. Sooner should blame the team MORE than the refs."

Let me spell this out so even you can understand, Wes. Bob insinuated that most Sooner fans were giving their own team a free pass while blaming the loss Saturday on the refs.

The next three posters, including myself, blew that out of the water by mentioning that our defense gave up over 500 yards of offense and our offense had to settle for three FG's instead of TD's.

And while we were upset with the officiating debacle that has now resulted in the suspensions of all officials involved as well as an official apology from the Pac 10 to OU, we recognized that the shortcomings of this team would cause what happened on Saturday to become a moot point if they aren't rectified at some point in the season.


eric in keller said...

Brandon....go look at an OU message board and see if the majority of OU fans are blaming the loss on the defense or the officiating. Bob is basing his opinion on OU being a bunch of whiners by what is coming out of OU's office (Boren's rediculous letter) and the content of Bob's email inbox, not a couple of comments on his blog. He already insinuated today that he's received tons of emails from sooner fans whining about the calls and sending video proof.

Oh, and Fake, in the UAB game the fumble wasn't recovered on the 10, it was run in for an easy TD. Funny how the Sooners faithful weren't up in arms about that blown call. Where was the letter from Boren's office demanding the game be started over from that point with a 17-17 tie? What a joke..

Observer said...

The idea that TCU should get itself into the Big 12 or SEC is a good one. Problem is, it wasn't TCU's choice to be in a crappy conference. They're doing the best they can to get top-rated competition. If the Big 12 or SEC extended an invitation to TCU to join, the Frogs would accept in a heartbeat.

I would still like to hear the story someday of exactly how Baylor and Tech got in while TCU didn't. There must have been some serious backroom politicking going on there.

Anonymous said...

The recently deceased Ann Richards was governor of Texas at the time and graduated from.........Baylor.

Brandon at GSR said...

"Brandon....go look at an OU message board and see if the majority of OU fans are blaming the loss on the defense or the officiating."

I'm a regular poster on Soonerfans. And while there are a fair share of fans who are suggesting the same thing Boren suggested, there are quite a few that are also laying the proper blame to the officiating.

On a side note, do you honestly think wouldn't go apoplectic if Texas was victimized by bad officiating? You're full of BS if you think otherwise.

"Oh, and Fake, in the UAB game the fumble wasn't recovered on the 10, it was run in for an easy TD. Funny how the Sooners faithful weren't up in arms about that blown call. Where was the letter from Boren's office demanding the game be started over from that point with a 17-17 tie? What a joke.."

I'm not going to defend Boren's demand that the game be wiped from the record. It's idiotic and would create a bad precendent.

But there are differences between that missed call and what happened on Saturday. And I think you're smart enough to figure out what those differences are, Eric.

Anonymous said...

Brandon, lets pretend that the rest of us don't have that big sooner brain of yours. Please spell out the differences between the UAB and UO games.

It seems to me the UAB screw up took points off of the board. The UO screw up led to another possession that resulted in points after UO took advantage of the extra possession and drove the field for a score. Sooner could have stopped UO from driving for the score, but didn't.

eric in keller said...

Brandon, you seem to be pretty reasonable. I can't speak to or but I am a member of Soonerscoop (the OU messageboard on rivals) is about to melt down with all of the OU whining going on. You have OU fans doing the following....

1)calling for the officials to commit suicide
2)posting the officals email address and pleading fellow OU fans to fill their email inboxes with profanity laced mail
3)any time an OU fan brings up the fact that the defense might have had a little to do with the loss, they are challenged to a fight. you even have fans posting their physical address online as to where to show up for said fight
4)asking fellow OU fans to boycott Nike and ESPN?????
5)posting the University of Oregon's athletic director's emaill address and pleading with fans to send emails demanding they forfeit the game
6)dogs and cats living together.....mass hysteria!

....and this is just the tip of the iceburg. It's a total meltdown. It reminds me of those WWIII movies that used to come out in the '80s where there would be a nuclear war. In the aftermath, society just broke down and there was mass looting, rape, murder, suicides, etc....

Anonymous said...

Two comments --
1. Ou got hosed on the replay call. What I haven't heard anyone comment on is the fact that 0U still recovered the ball. During the scrum that followed the kick, the ball went through an 0U players legs and recovered by #23 in White. Watch the replay on Bob's Blog... How was that not picked up on the replay? (I bleed burnt orange, but 0U got screwed. Like the Aggie said, I only care that we won. 0U should have won a sloppy game. UT won two ugly games against OSU and a phantom offensive pass interference call @ K State two years ago...we all win ugly games)
2. Why is Baylor in the Big 12 -- They were one of 8 founding members of the Southwest Conference, and so was Oklahoma.

Robert Bentley said...

You're right, anon 2:16. Fake has taken the obsession too far. If this kind of behavior goes unchecked, he may write his school's entire fight song about ATM.

King Selfish said...

Bob wrote,

"Look, you got screwed. But, isn’t there an opportunity to get a stop still? Didn’t Oregon still have to go 55 yards? Just like the Spurs fans, Sooners fans are blinded by the rage at the refs, but at the end of the day, they do not ask their team to make plays to overcome the unpredictable nature of officiating. Don’t be afraid to get a stop, Sooner."

Bob, Bob, Bob,

You're not a dumbass, but you sometimes play one on your blog. And the above statement is a perfect example. Of course we Sooner fans would prefer that our team was so dominant that we could overcome any bad call, play, or decision. But that's not the case and never will be. And it's beside the point, dumbass. Coaches and players don't get do-overs, refs do. And in this case several obviously bads calls were allowed to stand after being reviewed. Assuming you have no rooting interest, how many times per game do you think a team should have to overcome such calls--1, 2, 3, or even more? How many does it take before some pompous ass doesn't throw out an asinine comment like... "don't be afraid to get a stop, Sooner."? Dumbass.

P1 Kevin

Gordo said...

Nicely done King Selfish. You have showed your sooner intellect by failing to argue a point without obscenities.

Here's a tip: the world didn't end Saturday; how about you try and move on with your life.

Matt in Valley Ranch said...


I meant I was disappointed with who won. Great games, no doubt. But the two teams I hate the most in all of the EPL won them. Sucks.

King Selfish said...

You're right Gordo, I'm moving on now. And Bob, I apologize for calling you a dirty name. It won't happen again. If it helps, I meant it in the nicest possible way.

Have a happy merkin

Anonymous said...

First time poster here but I just had to ask the OU fans if it was the refs fault the Sooners had a short field goal that would have won the game.

Yall get screwed...get over it! Still choked when the game could have been salvaged.

So go eat your waa-burger and french cries!