Monday, September 18, 2006

Week 2: Cowboys 27, Redskins 10 (1-1)

Read the stories in the newspapers and watch the game elsewhere. But, only here do you get the Bob’s Blog Random Notes from Cowboys Week 2:

• This win is big for many reasons. The bye week. The Rivalry. The division game at home. I am not a fan of using the term “must win” in September, but the fact is this: The Cowboys demonstrated that they can make a number of mistakes, look sloppy, and leave the door open all night, and yet they can still limit the Redskins (of the 2005 playoffs) to one offensive score, which was a Field Goal. That Field Goal was a result of a 1st half drive in which the Cowboys made two personal foul mistakes with Ware and Aydele both giving the Redskins 15 yards and a first down. That means the dominating defense that we thought we would see this season brought their work boots last night and got it done.

• In this space, I have been quick to point out the negatives of Roy Williams that the local homers had ignored for his first many years. Well, the tide turned so much the other way that now I am starting to wonder if Roy’s overall game has improved yet again. Let’s look at last night: 3rd and 1 from the Washington 20, The Redskins run off right tackle with Ledell Betts. Betts looks like he has an easy first down until the missle that wears #31 dropped him short, forcing one of the many Redskins punts. Then, the play of the game. After Julius Jones’ fumble in the 3rd quarter, The Redskins took over in Dallas territory with a short field and a chance to tie the game at 17-17. Mark Brunell looked to the goal line with a pass down the left sideline when Roy stepped in the way with a great interception that reversed the momentum back to Dallas. I guess my point is that when we demand Roy to be a difference maker, and more and more he is doing it. Two games, two interceptions and several big hits. The one dumb penalty last week on the helmet hit on Leftwich, but he has been very solid.

• While we are giving out high marks, we need to make sure we congratulate the job of the offensive line. Drew Bledsoe was nearly untouched, and even more impressively was the encouraging job of the running game. If this team can run the football, they have enough tools elsewhere that they can go all the way to Miami. Julius Jones ran with great conviction and had 20 carries for 94 yards, and Marion Barber had 8 carries for 39 yards and the gritty 4th down and goal from the 1. He had to give a spirited 2nd effort and keep his legs driving to squeeze between the linebacker and Sean Taylor.

• Sean Taylor is a dangerous man. Like Williams, he has his warts, but it is tough to not be somewhat impressed with his assassin ways.

• In the effort of keeping our heads, let’s not forget that Clinton Portis did not play. When an offense based on a franchise RB comes to town without the services of that RB, you should destroy them. The Cowboys did just that, but the Redskins cannot be this bad. I am guessing they think the preseason is unnecessary given that Portis has been screwed up since he tackled a Bengals DB in the first week of the preseason. The Al Saunders offense has to be better than that.

• So, does anyone have theories on the drops? I thought Bledsoe was dead-on nearly all night; except for the pass that hit Carlos Rogers right in the chest in the play prior to the Julius fumble. Jason Witten, who may have dropped more balls last night then he had in his entire Cowboys career, and Terrell Owens were looking like amateurs. I guess Owens has the broken finger excuse, although his alligator arms at midfield made us all remember Todd Pinkston. Regardless, The job done by the QB should be mentioned because he took a lot of garbage last week and now he can at least enjoy the next 13 days as Cowboys fans can stall the Romo-wagon until Tennessee.

• And now, Bob’s weekly gushing on Demarcus Ware. He is an animal. He is unstoppable. He is the most exciting Cowboys defender in years. The Cowboys finally have a game-breaker in the front 7. This is a very rare treat, and Pro-Bowler Chris Samuels, who abused Ware last year in week 2, was begging for mercy last night.

• It has been 839 kickoffs since Dallas has surrendered a kickoff return for a Touchdown (Robert Brooks, 1993 – Well!!!!). Rock Cartwright, who owns one of the real cool names in football, showed how gutting a kickoff return can be to a team. If you are going to give up a return like that, you would surely wish it occur in a 27-10 win.

• Greg Ellis was good last night, too. And Newman, too – his job against Santana Moss was wonderful. Let’s just say that defense was dominating.

• Mike Vanderjagt and Matt McBriar – quality in special teams. But, I do have this question about the amazing punter from a foreign land: At what point does he out-kick his coverage? Surely, when you continue to punt it 60 yards at some point a punt return is going to be taken all the way back. But, he was the key to owning field position.

• Now, 13 days to prepare for the bad Titans. This win should not be understated. Cowboys fans can take a deep breath.


Anonymous Gay Dude said...

I am the first and gayest of all.


P1 Eric in McKinney said...

No college football talk? I guess you are saving up for the Tuesday morning Blog addition.

Great as always!

AttnyDan said...

As I feared, Tech looked awful, UT looked great, A&M looked unprepared, OU looked shell shocked.

UT should win the South without a problem. However, Nebraska looks very, very interesting as a Big 12 Championship matchup.

Good Gawd the offense looked bad against a pretty good? very good? average? TCU team. Sigh, bring on SE Louisiana. A&M is Kyle...predicted score A&M 3, Tech 0 in 5 overtimes.

Bob Loblaw said...

Bledsoe + Glenn. They love them some them.

Anonymous said...

I am not a big fan of T.O. the prima donna. But the guys leaves it all on the field. The guy breaks his hand (finger, whatever) and plays anyway. Normally, all the dropped passes would be sign that he hurt the team playing with it if he couldn't catch. However, just his presence on the field helped the rest of the receiving core with drawing the 'Skins best defender and the double coverages. He could have sat out and not get humilated with all the dropped passes, but he may have actually did the team player thing and played through it. Cowboys played great but you also got to respect T.O. for his efforts.


Andy Douthitt said...

A few goody good good football points:


D-line controlling line of scrimmage.. nice

Terrence Newman has developed into an even more of an elite corner this near... nice

Julius Jones is still just an average running back... ok

Are the Redskins a playoff team and does Brunell look like he belongs in the NFL anymore... no

Its good to be 1-1.


I'll save my Sooner explanation (good grief) for tomorrow's blog.

If you see Vanderjacht at Mystic Tan today, tell him good job and I said hello.

Fake Gribble said...

The Cowboys are still committing too many penalties! Between them and the Redskins, I thought I was watching a pre-season game.

Anonymous said...

The Cowboy's D almost looked as good as the Frogs D!


Anonymous said...

Question - I know Parcells hates carrying 2 kickers so why not let McBriar kickoff?

AttnyDan said...

Does ANYONE have the audio between Norm and Gordon that has caused such a raucus?

Please, please, please?

Jared in irving said...


Click Here

Jared in Irving said...

Whoops, I meant...Click HERE!

Anonymous said...

Thanks JiV!!

That wasn't that bad....kinda funny and tense, but not so bad as to censor it.

Oh well.

Paulie said...

Thanks Jared... boy, that was tense!

MR said...

not so bad. just gordo being a jerk. but that is his gift. poor norm. can you imagine having to argue with gordo? that is a battle that can not be won.

J-in-H said...


Many thanks for the audio. That's been bothering me all weekend.

Anonymous said...

I give Gordo the win because he didn't lose his cool and mutilate the english language.

Anybody who makes a point on Norm gets the "Do you know what I do/Do you know how long I've done this."

Norm needs to ice down the vag.

Brad said...

The Redskins are terrible.

Against a real football team, all those mistakes Dallas made would've cost them the game.

They Cowboys are not as good as some would like to think.

You take the win of course...but man are the skins bad. If someone says "2005 PLAYOFF Redskins" again Im going to hurl. They didnt beat the playoff redskins, they beat the 2006 Benign Redskins.

Anonymous said...

Despite how good Demarcus Ware looks, we will wind up regretting not taking Shawne Merriman. Right now, Ware looks pretty good, but Merriman looks like a 1st team all-NFL type player.

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