Monday, September 11, 2006

Sad Piano, play on.

My Sports Weekend was below average:

Here are the 4 games I tuned in to watch after anticipation built all week!

Saturday, 6:30 am: My Beloved Liverpool was routed at cross town rival, Everton . It is bad enough to lose, but to get pounded 3-0 by a team that was a huge underdog is flat out a sickening way to spend your early Saturday morning. Sucked.

Saturday, 7:00 pm: After recovering from the earlier soccer disaster, Texas is humbled by Ohio State …While I may have expected Ohio State to win this game, I surely did not expect it to be that easy.

Sunday 3:15 pm: New day, new hope in the NFL. So, how would the two games I care most about go? The Cowboys surrender 24 straight points to the Jaguars in Jacksonville somehow losing a game that they should have won.

Sunday 9:00pm (Delayed): Because I am a masochist, and even though I knew the final score, I had to see with my own eyes the carnage of the Bears killing my Packers, 26-0 …And, yes. It was as bad as you would imagine. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. The Packers have returned to the abortion I used to watch in the 1980’s. They will be lucky to win 4 this season.

So, there you have it. I watched teams I care about play 4 games this weekend, and took the collar. 0-4. It is tough to do this, but I accomplished it in week 1 of football season.


Anonymous said...

That is the most talented Packers team that Favre has ever played on??

fake_eric_in_keller said...

I think you just said you care about longwhorn. Say it ain't so, Bob.

Bob Loblaw said...

You care about longhorn??? I dont think I have heard you claim any affiliation with them in the past. Please explain.

Sturminator said...

What is wrong about caring about a team that we talk about all the time?

Teams I care about:
Red Raiders

All to varying degrees, but sure, I care about them enough to follow them closely and enjoy their success against teams not on this list.

Teams I don't care for:
Red Wings

I generally cheer for whoever is playing against them.

Sturminator said...

Of course, I was only speaking of domestic teams. For European likes and dislikes, take wild guesses.

Michael said...

Your day was made worse when Man U and Chelski won very close games.
At least Portsmouth won

Jeff in Grapevine said...

The Reds were terrible. Crouch looks like the Euro matches had him a little tired. Oh, well, at least Arsenal only managed a draw - misery loves company in the lower half of the table.

eric in keller said...

Yep, OSU was definately the better team on Sat night.

Differences in the game:

OSU played a perfect game, while UT made too many mistakes. You can't do that against the #1 team and expect to win.

Costly turnovers. Pittman's fumble on the 1 yard line was a 14 pt swing. Instead of punching it in the endzone on the next play, they return the ball to the 50 yard line for great field position.

Senior Heisman candidate QB vs. unproven freshman QB.

Depleted UT Defense. OSU might have the best offense UT sees the rest of the year, and for UT to have won, they would have needed all hands on deck. They were without Kelson and Brown. At one point in the game I noticed that DBs Jackson, Foster, and Palmer were in the game at the same time. All freshmen.

Bottom line: Ohio State is as good as advertised, and their defense, while unproven, is still athletic and well coached. As for UT, we'll see what McCoy has in 3 weeks and if the secondary can come together. The UT run defense and run offense are as good as any in the country.

cracker1743 said...

Does anyone know how to find a list of radio stations that broadcast Cowboy games? I'm in Houston, and the only station around here I know of that used to carry the games (Beaumont) has switched to the suckass Texans games. Please help a brother out here in this godforsaken sportsradio wasteland.

Kipster198 said...


The Dallas Cowboys Radio Network

TEXAS: Abilene KHXS 102.7 FM; Alpine KALP 92.7 FM; Amarillo/Canyon KPUR 107.1 FM; Amarillo/Hereford KPUR 1440 AM; Atlanta, TX KYPN 900AM; Austin KVET 1300AM; Beaumont KIKR 1450AM; Big Spring KBST 1490 AM; Brady KNEL 95.3 FM; Brownsville/Weslaco KVNS 1700; Brownwood KXYL 96.9 FM; Burkburnett/Seymour/Vernon/Frederick KYYI 104.7 FM; Carthage KGAS 1590 AM; Carthage/Henderson 104.3 FM; College Station KZNE 1150 AM; Comanche KCOM 1550 AM; Commerce/Sulphur Springs KRVA 107.1 FM; Corpus Christi KEYS 1440AM; Corsicana KRVF 106.9 FM; Dallas/Ft. Worth KDBN 93.3 FM; Dallas/Ft. Worth KTCK 1310AM 104.1 FM; Eastland KATX 97.7 FM; Edinburg/Raymondville KVNS 1700 AM; El Paso KROD 600AM; Fredericksburg KNAF 105.7 FM; Ft. Hood/Killeen KTEM AM; Ft. Stockton KFST 94.3 FM; Gonzales KCTI 1450 AM; Greenville KGVL 1400 AM; Harlingen/McAllen KVNS 1700 AM; Haskell/Stamford KVRP 1400 AM/97.1 FM; Hereford KPAN 860 AM; Hillsboro/Clifton KBRQ 102.5 FM; Beaumont/Port Arthur/Pasadena/Galveston KFNC 97.5 FM; Junction KMBL 1450 AM; Kerrville KERV 1230 AM; Kerrville KNAF 105.7 FM; Kingsville KEYS 1440AM; Lamesa KPET 690 AM; Laredo KLNT 1490 AM; Lubbock KKAM 1340 AM; Lufkin/Nacogodoches KTBQ 107.7 FM; Malakoff KCKL 95.9 FM; Marshall/Carthage KRMD 101.1 FM; Marshall/Jefferson KMHT 103.9 FM; Marshall/Longview KMHT 1450 AM; Midland KMND 1510AM; Midland/Odessa/Stanton/Andrews KNFM 92.3FM; Mt. Pleasant KIMP 960 AM; Odessa KRIL 1410AM; Ozona KYXX 94.3 FM; Palestine KNET 1450 AM; Paris KITX 95.5 FM; Pecos KPTX 98.3 FM; Plainview KVOP 1090 AM; Port Arthur KIKR 1450 AM; Robstown KEYS 1440AM; Round Rock KVET 1300 AM; San Angelo KGKL 860 AM; San Angelo/Robert Lee KGKL 97.5 FM; San Antonio WOAI 1200; San Marcos KTKR 760 AM; Sherman/Denton KTDK 1700 AM; Sonora KHOS 92.1 FM; Stephenville KSTV 1510 AM; Sweetwater KHXS 102.7 FM; Sweetwater 2 KXOX 1240AM; Temple/Gatesville/Hewitt KLTD 101.7 FM; Texarkana KCMC 740 AM; Tyler KTBB 600 AM; Victoria KTXN 98.7 FM; Waco KBRQ 102.5 FM; Wichita Falls KYYI 104.7 FM.

cracker1743 said...

Thanks Kipster. This is flippin' sweet. For all you other Cowboys Ticketheads in Houston (is it just you, Jay?):

"Cowboys radio returns to Houston
(David Barron, Houston Chronicle)

KNFC (97.5 FM) has picked up the Dallas Cowboys radio network, signaling the Cowboys' return to local airwaves after a three-year absence. Pat Fant, who manages Cumulus Radio's Houston properties, said, "Just like there are Republicans and Democrats, there are Cowboys fans and Texans fans (in Houston), and we're here to take care of everybody."

Eff the Texans. This is a horrible football town.

Jay Clendenin said...

a faint glimmer of sports hope in a city of david carr and katrina evacuees. about damn time.

thanks for the shout.

Jackie Treehorn said...

So when the Browns and the Packers are tied for the worst record in the NFL are they going to have to play a tiebreaker to see which team gets relegated to the Arena League?

King Selfish said...
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