Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday Sports

On Thursday, I begin to look ahead to the football weekend. Ouch.

This week’s slate of college football appears to be weak. Real weak.

But, this allows for a few things to creep into the sports weekend:

Ryder Cup 2006 where the USA has lost 7 of the last 10, hasn’t won since Ben Crenshaw told us he’s a big believer in fate, and he had a good feeling about this:

What is the Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup is a golf trophy contested biennially in an event officially called the Ryder Cup Matches by teams from Europe and the United States. The Ryder Cup was born in 1926, with the US competing against Great Britain on the East Course, Wentworth Club, Virginia Water, Surrey, Great Britain. After more than 45 years of US dominance (Britain won only once between 1935 and 1973) it was extended to Britain and Ireland in 1973 and then Europe in 1979, which made the Cup considerably more competitive. Currently, the Ryder Cup Matches are jointly administered by the PGA of America and the PGA European Tour.

And, for those of us who are blood-thirsty cavemen, UFC 63 is another chance to watch Matt Hughes destroy a human…

UFC 63 Promo – 10:00

Sherrington on Horned Frog

Outside the team in Austin, who's better this year in Texas?

Besides Tech, the Frogs have already beaten Baylor.

Texas A&M? The Aggies have their hands full with the schedule they've got, and you can hardly blame Dennis Franchione for avoiding any TCU reunions.

Houston? Another 3-0 team; another Aggie-type schedule. Until the Cougars get to Miami, anyway.

SMU? Still not sure how the Mustangs pulled off that 21-10 win last year.
Even with that slip-up, TCU has the nation's longest winning streak at 13.
But here's the problem, Gary: People don't always know what it means.

Sure, you're kicking Mountain West butt. But beating a team from the old SWC tops a victory over anyone in a league that fans still don't know well.

SWC alums are more likely to be your neighbors. Beating teams from a league in your back yard is easier to quantify.

Not that TCU can do anything about history. Unless it's to avenge a world-class snub by the Big 12 at every opportunity.

Check. Patterson has a four-game winning streak over Big 12 teams. Coming into this season, he'd beaten Iowa State in a bowl and Oklahoma in the game that cost Paul Thompson his job, if only temporarily.

And Saturday's game avenged the 70-35 loss in Lubbock two years ago.

But Patterson couldn't wait for Sunday's headlines to make his point, and maybe you couldn't blame him.

Mavs must get Josh Howard done

The Mavericks continue to talk about a contract extension for Josh Howard, owner Mark Cuban said Wednesday, and the parties will have a good chance to take negotiations further this weekend.

Howard, Cuban, coach Avery Johnson and president Donnie Nelson will represent the Mavericks in Winston-Salem, N.C., at the dedication of a new basketball court in Howard's hometown Saturday. The outdoor court is at the recreation center where Howard grew up playing.

The court will be emblazoned with Howard's signature and the initials of his mother and grandmother, for whom the court is dedicated.

Howard has one year left on his rookie contract. The Mavericks have the option of extending it. If they cannot agree on an extension, Howard would become a restricted free agent July 1.

Niinimaa assures us he only sucked because his ankle hurt last year

Janne Niinimaa knows his standing with the Stars is shaky. But he also knows he's standing on two strong ankles for once.

The veteran defenseman is one of eight blueliners on the Stars' roster with an NHL contract. That's one more than most teams will carry during the regular season. Niinimaa is well aware one defenseman could be traded before the season begins Oct. 4.

"I think we're all aware of the situation," said Niinimaa, 31, "but we all also know that there's not much that we can do about it other than play our best."

Niinimaa said he believes he can play his best this year, as his surgically repaired right ankle is finally starting to feel better. The ankle bothered him much of last season. It was clear after a Jan. 10 trade from the New York Islanders that he wasn't the same player who tallied 46 and 44 points in consecutive seasons with Edmonton in the early 2000s.

"This is a game that's played with agility, and a big part of his game is agility," Stars coach Dave Tippett said. "I think we'll get a true read on him now."

Niinimaa became a whipping boy among Stars fans not only for his play (only six points and a minus-5 rating in 22 games) but for his apparent bad luck around the team. After acquiring Niinimaa, the Stars were 10-11-1 with him in the lineup and 13-1-2 when he was hurt or a healthy scratch. Niinimaa started the playoffs as a healthy scratch and played the final four games.

2 things about this story: as the Rangers 2007 schedule is considered by Evan Grant

1) – Evan claims some advantageous things about the 2007 schedule suggests he must be reminded how tough the Devil Rays and Royals have been on our heroes.

2) – For the first time since I have lived here (9 seasons), The Brew Crew is coming!

The interleague schedule will not include a game against a team that currently has a winning record. The Rangers visit “natural rival” Houston May 18-20 and will host the Astros June 22-24.

The Rangers’ other interleague games will be at Pittsburgh (June 12-14) and Cincinnati (June 15-17) and at home against Milwaukee (June 8-10) and the Chicago Cubs (June 19-21). It will be the Cubs’ first regular-season visit to Ameriquest Field.

The return of Doug Melvin, Doug Davis, and Kevin Mench!

Sorry, Sooner: The Replay official will sit out the rest of the season, but he will be allowed to live

The instant replay official whose failure to overturn a bad call helped Oregon beat Oklahoma has been granted a leave of absence for the remainder of the football season by the Pac-10 Conference.

The league announced Wednesday that official Gordon Riese, who already has been suspended for a game by the Pac-10, requested a leave of absence.

The All New NBA Game Ball

The great Gregg Easterbrook TMQB

This Fulfills My Obligation to Say Something About the San Francisco-St. Louis Game: First-overall draft pick Alex Smith has now thrown twice as many touchdown passes in 2006 (two) as he did in 2005 (one).

Easterbrook mailbag

Liverpool 2, Newcastle 0 as we finally show a little something. And a goal that will be long remembered is scored…

Liverpool's season was ignited by the Spaniard's moment of genius and a game which might otherwise have been notable only for its snarl at the death had a flash of inspiration by which to be better remembered. The last time Alonso scored for the Merseysiders was at Kenilworth Road back in January, the visitors' fifth goal in an amazing FA Cup third-round tie speared from inside his own half with the Luton goalkeeper Marlon Beresford upfield seeking reward at a corner. The Basque does not score often but when he does it takes the breath away.

This was a glorious effort, even if it owed much to Harper's stumble and slip as he turned, eyes fixed on Alonso's attempt from the edge of the centre-circle. Had he stayed on his feet he would have caught the shot with disdain. Instead the prone goalkeeper ended up pawing desperately in the direction of the ball as it dipped cruelly into the bottom corner. "Steve was distraught but nobody at Newcastle is blaming him," said the United manager Glenn Roeder. "If he doesn't slip it's a great long pass into his hands, but it's still a hell of a bit of skill [from Alonso]."

From then on in the Liverpool midfielder's every touch prompted a chorus of "shoot" from those delirious on the Kop, their team's season picking up new-found momentum born of their midfielder's opportunism. Harper departed with head bowed and, no doubt, cheeks burning.

Check out the goal of the year from Xabi Alonso last night

Jeremy Piven – “Detroit Sucks” - :31

Wee Man skateboards – 1:23


Anonymous said...


Brandon at GSR said...

2nd and over it.

Triple Fake Lance Bass said...

Third, very gay, and extremely disappointed.

Anonymous said...

4th but not too disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Mench = Bench

Soccer Shaun said...

Now that is from downtown. That should have been worth 3 points from there.

Brad said...

Bob, you shouldve checked this morning.

Stars ink Morrow to a SIX YEAR extension. Greatness. Best new of the offseason. He'll definitely be wearing that "C" on his chest in 3 years.

Also....Niinima didnt suck bc of injury. Niinima sucks because he just sucks. God help me if I see that spare on the power play this year....


Brandon at GSR said...

Bobby Knight opines on the call...

"Good Ole, Bobby basically said that karma finally struck the sooners. He said he doesn't feel sorry for us because he asked our basketball team to give back a win 3 years ago. He said the win was controversial and that we chose to ignore it and just take the win."

Interesting to note that Bob Stoops got over it on Tuesday. I got over it yesterday.

It's been nearly four years since that infamous night in Norman. And Sturm's little radio buddy (along with a number of Red Raider fans) STILL haven't gotten over that call. Even though the Big 12 changed it's rule regarding who gets to assign the clock operators.

Brandon at GSR said...

BTW, here's the link.

Anonymous said...

glad you are over it.

Brandon at GSR said...

I only commented because Bobby Knight brought it back up.

And I didn't comment about the call. I commented about he hasn't gotten over his own baggage.

It's called reading comprehension, anon.

Anonymous said...

It's called loser denial, Brandon.
And I think you got a bad case.

Fake Donovan

Brandon at GSR said...

You're logic is impeccable fake Donovan.

However did you come to such an amazing conclusion, jackass?

Brandon at GSR said...

You're = Your

Anonymous said...

I love Enid, OK. Over and done with Sooners.

Anonymous said...

Well, I had a bad case of loser denial myself once. It's really quite embarrassing to look back in retrospect. Pretty funny actually. One day you will agree young grasshopper.

Fake Donovan

Wes Mantooth said...

2nd time today Brandon has called somebody a "jackass." Go back and read the last comments from the previous blog entry.

Still bitter?
Need a Midol?

No need to call people a "jackass." Nobody called you a name.

Brandon at GSR said...

No, Wes. They didn't.

They just repeatedly fail to comprehend my stance. Could be because they're unwilling to engage in a serious debate or just don't have the mental acumen to understand them.

I'd like to think that after almost a week, my stance on this issue is clear.

I don't want the results negated because that would set a bad precedent. I think Boren wanting the game to not count was almost as ridiculous as when Bobby Knight wanted OU to forfeit it's win over Tech from January 20th, 2003.

I don't blame Oregon because it's not their fault their conference's refs choked while under pressure. They capitalized on the break they were given. In sports, it's the most opportunistic team that sometimes wins.

I simply want to find out what happened on the play in the replay booth, why it happened, and want an assurance that it won't happen, again.

Because if it doesn't, the same thing will happen, again. And it might even happen to a team you root for.

Forgive me if I'd like to see something done to reduce the chances of a game being marred by what happened last Saturday.

I don't think my stances are irrational. Nor are they hard for somebody to understand.

Save all those loser denial claims for the Sooner idiots who are lobbying for the results to be overturned or are pressuring Oregon to forfeit the game, or worse, are making reprehensible threats against Gordon Riese and his family.

Anonymous said...

Could you be any more over it?

Dan's used chair said...

Hey I heard that OU and Oregon played last weekend. Has anyone talked about this yet???

eric in keller said...

I think the problem here, Brandon, is that you claim that you and Stoops are over it, yet here you are pointing out the whining of another coach about a call years ago. The fact that you feel the need to post that here is a sign that you aren't over it. And I wouldn't be too quick to point out that Stoops is over it. He just whined on Tuesday about the UCLA loss last year. Are you sure that he is over this one??

Also, what happened to his 'no excuses' mantra? That was always one of the things I liked about the man. He seems to be making quite a few excuses, especially after Tuesday's rant. It seems he new mantra should be 'know excuses'.

eric in keller said...


....kill me.

Anonymous said...

Dan's chair,

OU and Oregon played a great game last weekend. A real nail biter but in the end the better team won.

Brandon says he over it though.

Anonymous said...

Pearl Harbor
Hurricane Katrina
OU/Oregon on-sides kick

Not necessarily in that order.

Dan's stained laptop said...

Moment of Silence . . .

Maybe they will make a movie about OU/Oregon 5 yrs later, just like United 93 and WTC.

Brad said...

I spoke with Oliver Stone on the phone, and he is interested in directing....

Anonymous said...

Would Nic Cage be better as Stoops or Gordon Riese?

Anonymous said...

I think Stoops should be played by a woman.

Dan's dvd copy of Superman 2 said...


Cage should play one of the players trapped in the pile, except he is stuck there for a couple days and then sees an image of Jesus God.

or he could play Adrian Peterson- would blackface be too much??

Fake Sturm said...

The retarded kid from Corky just called in and he wants to play Bomar.

Fake Sturm said...

And we got to get McConaughey a part somewhere.

Brandon at GSR said...

Switching gears as I withstand all these ensuing attempts to draw me offsides...

"Stars ink Morrow to a SIX YEAR extension. Greatness. Best new of the offseason. He'll definitely be wearing that "C" on his chest in 3 years."

Normally, I'd be hesitant about giving anybody in this post-cap NHL such a long-term deal. But if there's an exception to be made, it's Brenden Morrow.

You'll never have to worry about what you'll get from him night in and night out.

Brad said...

McConaughey as the replay official in the booth "Alright, Alright, Alright"

Anonymous said...


Who will play Corso?

Anonymous said...

Burt long as he keeps his clothes on! We don't want anyone thinking Corso would take his clothes off.

The ghost of Craig Ludwig's merkin said...

and have Terry Bradshaw play McConaughey's dad. Im sure we can throw in Larry David and Ricky Gervais as referees.

This could be this generation's "Cannonball Run"

RC Cook said...

Xabi Alonso = awesome. Best passer in the EPL, and not a bad shot either!

Anonymous said...

Jamie Foxx as Paul "Top 5 Arm" Thompson.

Fake Sturm said...

I think Corby's Merkin should play the starring role as Lee Corso.

Anonymous said...

That would be a damn good movie

Brandon said...

On college football this Texas ISU at 230pm. I really think that game may be better than expected given the way ISU played against Iowa. Even as a Texas fan, I can see how this game may be interesting for a least 2 quarters

Brad said...

The ghost of Craig Ludwigs merkin??? Come on people....

Actually I saw Luds at the ice breaker signing autographs a couple of weeks ago...

Brandon at GSR said...

Other Brandon...

Depends on which Texas team shows up.

If it's the one that started the season against North Texas, they'll jump out to a big lead and probably coast from there.

If they start slow, Bret Meyer could make things a little interesting for awhile.

Anonymous said...

latest odds: Texas -24

Brandon said...

I agree with Texas -24. But that would come in the 2nd half; with maybe a closer game than thoguht of in 1st half

Jeff in Grapevine said...

I had to rewind my TIVO 4 times to make sure I was seeing Alonso's goal properly. That was unbelievable, and certainly a candidate for goal-of-the-year. Bend it like Xabi.

Strangely, it is the unexpected heroes so far for Liverpool in the very early going - Alonso and gents like Agger who are very young or Kuyt, who is very new. Looking forward to another 3 v. a very weak-looking Spurs this weekend.