Friday, September 15, 2006


Big Game Sunday Night

Until last season, Bill Parcells had dominated Coach NASCAR, but then Joe Gibbs did something Redskins fans had been waiting for since the Kennedy administration — sweep the Cowboys.

Actually, it was the first time Washington won both games since 1995, but it seemed like the 1960s for all those Redskins diehards who were forced to endure 14 losses in the previous 15 games.

Dallas fans long for the good old days of Norv Turner and Steve Spurrier.

Ask a Cowboys fan about last season, and he'll reach for the Jack Daniels to try to dull the memory of the Dallas defense making Mark Brunell resemble a quarterback with a confirmed ticket to Canton.

Not only did Brunell throw two late touchdown passes to Santana Moss to turn the Cowboys' 13-0 lead into a 14-13 defeat, but he threw four more in the 35-7 December decimation of the doomed-day defense. That embarrassment helped catapult the Redskins into the playoffs and eliminate the Cowboys.

When Brunell sees the star, he becomes a superstar. In his career, Brunell has thrown 15 touchdown passes and three interceptions against the Cowboys. Maybe Jones should have acquired Brunell instead of Drew Bledsoe.

Yes, we know, don't get Cowboys fans started on Bledsoe, who threw three interceptions at Jacksonville and returned home with a 45.8 passer rating.

Constant questions from reporters about Bledsoe and backup Tony Romo irritated the Tuna, whose vote of confidence for his starting quarterback came with a postscript that said, "For now."

Parcells treats quarterback controversies like contagious diseases — he avoids them.
The only time he has switched quarterbacks without an injury causing him to make the change was in 1983, his first season with the Giants.

Defense is skating on the blame for Cowboys

Parcells said he doesn't need to remind the defense about the collapse, but maybe he should. Just like he should remind the unit that its weak play was a big reason why the Cowboys blew a 10-point lead in Jacksonville last week en route to a 24-17 loss.
Quarterback Drew Bledsoe is getting most of the blame for the loss, but the defense should also be held accountable.

It wasn't Bledsoe who dropped a sure interception inside Jacksonville territory at the start of the second quarter. It was cornerback Anthony Henry.

It wasn't Bledsoe who failed to record a sack or quarterback hit. It was outside linebacker Greg Ellis.

It wasn't Bledsoe who allowed Byron Leftwich to score on a quarterback draw up the middle early in the fourth quarter. It was middle linebacker Bradie James.

The defense can and should do better. The Cowboys have spent first-round draft picks (see DeMarcus Ware, Terence Newman and Roy Williams) and money (see free-agent signees Jason Ferguson, Akin Ayodele, Aaron Glenn and Henry) to make it better. And it's a unit that's coordinated by one of the top assistants in the league, Mike Zimmer.

So bash Bledsoe all you want. But just remember the defense had its share of blunders in Jacksonville too.

You know, it is pretty sad that the best newspaper website I use around here is the San Antonio Express News. Sure, the Spurs love is a beating, but the Morning News and Star Telegram should take a lesson on how to design something easy to navigate and use. For instance, I suggest you bookmark their Big 12 Index Page - Easy to use, and every day new stuff:

Today, the website offers both the Longhorns Mailbag

Doesn't Texas have a more mature quarterback to field than the young freshman?
– Ruben Jiminez, San Antonio

No. McCoy, who is a redshirt freshman, qualifies for AARP compared to the only other scholarship quarterback on the UT roster. That would be freshman Jevan Snead, who at this time last year was still slinging passes at Stephenville High School in his He-Man underoos.

That's the price you pay for having Vince Young on campus for four years, for putting all your recruiting eggs in the Rhett Bomar basket, and for allowing Ryan Perrilloux to basically film his own private reality show at your expense. Since signing Young, the Longhorns haven't been able to keep the cupboards properly stocked at quarterback. They are paying the price now.

Colt McCoy was hit and miss against Ohio State. Why didn't the coaches put in Jevan Snead?
– Thomas, San Antonio

Probably because they didn't really feel like losing by 40 points on national television. This is no knock at Snead, who certainly has all the tools necessary to become an outstanding college quarterback.

But, as a first-year freshman, he just wasn't ready for the kind of challenge Ohio State presented. He was barely ready for the kind of challenge North Texas presented.

And the Aggie Mailbag

About this stupid video board contest between Texas A&M and Texas – I heard a (Longhorns fan) call in a radio show and was disappointed that, though their "Godzillatron" is big, much of it is used for advertisements. Should that ad space be counted in their dimensions? I've seen the 12th Man TV and though it was plenty big and the production value was perfect.
– Zack, Brady

Zack, I haven't seen the new UT scoreboard in person, but from what I've seen on TV, A&M's has a cleaner, less cluttered look. Several folks in Austin, including a Texas graduate, have told me as much. The windows are tinted pretty heavily in the A&M press box, so during the night games I've caught myself watching the TV more than the field, because it's much brighter than our view of the grass from nine stories up.

As it stands right now, what is A&M's complete non-conference schedule for next year?
– B.C. Barnett, San Antonio

A&M used to post its future schedules on the Internet. No more, because of canceled series and non-conference games shifting around. The good folks over in A&M sports news say the only non-conference game set in stone for next season is Sept. 15 at Miami. The following year, the Hurricanes and Army visit Kyle Field. Other than that, as they say, A&M is in negotiations.

Do you know the nature of Stephen McGee's arm problems? I'm concerned he'll wind up like Reggie McNeal and play an entire sub-par year and then need surgery. Or was this just an isolated injury? Appreciate it.
– Albert Price, San Antonio

Albert, McGee had a strained muscle in his right (throwing) arm during fall camp and rested it for much of that time. He looked rusty against The Citadel, but much sharper against Louisiana-Lafayette last Saturday. The fact that your team leader and quarterback already has had arm troubles this season should be a concern, however.

Quality stuff.

Speaking of Quality. Check out Aggie LB Mark Dodge and his story of 9/11 …very cool.

College Football Week 3 TV Schedule

Always a fine read: The Weakly Retort from Psychoag…

Much like the NFC East, the Big 4 of the English Premiership all square off against eachother this Sunday in what shall be a wonderful day of football prior to the football…

Liverpool at Chelsea, 7:30 am Sunday on Setanta.

Rafael Benitez believes Liverpool are "ready" for another showdown with Chelsea which could reveal whether his summer spending spree has begun to bridge the gap with the champions.

The Reds may well have won their last two games against Jose Mourinho's men, in the Community Shield and last season's FA Cup semi-final, but the Blues boss would dismiss those defeats as merely cup action.

A Premiership victory has so far proven elusive to boss Benitez and his men.
Liverpool face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday without a single point from four league meetings between the clubs since the Spaniard and his Portuguese antagonist first crossed swords in their adopted English home three season ago.

Benitez wants to end that run and foster better relations with Mourinho following the pair's failure to indulge in the traditional post-match handshake after recent games.

This will be the 12th time the clubs have clashed in the Mourinho-Benitez era and Benitez is prepared for the latest instalment.

"We are ready now for Chelsea," he said. "You can never be sure because Chelsea are a very good team but we feel ready and we are planning to go there and win.

Then, Arsenal visits Manchester United, 10 am Sunday on Fox Soccer Channel.

Arsene Wenger believes Manchester United should not get carried away with their flying start to the season and warned them his Arsenal side are ready to end their winning run.

Wenger is preparing the Gunners for Sunday's trip to Old Trafford in what in the past has been a top-of-the-table clash.

And while Arsenal's winless start to the Barclays Premiership season makes a mockery of that tag, the match is crucial, with both sides desperate for the three points.

United have enjoyed their best opening to a league campaign for 21 years, but Wenger insists it is too soon to tell whether they will maintain such a rich vein of form.
"It's too early for me to say they will be the favourites for the championship," Wenger told Arsenal TV Online. "The only thing you could say is they have a good team, they've had a good start and those are always good ingredients to have a good season.

"But after four games it is too early. You need eight to 10 games to see what is the real strength of the team."

Wenger would make the same assertion about his own side's form, which has seen them take just two points from their first three matches - the Frenchman's worst start in almost 10 years in charge.

But his side do travel to Old Trafford with a win under their belt after overcoming 10-man Hamburg in Wednesday night's Champions League Group G opener.

The Games:

My Picks for the Weekend:

Oregon -4 ½ over Oklahoma
Eagles -3 over NY Giants
Packers +2 over Saints (if they lose this one, I will never, ever forgive them)

I do think the Cowboys win, but 7 points is way too much to lay against the Washington defense, I think. Cowboys 21, Redskins 17

And, in the game that really confuses me: TCU – Tech, I cannot talk myself into either team after watching TCU at Baylor and Tech at UTEP. I shall watch, but I have no clue. If you press me, my Big 12 elitism will win, Tech 31, TCU 24.


Lee Corso humor

CroCop vs Silva

Johnny Knoxville and the boys are back


Anonymous said...

good morning to ya

Anonymous said...

good mornin' to ya, that lee corso is such a penis...


Anonymous said...

Go Frogs!!!!

Phil from Addison said...

Gunners v. Red Devils will not be a fair indicator of Arsenal team. Both Henry and Van Persie are not fit and won't play in the game. Of course, when you have the likes of Rosicky, Adebayor, and Theo Walcott backed by striking midfielders Gilberto, Hleb, Ljungburg, Fabregas, and Julio "The Beast" Baptista, you don't have too much to worry about.

Man, if these guys come on, the EPL will be quaking in their boots.

Am I right, Bob?

RobL said...

Screw the point spreads. Straight up give me...

Oregon over OU
TCU over Texas Tech
LSU over Auburn
ND over Michigan
USC over Nebraska
Florida over Tennessee

Cowboys over Redskins

Kipster198 said...


I know what you mean about the TCU-Tech game. I think TCU has the better team, but yet the oddsmakers have put a Tech as a 1-2 point favorite (even though they're playing a higher ranked team on the road.)

My main concern, has TCU completely erased the 70-35 slaughter from Tech two years ago? And, if they haven't forgotten it, will they use it for added motivation this week? In any case, I still like TCU.

I know the game UC-Davis game wasn't on television last week. But, they looked a WHOLE lot better than they did in game one versus Baylor. In fact, they looked a lot lith the team from last year. Having DePriest back this week, should give Ballard another wide receiving threat.

I think if they get past Tech, they could potentially run the table the rest of the way. It'd be kind of cool to see TCU in a BCS bowl-- against Texas, maybe??????

One thing is for sure, I'll be sitting in my usual seats in the stands screaming my head off and wearing purple!

One last thing, GO FROGS!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tech better watch out!!! GO FROGS!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you, phil from addison. arsenal will be playing shorthanded so it won't be a true test, but boy do they need a win. it's been very disappointing how they've played these first 4 games against these clubs you should be taking care of business against. that loss to man city still stings. down 13 points if they lose on sunday will be almost insurmountable. man u is a little banged up too w/ park out and giggs now to miss some substantial time. he's been on fire for them and they will miss him. if arsenal can get a quick score, i think they've got a shot at winning, but something tells me this is going to end in a draw.

Chris said...

Give me:

TCU over Tech
OU over Oregon
USC HUGE over the Bugeaters
Auburn over LSU
Teen over Florida


Bob Loblaw said...

Adrian Peterson over Duck
Aub over LSU
Frog over Raider

. . . and Corso will continue to merkin us to death.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about Reggie Bush?

Anonymous said...

It's just funny to see fair-weather Frog bowing up for its once-a-decade appearance in the spotlight.

ncaadip said...

I think "once a decade" might be a bit of a error since they've made more of a habit than that.

Reggie Bush!

Anonymous said...


Shiffman's Blog said...

Frog-Raider will be a good game and as well as a good litmus test for Tech. If they are a legitimate threat for the Big 12 title, this is the type of game they need to win.

Love the hometown TCU enthusiasm, but after Sat. they can pack up their Mountain West bags and go get their shine box.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the People's E-Brake was censored. This is a shameful day for the little Ticket.

F Gribble!

eric in keller said...

Lame. The people in charge over there at the little Ticket are jackasses. Are we hurting someone's feelings by playing the Norm/Gordo audio? You suck, Ticket bosses!!

Jay is gay....

Phil from Addison said...

I think we can officially RE-name The Ticket People's Republic of Chinese Sports. Apparently, the talent is losing out to management around there. In the words of Moussad to a CIA Agent: "Are there any MEN left in Washington?"

Have some guts guys. Don't you know radio GOLD when you hear it?!? So, play it for us!

Jay Clendenin said...

cheap shot eric.

Popsicle Stick Chick said...

We're discussing the Norm/Gordon tension on the BaD Radio Nerd forum.

Jeff in Grapevine said...

I can't decide if I hate ManU or Chelski more.

Phil an anonymous, I agree that Arsenal will have a rough time Sunday. Even without the injuries, ManU just looks so strong right now (Tottenham match notwithstanding).

As for my Reds, I'm really fearful of what may happen Sunday. The Everton result was worse than the play on the field would suggest, but awful regardless. Add to that the flaccid effort againt Eindhoven and they just look lost. Too many new parts (ie: Pennant, Bellamy, Kuyt, etc) trying to get together? Riise's injury hurts too.

Brad said...

Sports Sturm, thank you for bringing Stars training camp to us. Even though most of these people dont care, there are many of us that do.

Does it cost money to attend practice and the scrimmage tomorrow? is seating limited?

-Hockey Brad

Anonymous said...

I really hope Liverpool can take down Chelski tomorrow. I wish that moron jose would just shut the f up.

Nate in Coppell

Anonymous said...

yea, what was that about cutting that segment short. i was looking forward to hearing that exchange after all the hype it was getting....oh well

Kipster198 said...

"At 12:34 PM, Anonymous said...
It's just funny to see fair-weather Frog bowing up for its once-a-decade appearance in the spotlight."

Once-a-decade?????? Excuse me?????

I would go off about who has the better (and by a LONGSHOT) winning percentage since 1997 (the last decade), but instead, I'll just claim that there are MANY, MANY non-fair weathered Frog fans out there. I, for one, haven't missed a game since the mid 80s. Win, lose or draw, I'm there-- staying til the end to sing the school song.

By the way, who is it exactly that has the longest current winning streak in the NCAA?????

Ok, I admit it, I was officially drawn offsides....

Go FROGS!!!!!!

Brandon at GSR said...

OU over UO
TCU over Tech on a disputed late TD
LSU over Allbarn

Cowboys over Deadskins as Brunell comes crashing back to reality with three picks.

Shawn in Grapevine said...

I hope someones TiVO was just recording gameday. Sign behind Corso said "I found Corby's Merkin." The long reach of the Ticket has reached LA.

Popsicle Stick Chick said...

We're discussing the Corso sign with pics on the BaD Radio forum.

Thread Link

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll admit I hate OU, but good God, was that wild ending a total fix by the Pac 10 or what?

Brandon at GSR said...

Ball squrits loose from the pile on the onside kick. I can see that Allen Patrick clearly picks it up.

So how the hell do all 7 refs and the video replay judge miss it?

Somebody in the NCAA needs to step in and award us the win since none of the refs in Eugene had the balls to do it.

Anonymous said...

Aggy, WTF was THAT!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Frogs are underestimated!! give me a break!!! theyve played amazing seasons since 2000, except in 04. 4-0 against Big 12 teams. Current longest winning streak 13-0. Ranked 15 in the nation and still people question....common, give the Frogs the credit they deserve!!!

GO FROGS!!!!!!