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The following is certainly things that interest only me. But, I was bored last night, and thought I would research the games I have seen on my two soccer trips to England. Easily the best game was the ManU – West Ham game, where Beckham played so well it was scary. Another trip is planned for this spring (ManU at Liverpool), but here they are:

Deportivo 2, Arsenal 0 3/12/2002

Manchester United 5, West Ham 3 3/16/2002

Arsenal 2, Charlton 1 2/28/2004

Newcastle 1, Portsmouth 1 2/29/2004


Owens claims he is ready to roll

Owens has been slowed by a strained left hamstring, but he played in last week's preseason finale, catching one pass, and said he had no problem with more work Monday.

"It's doing great at the moment," Owens said. "We're being very, very smart about it, trying not to have any relapses. I had a little more reps than I had last week, broke a little bit of a sweat. It's going to be day-to-day, but at the same time, I'll be full go on Sunday."

Parcells wasn't ready to say Owens will start Sunday, and Owens said it would not be a big deal if he didn't. Three receivers are rotating opposite Terry Glenn in practice this week: Owens, Patrick Crayton and Sam Hurd.

"We'll see where we are and what role he can handle," Parcells said.

Owens said he is feeling more comfortable in the offense and spent time after Monday's practice catching passes from quarterback Drew Bledsoe.

"He knows I'm important to him, and he's important to me," Owens said, "so we're going to try to do everything after practices daily to get a feel for one another."

Looking at Jacksonville

The Jaguars are 4-2 in season openers at Alltel Stadium, including a 26-14 win against eventual NFC champion Seattle last year. When the Cowboys signed Drew Bledsoe last year, they made a point of mentioning they had to be stout on the interior of the offensive line. Jacksonville brings Marcus Stroud and John Henderson to the table, perhaps the best defensive tackle pairing in the league. Not only are they factors in the run, but they can cause problems in the passing game. Center Andre Gurode will be tested.

In Jacksonville, Drew Bledsoe’s track record is known

Immobility and precision passing - you must capitalize on the former to neutralize the latter - when defending Dallas Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe.
That's the mind-set the Jaguars take into Sunday's season opener against the Cowboys. But if the past is any indication, the Jaguars' strategy is a lot tougher than it sounds.

"We know basically how Drew is," Jaguars defensive end Paul Spicer said. "When he was with Buffalo during Jack's [Del Rio] first year [2003], he came in here and picked us apart. We know he can play."

The Jaguars also are aware of Bledsoe's other side - his penchant for bad decision-making under pressure. In seven losses last season, Bledsoe threw for a little more than a touchdown (1.14) and nearly two interceptions (1.71) per game, and he was sacked more than three times (3.57) per outing.

Bledsoe also fumbled at least once in six of the seven losses and twice in three of them. Dallas' offensive line gave up 50 sacks in 2005, a 14-sack increase from the previous season.

"So if we put pressure on him and get him rattled, he'll make mistakes," Spicer said. "If we get some hits on him, he'll start throwing the ball up so our defensive backs can get some picks. [He'll start] holding the ball, which helps our defensive line get sacks and fumbles.

"It doesn't matter how he plays. What matters is that we come out and pressure him. If we can do that, when the smoke clears, the Jaguars will come in this locker room after the game with a big smile on our faces."

The Rules of the locker room

Here are some rules the Cowboys gave their players in a memo since they're now back full time at Valley Ranch and the season is about to start:

Cellphones must be turned off when entering the locker room.

No outsiders -- agents, barbers, family, friends, car dealers, tailors, jewelers, etc. -- in the locker room without prior approval from coach Parcells.

No food in the locker room, meeting rooms, training rooms or weight room.

This final rule might sound dumb, but remember that Emmitt, Michael and Larry used to park their cars anywhere and everywhere.

Each car will be towed if it is parked in a fire lane or loading dock area. One car/truck per parking spot.

The Cowboys were also generous enough to list the two towing companies that will be used for violators of these rules.

If Peter King is smart, The Cowboys win the NFC East …and go to the Super Bowl…

1. Dallas, 11-5: John Madden's right: The most impressive unit of this preseason was Dallas' defense. Great move making Greg Ellis, who was a bit physically overmatched as an every-down defensive end, a latter-day Willie McGinest as strongside linebacker -- even though Bobby Carpenter's going to be a good one eventually -- and this is a deep front seven. Bill Parcells might have an interesting safety in 6-foot-5, 215-pound Pat Watkins, who'll be the tallest safety in recent history. Re: T.O., he won't destroy the chemistry here. Just a gut feeling.

How should you prepare for the #1 team in the country? Roll in your Mercury with Weed and Guns is what Tarell Brown says …And Longhorn scrambles for excuses…The most popular choice is to blame the one guy in the car who isn’t still on the team. It was all his pot.

Texas cornerback Tarell Brown, the player who was most likely to cover electrifying Ohio State receiver Ted Ginn in Saturday's top-5 showdown, has been arrested on misdemeanor marijuana and weapons charges.

Brown, along with backup linebacker Tyrell Gatewood and former UT player Aaron Harris, was arrested Monday after an early-morning traffic stop in north Austin. Brown, according to Travis County deputies, was carrying a loaded handgun at the time.

It was unclear how the players' arrests would affect their availability for Saturday's game, but based on UT coach Mack Brown's history, a suspension is possible.

In 2003, the coach suspended Cedric Benson for a game against Baylor after the running back was arrested on trespassing charges earlier in the week.
"At this time, we are holding (Brown and Gatewood) out of all team functions as we gather as much information as possible before making a team decision," Mack Brown said.

According to a sheriff's report, Harris was driving Gatewood's white 2003 Mercury erratically on Interstate 35 shortly after 2:30 a.m. After stopping the vehicle, sheriff's deputies say, they found less than two grams of marijuana in a common area of the car.

They also found a small amount of marijuana in Harris' pocket.

In addition, deputies say they discovered a loaded 9 mm handgun on Brown's lap. According to the report, Brown and Gatewood were asleep at the time of the stop.
Jamie Balagia, an attorney representing Brown and Gatewood, said Harris claimed the drugs were his. Balagia also said Brown and Gatewood took a drug test Monday afternoon to prove the marijuana did not belong to them. Results are pending.

Longhorn favored

Texas is favored by 2½ points, but Young said he feels as though the Longhorns are an underdog because Ohio State is No. 1.

"We got an underdog feel," Young said. "But in our hearts, we feel like we're the No. 1 team. We've got to win every game to prove it."

Asked if he was surprised Texas isn't the No. 1 team, Young said, "I guess they [the voters] forget Texas is the home of football, and I guess since we believe that so much, they put us down in the rankings and try to make us prove it."

Young said heat would probably be a factor for Ohio State. It was more than 100 degrees on the field during UT's win Saturday against North Texas.

"Whether we're up there in December or they are down here, it feels like hell," he said.

Wow. Fraley joins me in the small group known as “media guys who think Nelson may not be perfect…

Don Nelson has swindled another NBA owner, getting a three-year deal worth at least $15 million to coach Golden State.

It is an ideal situation for Nelson: no center and no expectations. As he showed with the Mavericks, Nelson can build up a bad team, but he wants nothing to do with a good team.

Those teams are expected to win, and that means the coach must work at it. Nelson is an excellent game coach but has no interest in the other demands of the job. The built-in excuse of no center guarantees a smooth ride to the bank.

TR Sullivan assures us that it is not Buck’s fault …at TEXASRANGERS.COM where it is always difficult to find defenders of the Rangers, right?

Now there is the perception the Rangers have underachieved this year. Really? Who?
Mark Teixeira, who has had two terrific years under Showalter, is on pace to drive in 43 runs fewer than last year, while Kevin Millwood had his troubles pitching at home. Who else?

Gary Matthews Jr. and Mark DeRosa have had their best seasons, the catching tandem has worked and Ian Kinsler has been solid at second base. Vicente Padilla is having his best season, the bullpen, led by Akinori Otsuka, has been in the top five in the American League, even if Francisco Cordero had a terrible April. Michael Young is having his usual year.

Hank Blalock? He's on pace for 96 RBIs, which would be the second-highest total for him in his four-year career. Kevin Mench has been for the Brewers about what he was for the Rangers.

The primary reason the Rangers didn't win this year is because their starting pitching has a 5.22 ERA, the third-highest in the American League. Adam Eaton got hurt, Kameron Loe wasn't what they expected and the Rangers were constantly trying to fill up to three spots in the rotation.

The secondary reason is Brad Wilkerson had a shoulder problem and did not provide the offensive boost expected from him. Trading Alfonso Soriano obviously backfired on the Rangers, and that probably had a bigger impact on Teixeira than at first realized. Getting very little from Phil Nevin as the designated hitter before he was traded to the Cubs also hurt.

Texas might have been able to overcome all that with better starting pitching. But that wasn't the case, and the Rangers will miss the playoffs for the seventh straight year, including four under Showalter.

Florida State beats Miami ..very good game, with great defense. Or was it bad offense?

FSU -Miami
Rushing 1 -2
Rushing Att 25 -26
Yds per rush 0.0 -0.1

That’s right, folks. 51 carries for 3 yards from the two teams last night. Amazing.

The Hockey News looks at Atlanta, Boston, Buffalo, Carolina, Florida and their offseason moves…

EPL TV Schedule for September …Wow. So many games, so little time….




Pulp Fiction

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Anonymous said...

First !



Anonymous said...

Your point about T.R. is well taken but at least he does not work for the Rangers. He works for MLB and his job is to cover the Rangers.

There is no excuse whatsoever for Mickey Spagnola. He makes my ears bleed, right? He is incapable of making a point without asking for affirmation at the end.

I can understand Jerry needing a media lapdog but not the Ticket. Does this guy have naked pictures of Rhyner, right?

Anonymous said...

"They haven't seen the different guys on our team who are gangster" vince young

mack is a big pu$$y if he doesn't suspend Brown and Gatewood.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%

- Longhorn Fan

Anonymous said...

As a Longhorn fan, it's frustrating, but you have to suspend the guys for this week's game EVEN if they are telling the truth. I'm sorry but when you play for a big-time team, don't even put yourself in a possible bad situation. You are in total control of things like who you hang out with, make sure you hang with dude who don't carry pot around the WEEK OF THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR!!!! Even if Tarell Brown is proven to have done nothing wrong, he should be suspended for this week minimum. And if he is proved to have done something wrong, then all bets are off going forward.

As a new EPL fan, I am so frustrated that all Liverpool games are on SEtanta. There are three or four teams that I've been following and really enjoyed watching this summer on last year's repeats. They were Spurs, Liverpool, and Everton. And once in a while, I enjoyed a Man City game. As much as I love FSC and will be completely dialed in for the game between ManUtd and Spurs, I would love to watch the LFC and Everton game but I'll have to wait until Tuesday when it comes on GolTV on the show called LiverpoolTV. I have to convince myself that I will watch enough games to justify $25 a month instead of the $12 I'm already doing... It looks like if the EPL goes permanently to this package of Setanta and FSC with no PPV, then it looks like I know what I'll be doing next year...

And by the way, as much as I've really started to enjoy Futbol, let the real Football begin! Thank God for Thursday!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Mack has to suspend them for at least this week's game, but I don't agree with Bob's take at all. The police report doesn't lie, so I don't see where anyone is trying to make any excuses.

Either way, for their total stupidity, both players should have to sit out the next game or two. That's how you try to teach these guys to use their brains and quit ending up in the wrong places at the wrong times.

However, these are misdemeanor charges we're talking about here, so there is no sense in overreacting to them either. It's not like we have a Clarett-like situation going on here or anything.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:06..

so you really think that a few guys driving around high, with a gun in the open, at 4am, were going to church? Thank god the cops caught them, who knows what could have happened.

Unknown said...

typical longhorn responses to any one of the many, many longhorn football arrests:
- it wasn't THAT bad. i mean at least he didn't kill anybody, right?
- i'm sure nothing happened. when he says it wasn't his gun he was carrying around, he must be telling the truth, right?

how can you excuse this kind of stuff? and how can you excuse mack brown from having any kind of responsibility. you think he didn't know ricky was blazing the weed back during his horn days?

Anonymous said...

Come on Chris don't be judgmental. They were probably going to church. The reason they were in a hurry is because they had to pick Keith Davis up from Dallas before heading to church. Takes a long time to drive up to Big D from Austin man... Lay off the church going dudes...

Flaco said...

I think the Bengals will be be intrested in scouting the Longhorns Bob...

verrry interested.

Fake Sturm said...

If the tests come back saying that the 2 Horn players were clean, the charges will be dropped and they will be playing this weekend. Gatewood has a license for the gun.

Anonymous said...

and how can you excuse mack brown from having any kind of responsibility.

Considering he's already suspended the 2 players pending the results of all the investigation - not to mention how quickly he booted RT off the team this summer - shows Mack has acquitted himself well. I seriously doubt you will see either of these guys on the field this weekend unless some major news breaks through clearing them of all charges. As for excuses, I won't make any. Sure, Aaron Harris has already said the weed was his and from what I understand from friends of mine in Austin he was pretty much a thug while he was at UT too, so it's likely the weed is his. As for the gun, Gatewood has a permit to own but not to carry, and it definitely shouldn't be loaded. At the very least the kids should be suspended for colossally bad judgement in hanging out with Harris(though I admit, it was news to me that he was such a thug). Having said that, they're a couple of college kids who made a mistake either by hanging out with a thug or trying to be thugs themselves. If they're cleared of any wrongdoing, let them back on the team. If not, then suspend them or kick them off the team. This isn't OU, and I'd rather it not become like them. I'd rather not win championships than win it with Miami/OU thug types on the team.


Shiffman's Blog said...

College Football talk...drawing people offsides since 1869

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell the typical longhorn response is suspend them. Try and keep up Jay.

eric in keller said...

Like the above poster said, the vast majority of UT fans think Brown and Gatewood should be suspended. Jay might want to zip his trap. How about this recent Aggy list of arrests:

Andy Slocum
Anthony Wright
Billy Liucci
Cody Scates
Geoff Hangartner
Johnny Jolly
Jon Mayfield
Quentin Holman
Jason Carter
Joe Weber
Cameron Spikes
Jamaar Tooms
Broderick Newton
Bryant Singleton
Jarvis Mays
John Kelly
Linnis Smith
Nick Rhodes
Terrance Kiel
Tate Pittman
Wade Lightsey
Derrick Spiller

....Just to name a few. In that list you have 7 drug possessions, 5 burglary, theft, assaults, and unlicensed weapon arrests, and random charges ranging from "Criminal mischief" to "DWI". My personal favorite is Pittman who was arrested for "exposure".

Anonymous said...

I believe Brown will do the right thing and suspend Brown and Gatewood for at least the Ohio State game. Mack Brown seems to try to run a clean ship and I think he will continue to do so. Also the fact that Stoops was very up front with the handling of Bomar and Quinn will add pressure the the Longhorns handling this problem.

Even as a Sooner fan I think that this does not represent the "real" UT program. Just like I dont think Bomar represents the "real" OU program. Like I said with Stoops, you do your best but cant control everything your players do. When they do these things you have to swallow hard and take care of the problem.

Texas has enough talent to absorb a few hits like this. The worst thing it might do in the longrun is hurt Mack Brown's image when he goes to some players mama this Spring and she wants to know if her boy is gonna be arrested with drugs and guns on Macks watch.

Unknown said...

typical UT response is to suspend them, and then not graduate them. good job mack. he really does "care about his players."

eric in keller said...


Anonymous said...

obviously you're not a bowler...

Anonymous said...

damn. screwed it up. I meant golfer.

I got nothing.

Anonymous said...

"Texas coach Mack Brown suspends starting cornerback Tarell Brown and backup linebacker Tyrell Gatewood for Saturday's game against Ohio State."

You got what you wanted Aggy, so you can STFU now. And good luck against U La La this weekend...

Anonymous said...

he really does "care about his players."

You mean like Franchione, who skips town without even letting the players know he quit? Glass houses...