Tuesday, September 19, 2006

We're Having Fun Here, No?

If that picture above made you mad, chances are you like the Sooners. Chances are also reasonable to assume that you laughed when UAB was outraged at not having that obvious fumble reviewed in their close call in Norman just a few weeks ago. Chances are also pretty good that on Jan 20, 2003 you thought Bob Knight was a spoiled sport and he was being outrageous to suggest impropriety or cheating on behalf of your boys.

The point is this: You got screwed. Everyone knows it. It isn’t right. And you deserved a better fate.

However, just so I am clear here: Isn’t it amazing the outrage when it is your ox that is being gored? I don’t remember President Boren’s letter when the clock operator in Norman was screwing Texas Tech. Sure, the clock operator was punished, just like the replay official Saturday. I just don’t remember the “no lose – no win” idea being raised back then by the respected gentleman.

I have been asked a few times in the last 24 hours why I don’t like the Sooners. Well, #1 – It isn’t the Sooners I don’t care for. It is the small group of belligerent fans who have been as abrasive and over-the-top as anyone this side of Spurs fans since Bob Stoops turned them back into the national power that they once were. I am sure it is a very small percentage of fans from OU who do the damage when they email and post on message boards with all the sportsmanship of Terrell Owens, but they have spent several years blow-torching any other fan base in the area, and now when they are on the short end of a tough decision, the sympathy bank is empty. Winning has a tendency to make some fans flat out insufferable. Like I said, it could likely only be 1% of Sooners fans, but next time you talk to that 1%, please explain to them the damage they do to your school’s reputation throughout the Southwest.

But, to reiterate, you did get screwed. And, that is one of the things about sports that really sucks. So, as many of you told Bob Knight and the Red Raiders a few years back, “too bad”.

Stoops is hopping mad

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops saw merit in the fact that Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen apologized Monday and suspended for one game the officials involved in two egregious errors that opened the way for Oregon's 34-33 victory Saturday.

But Stoops also more than intimated that "sorry" doesn't make it right.

"Truly, there can be no amends to it, and it can't be corrected," Stoops said after practice.

Obviously still upset, Stoops also questioned the suitability of the relatively light penalty levied.

"[It's] not for me to decide what is appropriate," he said. "But I think it's fair to say a one-game suspension compared to the way our season is altered, I don't know if that fits the situation.

"I'm not talking about people in the heat of the moment out there in all the chaos. I'm talking about people who like every viewer at home had an opportunity to see it.
"I've made a million mistakes, and I'll make a million more in each game. And in that game included, there are things I could have done differently or changed. Unlike officials, players and coaches don't have that opportunity.

"They had an opportunity to get it right, and they chose not to. So I find it still absolutely inexcusable and unacceptable -- in particular -- [that] people who had an opportunity to review it all and get it right chose not to."

Buck Harvey has David Boren’s back

Boren was smart to protest, because the people of Oklahoma sure appreciated it. Some there — and they go back a few years — say the outrage over this game is as heated as any in memory.

Perhaps Boren was reacting, too, on his own instincts as a fan. Having screamed at the television Saturday, he wanted to scream at real people Monday.

The screaming was justified, though Sooners fans could have screamed at their own, too. The OU defense gave up more than 500 yards, and a last-second Oklahoma field-goal attempt went about as high as an armpit. The refs had nothing to do with that.
Still, this is different, and most know the details by now. The refs missed a tipped pass that resulted in an interference penalty against Oklahoma, and both the refs and the replay officials somehow missed the onside kick that was touched by Oregon before the ball traveled the mandatory 10 yards.

Yet the moment that brings in the ghosts of the Chicago Black Sox and Dick Bavetta: How could the refs not see the onside kick squirt through the pile, past the bodies, before being picked up by an Oklahoma player?

When the OU player handed the football to a ref, who was deep into the process of rewarding possession to the Ducks, comedy mixed with the incompetence.

The Pac-10 responded Monday with an apology, as well as a suspension of this officiating crew. But the conference commissioner also defended these refs, adding: "Officiating on the field is much more difficult than it appears from the stands, and certainly when watching repeated replays."

No one thinks identifying a tipped pass at full speed is easy. But when a ref signals possession when, in fact, he couldn't have possibly seen the football, well, there is no excuse.

That's why there are more than mere football questions today. There are economic ones, and Boren's involvement is telling. He took time from his busy day to vent, and it's likely he has never been as angry over an unfair ruling in, say, volleyball.

But a $14 million to $17 million bowl payout also isn't possible in volleyball. OU might have lost a BCS berth with this game, and the Big 12 might have lost a second team in the BCS bowls.

In other college outrage news: Brent Musburger makes USC mad

USC, outraged over play-by-play veteran Brent Musburger's revealing during ABC's telecast of the Nebraska game what the Trojans contend was privileged information, fired off a complaint Monday to ESPN, which now oversees all sports programming on ABC.

With just over 9 1/2 minutes to play in the fourth quarter of Saturday's game and USC leading, 21-10, Musburger began describing on the air how USC quarterback John David Booty lets his receivers know he has spotted a certain kind of coverage.

"John David told us that his signal when he finds one-on-one and they're coming, it's that 'hang loose,' that familiar sign you've seen surfers use," said Musburger, referring to the sign where the thumb and little finger are raised.

That information had been gleaned from Booty on Friday during a standard production meeting. Announcers and producers meet with coaches and star players as part of their game preparation. However, much of what is said in those meetings is considered private, as background only, to help the announcers spot trends and potential plays.

USC sports information director Tim Tessalone, on behalf of the university, sent a formal complaint to ESPN/ABC game producer Bill Bonnell and a copy to the Pacific 10 Conference office in Walnut Creek, Calif.

"We're supposed to be partners in this," Tessalone said, "but this is certainly going to make us think twice about trying to help them have as good a broadcast as possible.

"What he did was unconscionable. In my 28 years, I've never seen such an egregious breach of trust. Brent is not a rookie at this, and he should know better."

The Detroit News ponders the future of the Rangers

It would not be a shock if the Tigers and Texas Rangers were to do some heavy offseason trading. The Rangers need pitching, and the Tigers need hitting.

Would Texas part with  Mark Teixeira , or Hank Blalock ? The latter would be easier to acquire than the former, but nothing should be ruled out.

Rangers owner  Tom Hicks is fed up with his team -- so fed up it might yet cost manager Buck Showalter his job. The Rangers, however, are a habitually pitching-shy club that could win the West Division if only they had a few more arms.

It's something to think about as the Tigers prepare to deal some pitching --  and as the Rangers prepare to shake up their club.

Last night, I watched hockey in person for the first time. I must admit, it was really weird and way too early in the year. Nevertheless, Stars beat the Thrashers

Speaking of, left unmentioned yesterday was the quiet story of Jere Lehtinen resigning for 2 more years

The Dallas Stars made some news before taking the ice for day 2 of Saturday of training camp on Saturday. They announced that forward Jere Lehtinen had been signed a two-year contract extension. Then the Stars hit the ice and had to settle their first camp scrimmage with a shootout.

The Lehtinen contract was the big story of the day. He signed a two-year extension worth $8 million that will keep him a Star until the 2008-09 season.

The contract will pay him $3.9 million in 2007-08 and $4.1 million in 2008-09. Lehtinen is making $2,774,000 this season.

"Jere has been a model of professionalism throughout his career," Stars GM Armstrong said. "He is one of the best two-way forwards in the game. Consistency and honesty are Jere's trademarks and he brings them to the rink every day. We're very excited to sign him to this contract extension."

After Saturday's scrimmage Lehtinen, who scored a career-high 33 goals last season and is a three-time Selke Trophy winner as the game's top defensive forward, said signing the extension was an easy decision to make.

"It's been a great time here. It's a great organization. Every year we have a winning team here. I want to be a part of that for many years," Lehtinen said. "I want to help the team win again, get the Cup back. That's the main reason. It's a great team all the time. So it was great to get it done."

Lehtinen, who has been with the Stars his entire career, passed up a shot at testing the free agent market at the end of this season. He said there are advantages to that.

"It's nice to go into the season and you don't have to think about anything. You have a deal for the next three years. You can just go there and play," said Lehtinen. "Like I said before, it's a good team here. Why even think about leaving."

The Hockey News season primer Part 5 …Parts 1-4 were posted a few weeks ago…

Part 6

Peter King tracks the top pick of the draft

Two-game totals for Mario Williams: four tackles, one assist, zero sacks.

Is Aggie TE Martellus Bennett smart?

Bennett learned something new today: Army and West Point are the same thing. Someone asked him about how one of the Army safeties was his high school teammate. Bennett looked puzzled until someone mentioned the player's name. "I thought he went to West Point," he said.

Read Brad’s exclusive with Brendan Morrow

Classic Funny: Ali G with the Beckhams


Hey Bob,

I'm a loyal BaD Radio listener who has moved out to the Islands of Hawaii. Ive been living here for the last 7 months and I very much miss everything about Dallas...especially my days listening to BaD Radio and the Ticket. I know you may think that living in Hawaii is all glamor, beaches and beautiful scenery but it's not as easy as it sounds if you're not from here.

Its very much like living in a foreign country that just happens to use US Currency and I miss home terribly. But last weekend while at a sports bar down in Waikiki watching the pre-game show for the UT Ohio State game I literally shouted in joy and laughfter when I saw the "Corso Has A Baby Arm" sign in the back! Needless to say everyone around me looked at me like I was nuts and stared at me with confused looks. I figured it was pointless to try and explain what exactly I was laughing hysterically at. Trying to explain the "Baby Arm....Ticket...BaD Radio....and Lee Corso" connection to anyone not in the know I asumed would be as easy as teaching Chinese Arithmatic to a 12 year.....and equally fruitless. So, I just sat there with my own sense of glee. At that moment I felt like I was back home. I thank you guys and the loyal BaD radio listeners out there making a connection with a homesick P1 like myself.

Rock Me,

Bob & Dan,

I was just driving through the Chick Fila drive through and listening to a little BAD radio and your Dateline to Catch a Scumbag segment. Right as the girl working the drive through leaned out the window to tell me my total Chris Hansen asks the molester “Did you ask her if she liked it Doggy Style”, the drive through ladies eyes then lock with mine and she looks at me like I am a rapist. Thanks BAD Radio.

Also I declare the over cocky Chris Hansen the Molester Bully equivalent to the Bob Sturm Sports Bully, somehow he makes me feel sorry for potential child molesters and they should get rid of the chat room because there is only one reason anyone is in there and its to get illegal nooky.

Tommy Nance

Re: The Amazing Race
Hey Bob,

FYI. The 2 islamic guys are huge Brown’s fans from Cleveland. Make sure Dan roots for them. Here is the CBS link. Link

Wilson Football?

Hansen Style


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hansen = not funny

I love #23 in the sooner onside kick video falling on the ball after it comes out the back of the pile.

Those refs so totally blew it, I don't even like OU and they blew it bad.

Anonymous said...

Bob, Mark Cuban found your Merkin. We're having fun here, no?

Ghost of Ann Richards said...

As to OU:

When you lay such a huge egg at two straight title games, the football gods will do this to you.

Anonymous said...

Did the refs blow it when TCU beat the Sooners in Norman last year?

GO FROGS!!!!!!!

Fake Ghost of Ann RIchards said...

I'm with God right now, and he says he did this to OU on purpose b/c they suck.

Go horns!

Brandon at GSR said...

Every team has their bad apples, Bob. You don't allow the worst 1% of Aggie or Longhorn to cloud your view of their whole fanbase, do you?

MrSimic said...

Hanson is a douchebag.

Fake Sturm said...

I heard the suspended official on the Musers this morning and he did sound legitimately sorry. So that should make Stoops feel better.

JY said...

Please, please, please stop comparing OU fans to Spurs fans, you give us Spurs fans a bad name....

Anonymous said...


Consider this karma for Adrian Peterson escaping NCAA punishment for driving around a free car from Big Red. Shut up and get back to playing average football.

Popsicle Stick Chick said...

The two Islamic guys on The Amazing Race were the first ones Philiminated. WELLLLLLLL!

We're discussing The Amazing Race on the BaD Forum. Link

Formerly Anonymous SOONER said...

10:12 Anonymous,

Peterson was not driving around a “free” car, and you know it. He was in the process of getting financing approval using the same deal anyone can go there and get. He did nothing wrong. Your just jealous because the best running back in college football didnt pick your school.

Your like everyone else trying to find something to blame on OU so you can watch us suffer. Well too bad. As long as Texas high school talent still wants to come to Norman OU is and will always be a top program.

steve said...

It was funny at first, but now its kinda sad - Form Anon Sooner sounds like a kid who got whooped in pick up hoops and still says that he is better. There are other teams that also have talent, not just the sooners.

Anonymous said...

You don't keep a car for a month while you are "trying" to get financed. Do you remember what kind of vehicle it was? A little pricy for a college athlete from Palestine.

You can have him. Enjoy his last year. He went to OU to win championships. How has that worked out for him?

Plus Toby Keith is gay.

Popsicle Stick Chick said...

And no mention of International "Talk Like A Pirate" Day?



Bob Loblaw said...

If you say it may only be a small percentage of OU fans who are spoil sports then why rub it in to the rest of us. You seem to think there is a legitimate argument but we arent able to be upset. Just give a little break to some of the moderately objective Sooners. Having to watch our defense was bad enough. We arent some dude in the next cubicle. You are still our leader though Sports Sturm.
Im going to give that new Ray Liotta bank heist show "SMITH" a shot tonight on CBS.

GayStraightBiSexual said...

Nobody over 23 cares about college football except for douches like Corby.

Glad to see that Lehtinen will likely end his career a Star. He's probably the most under-appreciated talent in Dallas sports.

And if the Rangers can get the right pitchers for them, Tex and Blalock have to go. And if Buck is still the manager on Opening Day 2007 it will be a crime.

And the Cowboys are on their way to 7-9. You read it here first. The meltdown is looming.

And Dale Hansen can suck it. And so can the Douchey McDoucherton President of Oklahoma University.

Anonymous said...

Hockey is more popular than college football? Wow. Learn something every day.

AttnyDan said...

What controversey in Oregon? I want to know who stole my F-ing offense!!!

Get your gun up (we're short one gun apparently).

You know, the Pacific Islander hates the black...maybe it was because OU has a black QB?

Celina Sux

GayStraightBiSexual said...

Anon 1:07...

Not arguing popularity of hockey or baseball or the NFL vs. college football.

Just saying that college football fans over 23 years of age are douches like Corby. And that nobody in that demographic other than those douches cares about college football.

Which just goes to show you how many douches there are in this world.

Anonymous said...

You Biatch, Popsicle chick!!

Preface your statement with ***** SPOILER ***** if you're gonna say something like that!

I Tivo'd it because of the 'Boys game and haven't seen it yet. Dammit...

Anonymous said...

I think doucheing is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see USC has joined up with the rest of the non-Ohio State fanbase in hating Lushberger. That guy is the worst sports announcer this side of Bill Walton.


Josh in Dallas said...

Bob, I enjoy your blog, this is my first time posting here. So I'm doing a little research for my fantasy hockey pool and I find this article:


I'm glad to know that even Canada loves the Lee Corso bit.

Thought you'd be interested,
Merkin Valdez

Anonymous said...

This horny frog is thrilled about Bob inviting TCU to the big time. Thanks for the good words and GO FROGS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm off to go test drive a Lexus. I have no idea how I'll pay for it seeing how my credit is a mess, dad can't cosign and I don't make the kind of money needed to make payments but who knows, maybe they will let me keep it for a few weeks. Standard procedure says the dealer.

Popsicle Stick Chick said...

I never thought I would be called a biatch on Bob's blog.

Sorry, Anon 1:36 PM. I didn't mean to spoil TAR for you. Obviously, your priorities are way out of whack or you would have watched it already. (kidding)

We do use spoiler text on the Forum itself.

MrSimic said...

Sweet Josh in Dallas: Good find on the TSN website. They don't even pretend to understand what it means, just saying it's funny.

Sweet GayStraightBiSexual at 1:35: I strongly disagree, and I wonder what city you're in and what kind of people you talk to. I'm not big on college football myself, but that's mostly because I graduated from a school without a program (UTA). The games are fun, though--great athletes, great traditions, great rivalries, etc. Most of the people I know are much bigger fans of the college game than the pro game, though. I guess by your No True Scotsman argument, that makes them all bags of douche, right?

bgtyma said...

Ali G video is great