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Decoding Garrett: Week 10 vs Detroit - Videos

Video Breakdowns:

I think this week we see that the scheme and design play a major role with this team and the Cowboys were able to cash in just enough to get the win. They are playing with a poor OL (as a unit) and a back-up QB, so strategy and scheme is very important right now. They were able to get quite a few right on Sunday when they needed it most.

Thanks, Brian at DC Fanatic.com for his help in getting the videos posted.

The Play:Play #7 - 1/5/50 - "12" - pass to Witten +16

What Happened:If we complain that there is a lack of creativity on offense, we need to explain plays like this. Here, we have 12 personnel with double tight ends to the right. Off this play, they have Felix at RB with Austin to the right and Dez to the left. In presnap motion, Miles circles back as if the end around is coming to the left. Watch all of the linemen and linebackers respond by following Austin for a step. This opens up the secondary for 2 men in route (Witten and Bryant). Bennett and Felix stay in for a Max Protect situation, and then Kitna is going to read deep to shallow. His first read is Bryant over the top for the home run, but most likely he will draw all of the coverage his way, so Witten runs a route that follows behind Bryant to the space Bryant just drew the coverage from. Now, when Kitna sees that Bryant is covered he can go to Witten for a quick and easy 16 yards. This is a very creative play where everyone has a specific purpose and it works in concert nicely. Great design and execution.

The Play:Play #28 - 3Q - "S11" - 2/G/2 - TD to Austin

What Happened: On this play, I just want to show you how the QB, WR, and RB all worked together to pick up a blitz and make a Touchdown happen. S11, with double WR to the left. On this play, Witten is lined up next to Colombo, but he then blocks down on Suh. I find this odd, because you would think it would be his responsibility to get to 94-Jackson, but the protection is sound because Tashard Choice has the uncommon responsibility to get over across the face of the QB to get to Jackson himself. Not an easy distance to cover, and then he has to block a DE by cutting him. Was Witten anticipating a LB blitz from the inside? Probably, because you would hope you don't need 3 players to block Suh. Regardless, Kitna in his presnap is identifying coverage, and stays with and finds Austin for a Touchdown. Choice's work is hardly mentioned, but it makes the play possible. Nice work by Tashard.

The Play:Play #33 - "13" - 3Q 2/7/48 - Pass to Witten +13

What Happened: Here is another play to Witten that shows the stress that Witten/Austin or Witten/Bryant can have on a secondary in certain spots. Usually, it is 3 to defend 2 and so the Cowboys QB reads where the extra coverage man flows and then throws it the other way. Again, think deep to shallow, as a QB looks first to the deep threat - as does the opposition - and this is why Witten has such a high catch number every year. He cannot be defended in the open field by 1 man (he can on 8 yard button hooks, but certainly not on actual vertical routes) and so when Austin takes the safety deep, this is very basic stuff. Also, recognize "13" personnel, with 3 Tight Ends which in presnap has the defense thinking run. You cannot do this every play, but it should be a regular part of the offense since it works so well. Simple offensive concepts that cannot be used in Shotgun.

The Play:Play #39 - 4Q - 3/15/29 - S11 unbalanced run to Barber +24

What Happened: Again, with the creativity. I don't think we have ever seen the unbalanced OL on 3rd and long. This is usually reserved for 3rd and 1. But, for some reason, 3rd and 15, in the play of the game, the Cowboys break out an unbalanced line with Witten as your RT, Colombo as a TE on the left of Free. Then, they have Free and Kosier crash towards center and Davis pulling out in space. It looks like Detroit is not worried about a run since it is 3rd and 15 and they just want to hold the Cowboys to a FG which would only push the 4th Quarter lead to 5. Further, the Cowboys know they cannot rely on their kicker anyway. The problem is that the Lions are all deep, so their front 5 are overrun by the Cowboys unbalanced beef coming right at them. Barber will get an easy 8 or 9 to improve the FG chances, but it turns into 24 because the Lions tackling is tired and lazy in the 4th Quarter. Nice idea, but it will only work this well if the defense helps you.

The Play:Play #46 - 4Q -"21" - 2/17/27 - Sceen to Jones +25

What Happened:"21" personnel on 2nd and 17 and the Cowboys want a screen left for Felix again. This one doesn't go for 71 yards, but it does get you another 1st Down as you now are trying to kill the game in a 4 minute drill setting. How close is Kyle Kosier to a penalty here with a block in the block on Louis Delmas? Very close. Leonard Davis moving forward on a rail is still a powerful man, and the play works because everyone gets a piece of someone. This shows the margin for error in this league. Delmas is an inch from blowing the play up, but he doesn't, so the Cowboys get a huge play here on a screen pass that is becoming a rather common big play now for the Cowboys with Felix in space. What a concept, right?

The Play:Play #52 - 4Q 4/1/29 - Bootleg Kitna

What Happened: FInally, the dagger. 4th and 1, out of "22" personnel. Nowhere in the Cowboys playbook is there a QB bootleg, or so thinks Lions DE 93-Ryan Vanden Bosch. Just watch him on this play to see a DE eat the cheese like you have never seen. He crashes in on Barber, and once he does, the flank is unprotected for Kitna to get the easy first down. Now, watch Cowboys LT Doug Free show his absurd speed for a tackle as he races Kitna to the end zone and cleans up the only man who had a chance 26-Delmas. This again shows the design of the Cowboys offense is winning their share of scenarios. I really believe if they can improve their personnel deficiencies, they have the brainpower and strategy for a top offense.


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Brian said...

As always, Bob, loved the breakdown. The only way it would be better is if there was some we could get our hands on the coaches tape. It boggles the mind that in this day and age that stuff has not made its way into the public domain.

The screen to Felix really was a thing of beauty, and as you point out, was a few inches away from being blown up by Delmas. Of course, on the other hand, Felix was a few inches from breaking it for another 70+ yard TD. If he had avoided the shoestring tackle at midfield I don't think there's any way the remaining DBs catch him - not with the way he Felix was accelerating and not with Dez (I think) running interference in front of him. It truly is a game of inches.