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Decoding Garrett - Week 8 at Green Bay - Videos


Video Breakdowns:

I realize that looking at some of this is only going to annoy and irritate many of you, but we can still learn and evaluate the players and concepts of this offense every week. Sooner or later they will give us more good plays to consider, but we have to use what they give us. And against Green Bay, there wasn't much good.

Thanks, Brian at DC Fanatic.com for his help in getting the videos posted.

The Play:Play #3 - 1Q - "11" - 3/1/39 - Barber right for no gain

What Happened:"11" personnel, which is a grouping the Cowboys almost never use from under center. They usually use "22" or "12" or even "21" in a situation like this, but let's explain why they wouldn't use those here: They have had such little success from power run postures that their new idea is to put 3 wide outs in the game and attempt to make the defense think you are passing and thus the defense would empty the box down to 6 defenders. Hypothetically, 6 blockers on 6 defenders and you should be able to get 1 yard. But, the Cowboys don't have anyone accounting for a slot blitz from Charles Woodson. It is a high risk play by the Packers since it would be a simple conversion pass to the slot if Kitna keeps the ball. But, since the Cowboys are running right, they have nobody there for Woodson. Still, if the play is executed quickly enough, Barber should still get 1 yard before Woodson can run him down. Ryan Pickett throws Leonard Davis aside on the front side, so it is debatable whether Barber would have been able to get the yard even without Woodson.

The Play:Play #8 - "S11" 2/5/35 INT to Shields

What Happened:Here the Cowboys get exactly what you want. You want to take a shot when the opponent is not expecting it, so 2nd and 5 is a perfect spot. Especially when the game is still 0-0. You have the Cowboys with a 6-7 man protection scheme and they were looking for their best WR (Austin) against the Packers' 3rd Corner (37-Shields). Protected, press coverage, and Miles has a step on Shields and the safety will not get there in time. This has to be a big gain, but Kitna underthrew the pass slightly and the ball is picked off with a great one handed snag by Shields. But, a better throw, and the Cowboys have a real chance to get ahead in this game. In the film room, this will be talked about that this is the difference between a starting QB and a back-up. You have to hit on this throw if you are going to have a chance to stay in this game. These opportunities don't come around much.

The Play:Play #12 - "21" 1/10/39 Inc to Austin over the top

What Happened: Again, I like the idea here from the Cowboys. 1st and 10 and "21" personnel, so you are suggesting a short pass or a run with that group. But, instead, they take another shot up top. Charles Woodson is on Austin, but Woodson is not expecting a shot over the top and is thinking the safety is going to grab Austin. Clay Matthews is not rushing so the Cowboys have very little problem in protection. I don't want to over simplify things, but this is another pass your QB cannot afford to miss. He merely has to loft it so that Miles can at worst adjust and catch it while being tackled. At best, you hit him in stride (nobody is near him) and he walks into the endzone. But, the worst case scenario happens, and Kitna misses him by 3-5 yards. This one really, really hurts. You cannot draw it up any better, and for the 2nd time in the 1st Half, the Cowboys had a chance to stay in this game if their QB can make a throw to an open receiver way down field. Football is difficult enough without missing Touchdowns like this.

The Play:Play #14 - "32" - 3/1/48 Barber -3

What Happened: OK, this one we could study for an hour. I would really like to know the thought process behind this concept. 3rd and 1, but Garrett goes deep into his play book for this one. Perhaps, he is remembering that he tried conventional concepts last week against Jacksonville from the 1 yard line twice and couldn't get those 36 inches. Whatever the case, this is sort of a short yardage gimmick play. Unbalanced line to the right with Witten playing Right Tackle. Colombo outside Free which suggests to the defense that this will be a run to the left. Then the Cowboys have Felix Jones in motion right which should hold the right flank with the chance that he will get the ball. And, Barber and Choice are in the backfield. I really would love to have Garrett talk through this play on the dry erase board because this just looks odd from so many angles. If Felix goes in motion from left to right, it would at least suggest a quick handoff is a possibility, but he curls back deep in the backfield which offers the possibility of the option play to the right like we saw in Washington, but nobody bought that for a second. Then, I assume Witten is supposed to cut off Matthews in the B Gap, but Witten never gets out of his stance really. I cannot blame Garrett for the Witten issue, but am I supposed to believe Choice can get to Charles Woodson if Witten does get Matthews? And also, look at BJ Raji who slices through Free and Kosier with ease. If Matthews doesn't get there, this play still has no chance. Raji gets Barber, too, right? It is hard to believe, but even if Clay Matthews doesn't exist on this play, the Cowboys still do not get 1 yard. This reminds you plenty of the total failure of 4th and goal against Jacksonville.

The Play:Play #21 - "S11" - 3/G/2 TD to Bryant

What Happened: A great concept here as we offer you our "Dez Bryant is awesome" highlight clip of the week. They call this 3 x 1 with 3 targets to the right side occupying plenty of the coverage and then the lone wolf (Bryant) isolated down with a corner because the safety to that side blitzes. The Packers are gambling that Shields can hold his own long enough for the blitz to get there. Clay Matthews does get there, but a second too late and Kitna takes the hit and gives Dez a chance to make a play. If there is a #1 reason to get excited, it has to be that the WR group is ready to win when the offensive line and QB will join them. Miles Austin and Dez Bryant are going to cause coverage fits for years to come. There are things to build upon. Nice job by Dez who seems to do 3-4 things every week to get you excited that the Cowboys made a proper pick.


Tomorrow: Targets and Sacks for Week 8

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asimmehmood said...

Hey STurm,

On the first series, you said Davis was pushed aside by Ryan Pickett. That doesn't seem to be the case, because Davis targets the Right Middle LB, who is also playing run. Kosier pulls and whiffs on the the other LB. Witten also is tasked with clearing space through that hole, but also whiffs.

I mean everybody whiffed on the whole play and it looks like we have a hard time up-front accounting for players. It bites us everytime.

Again, little use of play-action by Garrett allows defenses to key into what we are doing. Further, we ligned up Barber 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage, to get a head start with seven yards, to make one yard. Barber, the slowest skilled position player on the team!!!!

asimmehmood said...

On the 3rd and 1, why the hell is Davis doubling Gurode's man and having Choice take on a close to 300 pound defensive tackle? How many times does it take Garrett to realize when we try plays like this suck wind?

No wonder the team seems to dislike Garrett...