Monday, June 26, 2006

A Case of The Mondays...

Thanks to P-1 Brad for putting this pic together...

Now I know why Bob chose this time to take his vacation: there's just not a whole lot of SPOORRRRTTTS going on. Oh well, let's try to fight on, shall we?

Rocky Mountain Low (insert Norm laugh here)...Rangers lose 2 of 3 in Colorado. Next up: 3 games in San Francisco with the Giants. Not sure if they'll see Barry Bonds, however, after he gets injured Sunday versus Oakland.


England beats Ecuador 1-0 in World Cup round-of-16 play...David Beckham is greatness. (Here's the goal if you haven't seen it.)


If it were up to college basketball coaches, just about everyone in Division I would be in the tournament...


Former Ranger great John Rocker letting us all know what he thinks about the Ozzie Guillen situation. My question is: why the hell should we care about what John Rocker thinks anymore?


You remember big fatso basketball coach Rick Majerus? Well, he is now telling the world that he is not a fan of the gay...

If you want to go to the afterlife thinking about Dave Hostetler and Pat Putnam, get a casket with a Rangers logo on it.
Check this out if you can: minor league manager goes insane. I'll take this dude over Buck Showalter any day.

...and thinks the US will be looking for his help soon.


So very very sweet...


Anonymous said...

That girl looks familiar, but I have no clue where I've seen her before(other than illicit dreams).


p.s. First!

Brad said...


Where have all the sports gone?

No Mavs trade rumors?

Is baseball the game with the old guys who talk about even older guys who used to hit something with a stick and then run around in circles?

AttnyDan said...

Ok Ty, here are the rules:

Blog by 8:00 a.m. daily
Any breaking news = Extra Blog
No gay pictures
Hot chicks are prefered
No soccer talk (ok, maybe that's pushing it)
You can make fun of Bob anytime
Hot chicks are preferred

Good Luck and God Bless

MrSimic said...

When the news is slow, do what Bob does to beef up the content: link to an article and then post a lenghty excerpt from the same article (in blockquote & italics). That will kill two birds with one stone: (1) P1s are often too lazy to follow the links, so it makes us read at least part of the article you thought was interesting enough to show us, and (2) it makes it look like you've blogged more than you really have.

Try it! You'll love it!

Mini Me said...


You did a great job today! Your links were hilarious and you ended the post with a hot girl, ain't nothing sweeter than that. I love that clip of Majerus..unbelievable. The best part is seeing Mr. Gel laughing on the side. Keep the good work Ty!

Anonymous said...

whos the broad? I need more

Ty Walker said...

The chick's name is Barbie Block. for more material

Anonymous said...

I checked the such animal.

PHE said...

Ty, you rule, dude. I look forward to Bob's vacation nearly as much as he does.

Keep up the great work!

Jay Clendenin said...

i hope barry plays this week against the Never Say Die Texas Rangers. ssssssssssspare bastard

Big Buckin Chicken said...

Ty Walker = Underrated genius boy?