Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Norm's Big Day...

"He's an interesting kid."
NBA Draft day is upon us (finally, something to talk about). Some stuff to get you ready:
Mock Drafts:
Lots of good ones on HoopsHype

Phillies pitcher Brett Myers getting an unscheduled vacation.
Peter Gammons is in bad shape.
Ah, the price of insane love
This guy's cure for heartache: cut his finger off.

"Me like hockey."

Elisha likey.


DallasManUFan said...

First post Bitches ! ! !

Nice work Ty and FU at the same time

Anonymous said...

Elisha Cuthbert...sweet Christmas.

Jay Clendenin said...

good god. how does the ump miss that call? and the "strike" against mike??? damniiiit!

i do like seeing tex show some signs of giving a shit though.

Jeremy said...

Is there a better candidate for worst officiated baseball game of the year??

I generally listen to people bitching about the refs/umps and roll my eyes. I believe if the players are doing their jobs, then it shouldn't come down to a missed close call. Unfortunately, the beloved Rangers were making the plays in the 9th inning, and the call missed wasn't all that close.

What a load of S.

Captain Fubar said...

Tim Hallion, Larry Young, and the idiot from the SD game, Bill Welke are the worst examples of umpiring I've seen in my life. How they keep their jobs is amazing.

And to think I'd seen it all with the like of Dan Crawford and Bennett Salvatore...yeesh

JoeMama said...

i do like seeing tex show some signs of giving a shit though.

Don't really feel like pissing on the parade, but I will anyway. I remember A-Rod giving a shit, pumping his fist after a walk-off home run (which even prompted an email Flash from Newberg) during his MVP year. All before he said "it's a good day Evan."

Let's hope Tex's Good Day Evan is the day he signs a long-term deal.

Enough said...

Yeah, but I didn't see Teixeira bitching when he was clearly thrown out at the plate last Thursday, but the ump called him safe. Stop the whining already...the Mavs have done enough of that to last this area for the next decade...

Mini Me said...

Please make sure Bob continues this tradition of posting hot girls that you have started...Amazing stuff!

DrewJ said...

While Tex's lack of dingers is puzzling (and somewhat troubling) it's pretty tough to say that someone hitting as many doubles as he is doesn't give a shit.