Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mavericks Try To Grab Game 4

We have seen plenty of the Dallas Mavericks in this playoff run. We have seen the greatness of this team, and we have seen the moments of less than greatness.

In Game 6 against San Antonio, the Mavericks let their opponent back in the series.

In Game 7 they cut their throat.

In Game 4 against the Suns, the Mavericks let their opponent back into the series.

In Game 5 and 6, they cut their throat.

Well, after letting the Heat gain some momentum and confidence in Game 3, should we expect the Mavs are currently sharpening their knives?

I think so. I hope so. Otherwise, at 2-2, this thing is going to get pretty tense.
All the scribes in South Florida spend their time on Wade’s left knee

Less than 24 hours after lifting the Miami Heat to a dramatic come-from-behind victory against the Dallas Mavericks in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Dwyane Wade limped into AmericanAirlines Arena Wednesday afternoon with yet another ailment -- a stiff and sore left knee.

Wade, who was just getting over the flu and a sinus infection, suffered the injury in the third quarter of Miami's 98-96 win Tuesday night when Shaquille O'Neal drew a charge and fell on top of Wade's knee.

''It's very stiff and very sore,'' said Wade, who was carted out of the AAA following the press conference. ``The only thing I can continue to do is a lot of icing and a lot massaging. I'm very confident in my training staff. They'll get me the closest they can get me at 100 percent tomorrow night.

Except Dallas isn’t buying it

Dwyane Wade can limp and grimace all he wants, because no one is buying it, least of all the Dallas Mavericks.

You can't claim hardship in one breath and then breathlessly rescue your team from a 13-point deficit in the final seven minutes of an NBA Finals game and expect anyone to believe you.

"He's been saying he's been hurt all series," says Mavs forward Josh Howard. "Like I said earlier in the series, nobody has legs, but at certain times, you're going to have your legs. He put his team on his back and won the game for them."

Meanwhile, Pat Riley and the Heat realize they got away with one in Game 3

“Eleven of the 20 turnovers that we had were unforced," coach Pat Riley said. "That's not counting two moving picks. That's not counting the three 3-second violations.

"They were just mindless, careless passes, fumbles, some of the things that we did in transition. Shaq threw it one time down the right side of the court; I don't know who he was throwing it to. Dwyane uncharacteristically was trying to get off the ball when normally he's attacking."

Not only were the passes off, but so was the Heat's timing. While the intentions were noble, the Heat too often searched for better shots at times O'Neal was planted beneath the rim in rebounding position.

"The three 3-second calls were when another guy should have shot the ball," Riley said. "The ball movement was good, it got to an open shooter, Shaquille was in the lane, he wasn't open, and the ball should have gone up.

"We definitely have to cut down the unforced turnovers. They only had four [of 16] turnovers that they really forced."

Haslem said the Heat continues to adjust to Dallas' penchant for double-teaming O'Neal with 7-footers. The Heat center has yet to take more than 11 shots in a game in this series and is averaging 8.3 through the first three. To put it in perspective, he averaged 13.6 shots during the regular season and 13.9 in the first three rounds of the playoffs.

Point guard Jason Williams said O'Neal's seven turnovers Tuesday night are overstated, with three of those for 3-second violations while fighting for space beneath the rim.

"We can't really fault Shaq for doing that, because that's what he does," Williams said, adding that there was plenty of blame to go around.

"Especially when you watch it on film," he said. "It's like, `What are you doing?'"

That leaves the Heat with a simple objective tonight.

"Be a strong basketball team," Payton said, "that doesn't make a mistake after mistake."

Edmonton lives to skate another day….Saturday actually

Goooooooaaaaaaaal! Pisani!

If this one wasn't a goal to be heard all over the world, it deserved to be.

Forget Francesco Totti and those Italian soccer players over at the World Cup.
Gooooooooooooooalll! Fernando Pisani!

With Steve Staios in the penalty box, the only hometown hero on the hockey club became a Stanley Cup hero for the ages to bring the Edmonton Oilers back home alive.
When Pisani, who scored 18 goals in the regular season, scored his second of the night and 12th of the playoffs to beat the Carolina Hurricanes 4-3, he became the first player in the history of the Stanley Cup final to score a short-handed goal in overtime.

In the regular season, 137 NHL players scored more goals this year than Fernando Pisani. In the playoffs, no one has scored more goals than Fernando Pisani.

Back in Arlington, Padilla shuts down White Sox, but in Chicago the story is the rookie who did not bean Hank

But that paled in comparison to the anger the White Sox displayed during an 8-0 loss at Ameriquest Field in the latest chapter of their rivalry with the Rangers.
Texas starter Vicente Padilla hit Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski twice, which prompted a warning to both sides from home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi in the fourth inning.

Suspicions of retaliation surfaced in the seventh when Sox rookie reliever Sean Tracey moved Texas cleanup hitter Hank Blalock off the plate with a high-and-tight first pitch.

Blalock took a big hack and missed at the next pitch before Tracey moved Blalock off the plate with a low, inside pitch.

The sequence ended when Blalock grounded out to second, but manager Ozzie Guillen immediately pulled Tracey in favor of fellow rookie Agustin Montero, who had been warming up as Tracey entered the game.

Television cameras caught Guillen yelling at Tracey in the dugout.

Tracey buried his head in his hands before covering his face with his jersey, and Guillen was shown spiking a bottle of water.

Guillen declined to elaborate on the incident after taking the blame for not having Montero ready to start the inning, adding Tracey "is one of our prospects." Guillen said he didn't want to make comments that could result in a suspension.

Tracey, who packed his bag after the game in an apparent demotion to Triple-A Charlotte, declined to comment.

Last night, Norm, Dan, and Bob checked out Marlins 6, Braves 5

England gets shrek back for TnT today

Wayne Rooney has been passed fit to play for England against Trinidad and Tobago later today.

The striker was examined this morning by Professors Angus Wallace and Chris Moran, from the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham, hours before the World Cup group game in Nuremberg. The specialists released a joint statement, saying: "It is our professional medical opinion that Wayne Rooney is now available to play in the World Cup.

"Wayne's recovery has been more rapid than expected over the past week, and this is due to the excellent care he has received since suffering the injury to his foot and because Wayne has worked so hard at his recovery. Due to this, we were invited back earlier than anticipated to reassess Wayne by Dr Leif Sward, the England team doctor.

To get you ready for the game, Footy, Footy, Footy, Footy, Footy, Footy, England, England!

The Magic Gopher

Here is a good email from Iraq:

BaD Radio,
Hey guys I have sent this similar email to morning show and the Hard Line as well, I have simply have asked them to send, A BIG SHOUT OUT, to route sales guys driving the big red trucks and to the rest of the gang at the Ozarka Spring Water office there in Fort Worth, I left in January and hope to be back in time for Halloween, so that I can get back into my truck and tune in to THE TICKET! Thanks a lot….

P1 in the desert,



AttnyDan said...

The Mavs are cursed!! Cursed I tell you!!!!

We have to collect all the gold coins and then sprinkle the blood of the child of the man we betrayed on them.

Seriously, the B-ball Gods are PISSED....Laura Miller must be thrown in an erupting Cuban to satisfy them!!!!

Anonymous said...

quick, change it to the Arlington Mavericks.

Laura Miller's douchebag should be on eBay.



Anonymous said...

It's stupid.

Miami has shown NOTHING to make me believe that they can win one in Dallas.

Even if the Mavs don't take one in Miami (and they will), they'll still win the series.

Stop the panicing and whining. The only thing between the Mavs and the Trophy would be a shark ripping BOTH arms off Dirk in a tragic South Beach surfing incident.


Fake Sturm said...

That gopher owns me.

I missed Cuban on Letterman last night. Did I miss anything?

Brandon at GSR said...

God Bless Margarito Gonzalez.

Now on to significantly less important matters about sport...

Dallas will win tonight. If anything in these playoffs, they've shown us that they are resilient. When they have a subpar performance, they make up for it the next game.

We will win tonight and the only drama left in this series will be 'in which city does David Stern hand Mark Cuban the Larry O'Brien Trophy?'.

shawn from Lville said...

Has anyone gone to the AAC to watch the game? Thinking about going, but I am hesistant.

MIAMI has won their last game. They will be MIA tonight.

Dirk will get his 30 and 15, and Stack redeems himself again.

Fake Gribble said...

Demoting a guy because he didn't hit another person with a baseball is just one more reason why the game is so retarded.

Hrkac said...

F DWade and his stupid theatrics no one with a brain is buying. It's like he's just fishing for MJ comparisons and there are a couple of idiots dumb enough to bite on it. He got the "flu" and walked around with that stupid box of kleenex(that he didn't need to use for a whole press conference despite how sick he was) and now he's limping around doing his best House M.D. impression and we're supposed to be amazed at his toughness.

He's such a great player too, just needs to cut out the lame "look how tough I am" acts.

But...he did get up 8 times after falling down only 7...which is better than I can do.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I guarantee the Mamrits aren't falling for the ruse, either.

Brad said...

The Stars resigned Lehtinen Bob.

Suprised you didnt mention it


Brad said...

excuse me, excercised his option for next year.

Jay Clendenin said...

so rheinecker could go to 3-0!! who wants to talk about it???



Wes Mantooth said...


Rick Bentley said...

Son of a bitch.