Friday, June 30, 2006

Working For The Weekend

"Mmmmm...nothing like a smoke at recess.."
Well, a week of blogging has come to a close. Just a few more days to deal with me (unless the Sturminator really starts jonesing to get back to work).
By the way, I was robbed of the E-Brake. I think Barb is dyslexic or retarded or something...

Rangers get swept out of San Francisco; head home to resume the Battle for the Silver Boot with the Astros. (preview)

Looks like the Mavs don't plan to mess around when it comes to re-signing Jet...and extending Dirk's deal. This makes me happy...


It's a tough thing: BaD Radio's little buddy Bill Guerin told to get his shinebox by the Stars.

"Let's talk about me some more"
Another thing for Dale to bitch about: getting sued by Dallas Can Academy.

Corby is happy: Adrian Peterson's dad to be released from the hoosgow.


After getting torn up and knocked up (twice), Britney decides this would be the perfect time to get naked for everyone.


This is how I want to remember Britney...boiiinnng!


steve said...

I win!!!

AttnyDan said...

Hansen.....hilarious!!!!! There is NO way that every dollar will be accounted for, it is impossible. That doesn't mean HE did anything, just that these kinds of events are usually not very easy to control. I expect him to be vindicated, but good GAWD, what a mess this is going to be.

Rangers...uh....Welp, See ya' later.

Ty, you have done GREAT!!! Bob has alot to live up to now. I can't believe I haven't seen ONE gay picture for an entire week.


AttnyDan said...


You have to blog to count Steve.

Mini Me said...

Ty, you are growing quite the fanbase here.

Anonymous said...

Hansen is a crook. When will Channel 8 get that? He is a loser and a disgrace to the Dallas sports scene.

Anonymous said...

Here is to Ty having his own blog...

I second the Texas Rangers, "welp, cya later"

Am I the only that gets sick even hearing anything about the Mavs much less the draft? I will never get over this year. Wish I could move out of state until next season starts.

Wes Mantooth said...

sports (in Dirk voice)

Bob's Latino Cabana Boy said...

Tiffani Thiesen = Yes
Barbie Blank = Yes
Elisha Cuthbert = Very Yes
Jessica Alba = Yes
Brittney Spears = "Well, C-Ya Later!"

I would make aggressive man love to Ty's crevices.

Roy Hobbs said...

Thanks for the ladies, but I miss good sports.

Accountability in the World Cup? Wish the MLB Umps were as big of men as the Brits.

"It's time for me to let go of the mistake -- nobody got hurt from the error, nobody died ... What I did was a public mistake, but it didn't affect qualification, it didn't affect the outcome of the match."

Poll has worked at the two previous World Cups and was also a part of the 2000 European Championship.

"None have gone right, none have worked for me, for various reasons," Poll said. "We say in life one thing goes wrong it's unlucky, if two things go wrong then maybe you're really unlucky, but if it's three then you have to look at yourself and say something isn't quite right."

MLB umps respond in utter confusion saying, "just because there is irrefutable video evidence of your mistake is no reason to admit fault. Accoutability is for suckers. That's the American way!"

Rick Bentley said...

Man...Donovan is easy to draw offsides.

Anonymous said...

what happend Rick?

P2 Mike

Rick Bentley said...

"Would you do Lena Horne?"
"Donovan, you're insane. We'd all like to get a piece of that old, wrinkled ass."

....and so on and so forth.

Anonymous said...

Please Bob, come back!!! I don't like Ty's rendition of your blog!