Thursday, June 29, 2006


"You toucha da ball, I breaka you face."
The NBA Draft is behind us...and Toronto goes for Italian stiff Andrea Bargnani with the first pick. Is he the next Dirk...or possibly the next Darko?

As for the Mavs at #28, they get guard Maurice Ager From Michigan State...and hoping he can be the second-coming of Josh Howard.

Newest Mav Maurice Ager

A good night for UT basketball as they get 3 players drafted. Probably not so good if you're Daniel Gibson and PJ Tucker, who came out early thinking they'd be first round picks.

If I were the Sturminator, at this point, I would probably break down the entire first round of the draft. However, instead of whipping your arse like that, here's another guy that's already done it.


Ray Durham's Grand Slam in the 3rd

Still no luck for the Rangers in San Francisco as they fall to the Giants again.

Afternoon baseball in the Bay Area Thursday as Texas tries to avoid the sweep. (preview)

Tom Hicks tells Bud the umps suck.


We may have seen Jason Arnott in a Stars uniform for the last time.


"My ho's getting audited!"

Pimpin' aint easy...and it soon could be taxable.


May I pitch my tent in Jessica Alba?


Robert Bentley said...

I love the way Dallas fans have been condtitioned to think that there's a Josh Howard at the end of every first round.

AttnyDan said...

Just when B-ball and Hockey close up shop for the year, the Rangers go in the tank.

Wait a minute, if I remember correctly, last year when Bob went on vacation, didn't the Rangers lose like 12 of 15? It's the Bob on vacation curse!!!!


So long suckers! - J. Arnott said...

Larry Young, who was the crew chief as well as the home-plate umpire, said, "As far as we could tell, it was foul. I believe the call was correct."

You show you are truly inept when the evidence (in real time) is irrefutable. That is proof enough that Larry should not even be umping little league games.

Be a man, admit your mistake since there is no doubt, and move on. Deny the obvious and ... oh who cares. It's the Rangers.

cracker1743 said...

For a brief moment last night, the Rockets roster read thusly:

Swift (Stromile)
Gay (Rudy)
Head (Luther)

It's not Tinker to Evers to Chance, but it does have a ring to it.

Steve said...

Genius from Bill Simmons' Diary of the NBA draft last night:

"10:20 -- The Mavs take Maurice Ager at No. 28. He puts his head in his hands and starts sobbing hysterically as his entourage congratulates him. It's about time we had some emotion tonight, dammit. Ager walks up to the stage in a triple-breasted, oversized beige suit, goes to shake hands with Stern and immediately gets whistled for a foul on Dwyane Wade."

Bob's Latino Cabana Boy said...

The Rangers were born in the tank. BTW, how is Chris Young doing in San Diego? How is Phil Nevin holding down the dh department? I would go Viagra on Alba, Holla at ya boy!

Jay Clendenin said...

i don't think it's bob's vacation that jinxes the's Ty's blogging where he shouldn't be!!

Brad said...

I know no one cares about Hockey, but the Stars just lost 32 goals and 74 points. Talk about suck....

That sucks.

The Rangers are aweful. Where are the bats??

Alba...ughghhghhmmmmmmm :-)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm, Alba.

AttnyDan said...

I don't have any open complaints about Donovan, but is his addition just another way to keep BaD Radio "hip"?

I'm trying to figure out what exactly the marketing geniuses at the Ticket thought he would add....besides color obviously.

Rick Bentley said...

I find him pretty entertaining...more so than Gribble. Would you rather have the "Throw (Power) Down" or Dan and Donovan?

AttnyDan said...

Good Point.

Anonymous said...

you could bring back the Hot Spot or "movie watching is a sport"!

ok maybe not so much..

rodeo at bob's house...

PenisWrinkle said...

Guerin to be bought out.

Cue sad piano.

Fake Gribble said...

As Fake Gribble, I think that Gribble is underrated! And I've actually enjoyed hearing more from Dan, Donovan, Grubes, Gribble and PowerDown with Bob gone.

Big Daddy said...

So the BaD Radio curse continues as the Stars release Bill Guerin. Seems to me that any area pro who wants out of town should merely sign up for a weekly BaD Radio gig...

So long, Nick Van Exel
So long, Dan Campbell
So Long, Bill Guerin.

Why don't they really screw things up and sign Dirk up for a show next season? It's guaranteed he'll end up in Sacramento if they do.....

Rick Bentley said...

Dear Bob,
Please schedule a "Keith Van Horn Show" sometime in the near future.

Rick Bentley said...

PS - maybe a "Francisco Cordero Show" also. I love your body, Larry.

Jay Clendenin said...

"chris young show"???

wylie said...

She's can see more here Hot Girls hope you like it. :)