Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Protect This House

24 Hour Rule. Focus should be Game 6.

The day is here. The most crucial game ever played is here. For Dallas, it is a hope to carry the dream for 48 more hours.

Just Do it.

Here is a huge load of your emails (as I perhaps violate the 24 Hour rule):

Hey Bob,

I'm not happy about the call on Wade, but I'd like to point some things out to the Mavs fans, maybe you as you often are the voice of reason can echo these sentiments.

Maybe now we realize it's not a good idea to squander a 13 point lead late in the 4th quarter in a game 3 that might as well be game 4 for all practical purposes. It might have been nice for the Mavericks to bother to show up for game 4, just a thought there.

You throw 2 games away and than expect everything to go your way in game 5, on the Heat's home court you need to visit your psychiatrist because you're thinking straight anymore.

So let's do that. The Knicks couldn't go on the road and win that deciding game against Houston in 1994, and the Mavericks for the first time all series have the full roster available MBenga and Stackhouse, we're at home. Maybe Dirk will take that anger on the exercise bike out on the Heat for game 6, and we can look forward to a game 7!


You absolutely amaze me, and it makes me insane to hear your opinions on this, Mr. Sturm. I was just listening to your broadcast on my way in to the office.

First of all, the man is NOT Jordan. He makes a few baskets (hell, he made a LOT of buckets in the last 3- ok!) That does NOT make him a super-star.

Second, Dwyane Wade CANNOT go to the basket at will and change the game by himself. He simply could not have done what he did, without other players AND THE REFS interfering! Granted, he is a very good player, and his moves to drive the lane are very impressive. However, the man would be NOWHERE if he did not have Shaq's interior presence (as we saw in his mediocre performances in games 1 and 2).

Third, and what angers me most, is your notion that the referees are somehow drawn inseparably to the magnetic personality of Wade, that somehow there is this hypnotic force out there that is pulling them to "don't resist, all is well in Wade's World", and that makes them make every call in Dwyane's direction. "Use the force, Dwyane, right?" And all the while, they don't seem to have any regard for our very own Dirk Nowitzki. DIRK IS THE ALL-STAR HERE!!!! He is the player that ought to be getting ALL of the calls and ALL of the latitude from the refs. I have not seen that in a single game.

As a referee (I ref at the junior high and high school levels), I know that if there is ANYTHIHNG that is true in the waning seconds of games, it is that if you don't see an obvious foul call in those last few seconds, you SWALLOW YOUR WHISTLE!!!! I challenge you to find any official out there who does not call games with that in mind. The unspoken rule is that you NEVER blow your whistle and decide a game by a call that could be even remotely seen as ticky-tack or as tentative. Having said that, I don't see how you can make the case that the officials last night did any semblance of a good job.

Fourth, you mentioned that Wade had to get the ball in the backcourt in order to make sure that he got the ball. Even that goes back to the officials, because he had not established position in the backcourt when he received the ball. Watch the tape and prove me wrong- I dare you! The play should have been called dead immediately, Mavs ball, here we go- they score and it is GAME OVER!!!!

Having said all of this, all I can conclude from seeing the last three games is that there is definitely an anti-Dallas bias in the NBA, for whatever reason, whether it comes from David Stern's dislike of Cuban, or from a desire to see it go to seven, or what, I do not know. It is just disgusting. Just disgusting.

[ Unfortunately, I most probably will not hear the rest of your broadcast today, so I may not hear if you respond to this. If you have a chance to e-mail me back, I would like to hear what you have to say, as I usually agree with what you say on air. But on this one, Bob, you missed the boat! ]

Congrats to you... you are seeing game 5 and this series for what it is. Dwayne Wade is definitely a "star" and he is getting those calls that Jordan did in the 90's - anyone remember the push off Byron Russell in the clincher against Utah? Was there a foul on the final play - there was enough to call it. Should it have been on Dirk, probably not, but, does it really matter if it is Harris or Dirk? Also, Wade has been building this reputation for 3 years in the playoffs now, it didn't just happen in game 3, 4, and 5 of the 2006 Finals.

Also, remember the phantom foul that Dirk got during the San Antonio series - the calls balance out. Craig talked about that this morning.

Thanks for taking off the Mavs jersey and seeing things how they are. As much as you want the Mavs to win, you are able to see things how they are, and not get caught up in hype. Keep up the good work. And don't be surprised if the Mavs win 2 - the NBA works in strange ways.

Fellow Northern Transplant... Brad

Don't fret about messing up the Mavs' chemistry when the circuit breaker blew....That had nothing to do with the Mavs losing Game 5.....nor did the fact that I decided to take a shower right before the end of the 3rd quarter....The outcome of these Finals was decided in Game 4 when Dallas chose to score only SEVEN FRICKING POINTS in the 4th quarter.....There is absolutely NO WAY the NBA Gods would EVER EVER EVER allow a team to win a championship after securing the dubious honor of setting an all time low for points scored in a quarter in the NBA Finals.

Gimme a Diablo sandwich and a Dr. Pepper and make it quick cause I'm in a @#$*&@#*$#@#& hurry.....

Against Miami, the Mavs are 0-2 when Josh Howard scores 20+ points. The relationship between J-Ho’s 20 and a Mavs “W”,that was as consistent as gravity, has been reversed.

Jason Reed
Look at this NBA finals preview by the Sports Guy. He summed up the entire series right here. This was before the finals.

“And that’s the thing that bothers me about this series: No team depends on the refs quite like the Heat. When the refs are calling all the bumps on Shaq and protecting Wade on every drive, they’re unstoppable. When they’re calling everything fairly, they’re eminently beatable. If they’re not getting any calls, they’re just about hopeless. I could see the refs swinging two games in Miami’s favor during this series, possibly three.”


Humble P1 Pat
Here's why I'm not panicing about the Mavs still:

It occurs to me that it's good for the home team to win as often as possible.
Although the Mavs have had their chances to "steal" a game or two, it benefits the NBA to be more generous with the Heat in Miami for example.

But, the Mavs have long proven that they can beat anybody anywhere and won't need much of the same of the refs' generosity to beat the Heat at home.

This "fix", if you will, became incredibly obvious to me when more than a few camera shots late in the game showed Shaq not even sweating, and Wade cracking a smile or two.

I hate to blame anyone (like the refs) or anything else (like an away-crowd) but it was ultimately the Mavs lack of go-for-the-jugular mentality that proved to be their demise.

Paul in Flower Mound

Just wanted to say that given the recent events in the NBA finals I'm finding it amazing that you were one of the few to take the stance you did back after game 2. I'm not one to call in or email much, and I'm not a big follower of the NBA, but I was left talking to my radio a few times while listening to pretty much all the other shows on The Ticket after game 1 & 2.

I'm still shocked that somehow the fact that game 1 was actually pretty close and favored the Mavs because of bad free throw shooting yet by game 2 we had people on The Ticket saying things like "I can't see what Miami can hope to do against the Mavs". It was so bad after game 2 that I was suddenly reminded of two Saturday Night Live skits. The talk on The Ticket was pretty much like a cross between the Chris Farley celebrity interview skit and the old Bears Ditka skits. I kept hearing things like "Gee you're so awesome" and "What if Avery was as small as a toy soldier and he had to play against a team of 10 foot tall giants? .... Mavs win by 20".

I'm really cheering for the Mavs, and I'm not sure it's the basketball gods having revenge, but I'm still stunned that almost all the hosts at The Ticket were so caught up in Mavs fever that they saw no way for Miami to win at all.

Frisco, TX
Let’s congratulate the Heat on being NBA Champions since the Mavs have shown nothing to even suggest they can beat the Heat 2 games in a row. Second of all, the only MVP chant I want to hear is for Wade. He personifies an MVP in that he can say when it matters, “Hey boys! Jump on my back and I will carry you to the championship!” All the while Dirk is pulling another 4 for 12 with 6 free throws attempted.

Have we at least learned that Harris cannot guard Wade, and in fact the Mavs have no one who can go one on one with him? I am tired of seeing Wade beat the Mavs single handedly. Can the Mavs at least double Wade? It’s to the point I would rather take the chance of Shaq beating the Mavs. At least it would be someone different.

There’s always next year.
no one has ever come back from down 2-0 in this format and no series has had the home team win all 7 in this format - so someone is going to do something for the 1st time
You are being way too soft on the league and the officials in your blog. It is pretty typical of most of the media.......at least you state that you are writing in protest. That was one of the biggest travesties of sport by the officials I have ever seen. Of course the Mavs didn't do everything right, including the two missed free throws by Howard. But that doesn't matter. The Mavs did enough to win......more than enough. The officials/league actively handed the Heat this game, and there is no doubt about it. Let's think about this for a second some things that had to happen for the Heat to pull out a 1 point win.

1. Mavs 4th leading scorer is suspended for game 5 of THE NBA FINALS for a hard foul on SHAQ. If Stack fouls him "normally," Shaq dunks it, stack bounces off of him, and Shaq gets an and 1 (or an and .35 to be more precise.) so what is wrong with a hard foul? Terrible suspension that has way too much impact on the series for the offense committed. Shaq throws about 30 "suspension worthy" elbows per game but the one time someone balls up and fouls him hard they get suspended. No wonder Dirk is settling for jumpshots, he might be afraid that if he runs over shaq on a drive he might get suspended.

2. Mavs outshot 49-25 from the free throw line. This is an absurd discrepency. Everyone keeps praising Miami's agressiveness and defense. Even you say "I still think this series has changed to Miami's advantage because of the physical nature of these games. Miami has gone old school NBA, and turned the lane into a meat grinder."
I agree. If Miami's defense is turning the lane into a meat grinder, why are the Mavericks shooting so few free throws. The Heat shot 16 free throws to 0 in the third quarter, and committed their first personal foul with 2:40 or something left in the quarter. That is ridiculous. There is no possible way this can be rationalized.

3. Dwyane Wade shot as many free throws as the Mavs. I understand that Dwyane Wade drives a lot and therefore goes to the line a lot. But 25 free throws? He maybe deserved 10 of them. The insta whistle on Wade is not exactly consistent with the "meat grinder" the officials are apparently letting exist. It is pretty tough to win when your opponent is playing "meat grinder" defense and you are playing "insta whistle" defense.

4. Howard timeout. He said he Joe Crawford is lying about him asking for a timeout. You seem to beleive one of the most arrogant blowhard officials in the league over the Mavs second best player. That is kind of weak. If you watch the replay, it is pretty obvious that Howard is looking straight at Avery and isn't making a sound I am tired of people blaming this on Howard. Sure, after 47:58:01 minutes of getting screwed, you would think Howard would realize that he maybe shouldn't make the timeout signal knowing they are looking to screw us. But still, the riciulous lack of consistency on letting techinicalites go (i.e. lane violations when shaq shoots vs. anyone else) sometimes but not others is absolutely terrible.

5. Last play Dwyane Wade. A. May have been backcourt, overlooked....ok whatever B. charges terry, overlooked.....still ok C. gives a little shove to harris......once again, lets let them decide it D. Dirk arm on back. Completely legal. Putting your arm on a guy's back is a legal basketball play. E. No touch fouls at the end of the game right. Well, we all know how that turned out. Just look at Jason Terry's last shot to win in regulation. Wade (or someone) comes down pretty hard on JET's elbow. Live, I didn't think it was anything close to a foul, but Tivo shows that he got hit right on the eblow with no call, because they let the players decide it right?

I really was looking forward to reading your blog because I thought maybe you would be one of the few media members that has the balls to put the blame where it squarely lies. Sure, call me a whiner......I don't care. I refuse to sit here and watch my team that I have been a diehard fan of get completely screwed out of their first nba championship by a bunch of old guys who don't play. I won't just be quiet about it because of fear that someone will say I am just whining. We did more than enough to win that game, but instead of talking about Dirk's ridiculous fadeaway game winning shot, we are talking about how spectacular Dwyane Wade's selfish stupid 1 on 4 heave ended up giving the Heat a 3-2 lead over the Mavericks.

Anyway rant over, Mavs in 7.


I think I'm even more embrassed by Avery & Mark Cuban's lack of class than I am about the Mavs meltdown in this series. Avery, a Christian guy, is making the Mav's beat reporter look stupid, telling him "don't stutter" and Cuban is throwing out f-bombs.

Have you read his blog today? http://www.blogmaverick.com/. I was hoping that there'd be some apoligizes issued but he's not really apologizing for anything. He's a big-time sore loser.

I'm thinking the Mavs may still win this series but the organization is an embarrassment and it's making Dallas fans look stupid. Could you imagine Jerry Jones acting that way?


I have 500 more, too. But, I will save you all of them.
By the way, try to keep the cuss words out of the feedback, lest I be forced to dispose of that feature. We are all able to discuss without that, right?

Yes, there was a Hockey Cup raised, but we all require our focus here with the Mavericks.

Go Mavs.


Brad C said...

Let me be the first to say...


Brandon at GSR said...

Since this emailer touched on it, I'd like to correct Junior Miller on a few things.

1. Sure, it was a ticky-tack foul that was called on Bowen. Difference is, Dallas was down two at the time and that foul occurred on the floor with about 7 or 8 ticks left on the clock. So it's not outside the realm of expectation that Dirk could have still tied the game on a good ol' fashioned field goal.

Or he could have kicked it out for a game winning three.

At any rate, Craig's dead wrong when he says those free throws won the game for Dallas. They still had to win it in OT.

Of course, I'm sure that's memory repression kicking in for that particular Spurs fan.

2. Wade got to go to the line and put his team up by 1 with 1.9 seconds left.

Anonymous said...

Avery, a Christian guy, is making the Mav's beat reporter look stupid,

No, the reporter made himself look stupid by stammering and refusing to show some heuvos by answering Avery's question. The NBA can't fine a reporter, but they sure like fining their coaches & players. Avery actually showed remarkable restraint imo. I would have gone off on a 50k worthy tirade at the end of that game, personally.


p.s. A coworker is asking me if there are any World Cup watching parties going on at 9am Thursday for the USA/Ghana match. Anybody know about anything?

Jay Clendenin said...


Chris said...

irony = mavs NBA championship parade scheduled for day that miami could win the NBA championship.


steve said...

If it's any consoloation for what 99% of Mavs fans are thinking and feeling, the NBA ref on with the Musers this morning (who has reffed 12 NBA Finals) said the refs were wrong on the Wade foul and on not correcting the time-out thing.

Too bad all the Ticket hosts can do is all jump on the same bandwagon and say that didnt affect the game.

Fake Sturm said...

Avery actually looked like a major jerk off when he kept asking Sefko what he thought of the play. Who gives a crap what Sefko thinks, I know 50 reporters didnt show up to put an Eddie Sefko quote in the paper. Avery needs to quit being a baby and answer the freaking question, that was embarrassing.

But (as Bob would say) I am burying the lead:

We can cuss, just no F bombs, right Bob?

Anonymous said...

What the hell? Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals comes down to the final minute and all you can talk about is Mavs? For shame. You my friend, have sold out.

-Concerned hockey fan

Brad C said...

Hockey? Is game seven toinght or something?

Brad F. said...

A real man would take the approach Tony Soprano did when he was upset. He would find the strongest person around (Heat/ referees) and pounce on them. Avery shows he is weak by attacking the weakest person around. I lost a lot of respect for Avery and Cuban on game night.
They degraded themselves below T.O. in my mind. He at least went off on strong targets in coaching staffs and quarterbacks. Parcells when he hassles reports is doing out of hatred toward the media combined with frustration. Cuban and Avery are media pimps who slapped thier hos instead of the cop who hassled them.
True class comes in how you take a loss not how you take a win.

Brad F.

Anonymous said...

fuck you brad......

Anonymous said...

They'll go off on some "strong tagets" tonight. I think the Mavs are going to beat the absolute SHIATE out of the Heat. Fouls in the last two minutes won't be an issue. Free throws won't matter. Quizzy and Bang-a get major minutes in the fourth.

Mavs 117 - Heat 93

Suck it biatches,

Anonymous said...


/no funeral


Cap It said...

I agree Brad. I, too, lost a lot of respect for Avery with his actions. When he was saying there were people from Israel, Minnesota, and all around the world watching. All I could think was "Yeah, and you're making a complete arse of yourself. In front of the entire world."

Seems to me like taking the $10K fine approach, ala Shaq would've been the more prudent avenue. Sure would've saved a lot of face.

I also agree with Junior Miller. This team has to regain it's composure. Because, top to bottom, everyone is frazzled. Where is the offsetting force? Where is the Zen Master? Del Harris? Jason Terry?


Cliff Huckstible said...

Filth Flarthin' Filth!

Where's Claire?

Eat more jello.

Go mamricks.

The Polit Burro said...

I'll didn't see Avery's question, but with Cuban...give me a break, critics. You know exactly what you're getting with Mark Cuban. He didn't get to where he is today by selling Girl Scout Cookies and leading Vacation Bible School.

Whatever bonehead who asked that ridiculous question knew what he was doing...getting a quoteable rise out of a hot-tempered dude.

While I wouldn't have used the same language, I respect the man for not behaving like a neutered show dog when things go against his guys.

It's this simple: Ask a leading question, get a vulgar answer.

To begin with, it's ridiculous that the NBA makes a bunch of grown men talk to reporters after games.

Exercise Bike said...

Dirk couldn't even beat me up a stationary bike. How's he going to drive the lane and take the Shaq elbows tonight? They will hurt, but they won't kill you. I hit my ankle with a crowbar two days ago. Not fun, but I'm alive. And like the Mavs, I have no shot at the NBA title. Or do I?

tvb1 said...

I don't know why but, I felt less concern after game 5 loss than game 4. Maybe it was because the Heat got so many gift wrapped foul calls in game 5 as to the mental lapses the Mavs made in game 5. This has set up to be a show down as long as the Mavs take care of business tonight. I too think that the foul call Wade got at the end of the game was BS. No whistle should have been blown but it was. The Heat took care of their home cout as the Mavs did in the first two games. If the Mavs play as a team, they win a Championship. It as simple as that.

Go Mavs!

Jay Clendenin said...

you know, there are a lot of fun sports things going on these days. it seems as if everyone here has lost sign of that. shame.

has anyone mentioned the open??? or uh...the rangers??

Evie said...

Reading Bob's email = A Beating of the Highest Order

Brad said...

Wow Bob, I dont know how you just dont delete all that garbage.

The Hockey was good, I was pulling for Edmonton, but have nothing against Carolina.

Watching them with that cup made me angry at the potential of the Mavs not delivering our moment of glory.

Come on Mavs. You can do it.

steve said...

So let me get this straight: The media (newspapers, talk radio, etc..) can go off all day long about players and coaches, but if a coach goes off one time on one of them, all of a sudden we are all so upset?

You guys are rediculous. You can't have it both ways.

And "losing respect" for a guy who didnt like a question he was asked? Show some moral clarity and get off your high horse.

At least Avery had balls enough to talk to the media when he was pissed instead of hiding like Shaq.

buf123 said...

Alright, it all comes down to this. I will say that if wade plays well in the clutch again to make the heat win, he goes to a whole new level in my book. I will not say that he is close to Lebron or MJ by any means. The reason that he has had the opportunity to go off in the fourth quarter is b/c the mavs still didn’t double team him b/c of Shaq. But I cannot argue with a player that takes over a finals series. I will say this; he shot 25 free throws last game. I think he should have shot maybe 12. He got so many calls that weren’t fouls. That would have left him with about 30 points and a horrible shooting percentage, and we would have won easily. By the way, he had an awful shooting percentage for the game. He shot less of a percentage than dirk, who everybody keeps criticizing, but he just got every imaginable call. It was very clutch for him to make those free throws. It was very unclutch for him to drive with three people on him, not even think about passing, and shoot and awful shot that doesn’t even come close. Sadly, he was bailed out and became a hero when he should have walked off the court in defeat after shooting an awful final shot. It makes me ponder…did d-wade take over the game or the refs? I would say the refs. If the game was officiated properly, he would have looked awful. We would be talking about how he choked in a huge game. Let’s make this a fairly officiated game. If that is the case, I will give Dwyane 15 free throws. If that is the case, a few more missed shots would be added to his line. That would make him about 11 for 32 shooting which is 34% and would have given him about 32 points on 32 shots, which is awful. The heat would have lost. I do get irritated about people saying how great he is. I just want to face the facts. He has played 2 great games out of 5 in the finals – games 3 and 4. He has played 2 very bad games – games 1 and 2, and he has played one game slightly below average – game 5. That doesn’t make you great. That makes you a really good player. That is all that I have to say. I think that the mavs will win in 7.

Anonymous said...

I've watched too much NBA basketball to know how this thing is gonna shape up.
No, there are no basketball gods.

The NBA is all about perception. After about 3 games in a series, they are going to call
a series 1 way, and one way only. We know how they are calling it now, and it's not good for the Mavs.
I am not blaming refs, it's just the nature of the sport. Sure, Dallas will start with all guns blazing, hitting jump shots
and going about 70% from the floor, building a 10-14 point lead. Then they will convince themselves that this is how to win,
and will stop attacking the rim. Pat Riley will be sitting over there laughing because he knows the Heat will chip away at the lead
by going to the rim on every possession and getting Mavs in foul trouble. Late in the 3rd quarter, with their lead dwindling,
Dallas will try to start attacking the paint, but it will be too late as they are perceived by the refs as not being aggressive enough
in the game. They will not shoot foul shots.

Then the Heat cut the lead down to nothing while the entire crowd is standing with only 2 minutes left.
Wade takes it to the rack again, and scores or gets fouled. Same thing as in the last 3 games.
We will lose the game in the waning minutes of the 4th quarter, again.

I absolutely detest the NBA.

After I saw the free throw disparity midway through the 3rd period of game 5 (39-11),
I turned it off. Didn't watch the end because I knew too. The NBA wants their big stars shining.
The whole league is orchestrated for this, so teams like Dallas don't have a chance on the grand stage.
I had a sick feeling about this before the series started. They've got the black Jesus playing for them
in the NBA's eyes. We have a 7' euro that doesn't give the media anything, hates endorsements,
and doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve. Who do you think they want to win?

Drake said...

Read Sports guys column today? How can a national media guy call out he refs more than our own Bob? Sturm you represent us all.

Anonymous said...

quit dissing on cuban and avery..it's GAME 5 OF THE NBA FRIGGIN FINALS. As the great white hope Eminem said "You only get one shot do not miss your chance to blow".

So therefore, i give them a little leeway..

As for the game 5, game 3 was the bigger injustice to me with the Haslem "steal". In game 5, Howard hits his free throws and DIrk doesnt miss his, and the game is over.

F(un) Brad, and F(un) Gribble

Brad said...

You guys are talking about that Brad F guy right?

Go Mavs.

J-in-H said...

I don't want to read about any suicide pacts on anyone beating on their ladies. This is only the NBA, save that stuff for Superbowl Sunday.


Shiffman's Blog said...

Keep the faith Mavs fans!
"Now you're gonna have to go through hell. Worse than any nightmare you ever dreamed. But in the end, I know you'll be the one standing." - Rocky IV (and that was a smart movie)

Luis M said...

To my truest Mavs fans,
This it fellas, our backs are against the wall. When the season started we watched, we followed, we believed. Many will tell you that they knew we would be here all along, but they are lying to you. We knew we were good but had no idea how great we would become. We followed every game, every minute. Even if you had to record the game, you avoided ESPN, local news or The Ticket so you would not learn of the outcome of the game. You know every player, the number on their jersey, what college they went to, and when and where they were acquired from. You scheduled your life around the Mavs schedule. You stayed up late on November 1, to watch the Mavs come back from down 17 to beat the Suns in double OT. And from that moment you could not wait until the playoffs started. You wanted to face the Spurs because you wanted to beat the best. Along the way you have had to deal with the Mavs haters, Charles Barkley, the hated Spurs fans, the knee jerkers and the band wagon fans. But you stayed true, you have for years. Whether you lived the greatness of the 80s, the misery of the 90s, or both, you have put in your time. You allowed band wagon fans to join you, even if they ripped the team when they didn’t win the division, went to seven vs. Spurs and now losing three to the Heat. You know they are not true fans, but you enjoy celebrating with them. You bought and wore your tee shirts and jerseys proud. You appreciate the Mavs fans that met the team at the airport after winning in SA and PHX and even those who went to meet them there yesterday. You appreciate them and wish you were there to join them. You hated that the city announced the parade so soon, but yet couldn’t help daydreaming about making plans to be there. You are fan. You know who you are, and those of you who think you are, you know you are really not. You have a passion that no one can understand because they have not experienced what you have. You have defended Dirk and the Mavs like family, because in your mind that is what they are. You hear that cliché all the time, true fans, but a true fan puts all their passion, energy, and soul into a team. You were as mad as Avery, Dirk and Cuban after game 5. You sat there like kid. Like a spoiled, sore loser, kid. Truth is, that is how you felt as a kid rooting for your team, and that has never changed. And you don’t want to change. The greater the stage, the greater the pain you feel if you fail, the greater the joy if you succeed. There are only a handful of us. Just the thought of a loss makes you want to sports cry. You get mad at yourself for even thinking of a loss. In a few weeks you will realize that, wow we actually made it to the Finals, but none of that matters tonight. Tonight, all that matters is winning. Winning, so we can go on another day. Another game. Another chance to get the ultimate prize. Winning is all that matters tonite. Not the parties or food or people that get together to watch. Not the off season plans. Nothing. Winning is all that we need tonight, period. The season can not end tonight.

MrSimic said...

Drudge is reporting the NBA has fined Cuban $250,000.

Fake Sturm said...

Very well put Luis.
I am right there with you brother since day one.

This is the reason I went to 3 preseason games to scout that new backup center with the name I cant pronounce. This is the reason I was up at freaking 12:30 AM on a random Tuesday in December making sure the Mavs hold that 14 point lead on the Clips before I could pass out. This is the reason I spend countless hours of company time and money reading articles and blogs to make sure there is nothing about the Mavs that I dont know.

That reason is TONIGHT.
Protect this house.

mayhew said...

mavs fans are hilarious .. dude, you lost three games in a row. i guess the refs stole all of them. wade was fouled on the last play, by TWO mavs. get over it .. if they make one of 3 missed free throws late, its overtime and they probably win. damn, give the opponent some credit. wade is awesome, and they're getting good play from the role players. you guys are a bunch of whiners .. get over it! use your energy in a positive manner and get ready for game 6!

Shiffman's Blog said...

I am right with you Luis, we can reflect later on this phenominal playoff run, today it is all about the W and taking to to 7.

Wes Mantooth said...

Hey Mayhew,
Suck my ****! Is that using my energy in a positive manner?

F Laura Miller. Luis for Mayor!

Megan O'Brien said...
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Red Sox, Sabres, Spurs fan... said...

mavs fans are hilarious...you guys are a bunch of whiners

Yep. We are the only fans in the history of competitive sport to ever complain about a loss. You've got us there. Geez, fellow Mavs fans. Sack up.

Bryan Acree said...

Why can't we trump games 3-5 like the Heat trumped games 1 and 2 by playing the "they took care of their home court, now we have to do the same thing" card?

Reality Check said...

Glad to see someone in the national media calling it like it is...


Anonymous said...

"Glad to see someone in the national media calling it like it is..."

Where is the creativity? Where is the cutting edge?

It is isn't found by parrotting a cliche. You didn't have to look hard to find that article.

"Calling it like it is" can be found here:


MrSimic said...

Anonymous at 4:12 = Mark Cuban?

You decide.

There can be only one. said...

Glad to see someone in the national media calling it like it is

Dammit! And I thought all sports writers' opinions mattered. Thanks for including the link. I'm calling ESPN and telling them to shut it down. There's only one guy that tells it like it is. And you found him! Lucky you. Lucky for us! Bob, pull the plug on this thing -- you're out of touch. Goodbye Ticket!

Anonymous said...

At least there is room on the bandwagon now.

Brandon at GSR said...

I'm really disappointed in your compadres on the Softline who failed to challenge Eddie Sekfo's line of questioning the other night.

Or Eddie's ridiculous assertion that the Heat were cheated in Games 1 and 2 and didn't complain (exactly how were they cheated?).

Jay Clendenin said...

can't we agree that any sport whose outcome is so dependent on the refs is pretty ridiculous? the damn commissioner's office makes decisions on the rules based solely on how exciting/'high scoring' he wants the game to be. where's the integrity?

baseball and golf...now those are sports with integrity. two sports whose gameplay has been almost unchanged for over 100 years.

conclusion...basketball is g@y

Brad C said...

Alright boys, one hour 'til game time. Time to forget everything that's happened in this series and focus on the job at hand. Sack up Mavs and let's send the Heat home to get their friggin' shinebox.

Kipster198 said...

Glad to see that Wade is STILL getting the calls from the refs. I can't believe the first foul they called on the and one against Terry.

And, in typical Wade fashion, he leaned in hard on Harris and got the call.

Through one quarter, Wade has 3 "free" free throws. Let's see how many he winds up with!


Kip in Burleson

mr. t said...

It was only a matter of time for Wade to get his FT's.
If Hubie says, "if you haven't seen Dallas before". Dude, it's GAME 6! If you haven't seen dallas before you're on the wrong channel. The game is much better muted.

Kipster198 said...

2:14 to go in the half... Wade with another and one foul on Daniels-- with ZERO FREAKING contact on the shot!!!!!!!

That's now 4 "free" free throws.

Kipster198 said...

Mr. T.... My Tivo won't allow me to listen to Followill because of the 2 second delay... I'd give my right arm for them to be synched up. And, I can't watch it without the volume-- but yes, I'm screaming at Hubie, too.

Kipster198 said...

Anyone else want to see about half of the total 3 pointers by the Mavs in the second half??? When they drive, good things happen-- way too many outside jumpers.

mr. t said...

I turned Hubie back on just for extreme insight-
"that's a ticky-tack foul on Daniels".
What? Is he actually watching the same game?
I hate conspiracy theories, but it is clear that Wade is the future of the NBA. One way or the other, the NBA will make sure of that.

My frustration level is at an all-time high.

Booty Freak said...

End of first half - and at least two "phantom fouls" for Wade. It's ridiculous!

Face of the A-team said...

Amen Mr T

*sneeze on Wade* - Foul
*breathe on Wade* - Foul

Kind of hard to play defense on him when ya cant play him close without something being called.

AttnyDan said...

told u! the white man is alwys right!

Kipster198 said...

Did Nellie sneak in before games 3, 4, 5, & 6 and tell the team to settle for outside jumpers???? I know Shaq, Mourning, Haslem are down there, but take it at them. Give them a chance to foul. I feel like I'm watching the 2002-03 Mavs.

Kipster198 said...

Oh yeah, and don't be afraid to crash the boards on both ends!

Kipster198 said...

Scratch that.... Mourning just blocked 2 straight drives.... Nothing but 3s from now on.... What do I know?????

AntoineWalkerSucks said...

I hope....

Antoine Walker gets AIDS.

And not HIV either. Full blown AIDS.

mr. t said...

Shandon Anderson's chin muff...gay?

Kipster198 said...

Walker- free throw violation on Daniels' free throw with about 20-25 seconds left in the third quarter. Daniels missed it-- should have gotten a second free throw.

Check your Tivo.

Kipster198 said...

6:15 to go in the 4th quarter-- Payton take 3 steps at the top of the key-- no call....

Before that, Mourning slams his butt into Howard's face on his "5th" block of the night-- should have been his 5th foul so he could join Shaq on the bench....

My blood pressure is bordering on the highest ever!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope....

Dwayne Wade gets AIDS.

And not HIV either. Full blown AIDS.

Kipster198 said...

Is it possible that Dirk has tired legs? It seems like every shot that he has missed since Game 3 has been on the front of the rim. Anyone else noticed that?

DavidSternhasAids said...

nice forearm by Wade....

Kipster198 said...

Near phantom foul on Dirk-- or is it offensive on Wade? I can see it going either way.

In any case, it's 6 HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE free throws made for Wade.

Kipster198 said...

Stonehands returns..... OUCH!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

25 seconds left, Wade stiff arms Dirk and that's Dirk's foul? Forget it NBA. I'm done.

p1dean said...

On behalf of true Dallas Mavericks fans...I'd like to congratulate the Miami Heat. That Wade is something. Shaq is Shaq, and he absolutely deserves to have 4 rings...hell, he deserves 20 rings. Pat Riley is a class act.

I only hope that in the end, Dallas handles losing with some class. I know that wishing "full blown AIDS" on the Heat is meant as Gordonesque humor, but it doesn't speak for us true fans.


p1alan said...

its over, injecting AIDS now...

Kipster198 said...

Wow... I give Miami credit-- what a great 4 games by them.

But, I can't wait for the 7 figure fine that Cuban will get when he's able to review the 4 phantom free throws for Wade in the first half. Mavs lose by 3.... Coincidence?????

Kipster198 said...

Completely agree, Dean.

Well said.

p1dean'sfullblownaids said...

you're an effing idiot. are you holier than thou?

mr. t said...

when's training camp start?

go mavs said...

On behalf of the true Mavericks fans, I wan to give congrats to the mavs for a great season. Nice run boys, can't wait to see you in the fall. I love you, MFFL!!!!!!!!!!

MFFL Hata said...

Congrats Mavs fan, your team just accomplished the greatest collapse in the history of the Finals. See you whiners next year....

MFFLHataIsaEunich said...

MFFL Hata:

I hope you get AIDs - or at least a really bad case of herpes

Anonymous said...

he he he he he he he!!!!

Anonymous said...

FUCK Dwayne Wade in his black ass...

Historian said...

Really now, hasn't this eclipsed the '77 Finals as the biggest choke in NBA history?

Dwayne Wade's phantom foul said...

only if you count the refs choking on Wade rooster.

J-in-H said...

At 11:23 PM, Anonymous

Lighten up, Frances.

PenisWrinkle said...

Hey Mavericks...

Whoa, two wins and some parade plans huh?


Welp, see ya later!

Like I've said before, I'm a hockey fan that doesn't give a rip about the NBA, but even *I* could see that they quit attacking the basket and driving the lane. Settled for panicky jump shots and their shooting from outside was as cold as Marty Turco's hairy ass on game night.

Oh well...the GOOD news is that Ben and Skin will probably kill themselves, and that's something I think we can all agree would be for the best.

Anonymous said...

to all the classy Mavs Fans, sorry about your loss! You have a great team that should have won!

to all the classless Mavs Fags For Life, GOOD NIGHT NOW!!!!!!

"Spares" 3 rings Muffs still 0!!!!

F Cuban!!

Re-Pete said...

This series will be remembered for 4 things:

1) NBA refs seek to protect Dwyane "my mom can't spell" Wade like NO ONE IN HISTORY - not MJ, not Magic, not Bird, not Isaiah.
2) The Mavericks apparently still lack a killer instinct. (Footnote: see Game 3 and 14-point lead in Game 6.)
3) The 2003 Mavericks apparently suited up for Game 6, making a "terrific player" out of UDONIS HASLEM (!!!) and jacking up missed jump shots a-plenty.
4) Let's not forget the biggest collapse since the '77 Sixers.

Someone PLEASE tell me why JET was still attempting 3s when he was putting up such an 0-fer?

Someone PLEASE tell me why they went away from Dirk after he started the game pretty hot?

Someone PLEASE tell me why Josh Howard won't take the ball inside more?

Someone PLEASE tell me why Marquis Daniels wasn't doing his thing all series long?


Well, it was still the greatest run in Mavs history. Thanks for a great one. Let's do it again next year, but let's FINISH IT next time.

Garbage Time said...

How is it that the Mavs reach the NBA Finals for the first time ever, but still have managed to shame this city, by both choking in historic fashion and then acting like fools in the losses? I don't know where this series was lost, but that flat fourth quarter showing in game 2 is probably a good place to start. That said, I am flabbergasted how a good, sometimes great, defensive team like Dallas could foul so many, many times more than a Miami team known for physical defense. I wish I had the technology to lay all of the phantom calls for Wade against the swallowed whistles when Dirk got the ball in the paint, or when a Maverick tried to drive the lane. Surely Cuban can create such a split screen masterpiece as propoganda for his crusade against inconsistent NBA officiating.

DrewJ said...

Congrats to the Mavs on a great season. Congrats to the Heat on an incredible Finals. I guess all the D Wade love was deserved.

And to Laura Miller, enjoy your short remaining time in office.

Rick Bentley said...

Thank the sweet Lord for Ambien, because without it, I may never sleep again between all the jumpers and questionable fouls. Easily the most frustrated I've ever been in my sports life. I hoped Payton would play another 15 years without winning a championship because he is a classless bastard. I guess that makes me a classless bastard, but I already knew that.

Mike said...

Dirk was so soft it was sad. He was afraid to shoot in the clutch.

I hope the Mavs bounce back next year, but I have my doubts. This is the kind of series that ruins a franchise.

Am I knee-jerking?

steve - again said...

I can deal with Miami winning b/c of Wadeperman. But I can't accept:

1. Jump shot central

2. Payton winning a title?!?!?

3. Walker winning a title?!?!?!?!

Quadruple damn-it.

Wes Mantooth said...

Other than Shaq, I now HATE every member of the Heat. Wade. Walker (I've always hated him). Haslem. Peyton (I've always hated him too). Mourning. Posey. Even the white spares at the end of the bench.

I can not stand the way the officials protect Wade. He is good, but not close to Jordan. Even Jordan didn't get that kind of protection. He is out of control half of time and the refs save his ass with phantom calls. I counted 3 in this game where the replay clearly showed NO contact. Not a little contact, but absolutely NONE!

That said, the Mavs deserved to lose with the way they played the last 4 games. Not one game they can be proud of the way they played. Are we tired? Scared? And what was the play called at the end? Dirk to Damp in the lane. Damp has f'ing stone hands and EVERYBODY knows it. Avery showed that he IS a rookie coach with some of his decisions in the last 4 games.

The rest of this week is my time to mourn. After that I have no sports to care about until the Cowboys and Longhorns hit the field. I guess I have to spend time with the wife and kids now.

F the Heat.
F Miami.
F the refs.
F the Spurs.
F the Spurs fans.
F San Antonio.
F baseball.

F ME. No funeral.

Anonymous said...

I'm injecting AIDS in my nut sack right now....

ooooohhhhhhhhh sweet death is coming.

Garbage Time said...

By the way, Wade set a new NBA record for free throw attempts in a six game NBA finals series, with 97. Bested the record set in 1965 by Jerry West.

steve said...

By the way, Kipster - nice play-by-play.

I have mouth herpes.

Anonymous said...

F laura Miller and her G-Damn parade plans!!! The She-hag ruined it all!!!

Brandon at GSR said...

Congrats to the Heat for being...well...more opportunistic I suppose. Call me a whiner, but I think the Lakers, Celtics, and Pistons teams of the 80's as well as those great Laker teams in the 00's would mop the floor with this bunch without breaking a sweat.

That having been said, they hit the shots they needed to hit, got the free throws they needed, and hit the glass to grab enough crucial rebounds to steal a win in Dallas and claim the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

Meanwhile, the Mavs missed too many open shots, too many free throws, didn't get enough key boards, and committed too many silly turnovers. Oh, and Dirk isn't quite there, yet. In fact, I think we have to suggest that he has growns down a little since being all growns up in the WCF.

I can only hope they'll use this as a learning experiencing. One that will hopefully put them over the hump the next time they find themselves in an NBA Finals.

Now all that having been said, the officiating in this series sucked ass. And it was punctuated by that utterly ridiculous foul call on Dirk for...well...not allowing Wade to clear out with his off arm I guess. You got me there.

And it's because of BS foul calls like that that Wade got that I am officially turning in my NBA fan card. I will not request this fan card back until David Stern and Stu Jackson are ousted from their positions in the NBA.

As the Sports Guy noted in his column, you'll see teams that will focus their energy on finding marketable guys who can penetrate to the hole instead of building system oriented teams that are fun to watch. I tired of watching MJ and the Bulls dominate the NBA. And I hope we're not watching a similar 'resurgence' with Wade in Miami. It's not an NBA I want to watch.

Captain Fubar said...

Amen Brandon....

F Stu Jackson
F David Stern

Thanks for killing my interest in the NBA. And it truly sickens me that classless,self-centered jerks like Antoine Walker and Gary Payton will be getting title rings, while a class act like a Stockton never got one.

Anonymous said...

It does suck knowing this is NBA officiating at its best. It does suck that Dirk turns into a ghost and cant be found when his team needs him. It does suck that it was our time and our team that was primed to win and they pull out one of the most massive chokes in any sport. It does suck that this will be the last chance this team will see the finals. But what really sucks is knowing this team will be torn mentally from this and the dismantling of this team is about to begin. Say good-bye to D.A., say goodbye to Marquis Daniels, say goodbye to JET, say goodbye to V.Horn, say goodbye Ganna Diop, say goodbye to maybe even Josh Howard if he is offered the right amount. Back to square 1 and back to mediocrity. Its fun down here in chokesville,usa.

Anonymous said...

to all the Dirk bashers this morning:

blame his supporting cast, not Dirk. Dirk was being double teamed the entire game. anytime he tried splitting the double, they rolled a third guy at him, forcing the ball out of his hands. he made alot of nice passes out of the double team and not one our spare black guys could hit shots. Harris, Stackhouse, Dampier (nice hands on that gimme at the end), Howard and Terry all were colder than a witches tit.

theres also this:
up ONE POINT with :27 left, D. Wade has the ball, shot clock winding down, takes a step and throws a forearm into Dirk's gut and Dirk gets called for a foul. how big was that? instead of having the ball with a chance to take the lead with less than 5 seconds, we're down three with 26.2. i know we shot 37%, and i know that's bad, but even with that being the case, there we were. that foul will be what take away from this game. that foul sums the whole damn thing up for me.

Stern knows his market and Wade is the Golden Nearer. a 7 foot German white guy will never hoist a trophy over his head in the Hip-Hop, Gangsta NBA. maybe we should get some thugs on our team so that we appeal more to the nearer market.

Hush Harriett! That's a sure way to get him killed......


Anonymous said...

sports fail?

AttnyDan said...

"Heat in 6". Check it.

I can not WAIT to hear what Sturm has to say about this--what is clearly the biggest CHOKE job in DFW history.

Though I'm mad, I won't take it out on the blog.

F San Antonio, F Houston and F my broken recliner. Hangovers are much better when it's after a big victory.

Gonna rub one out to the hot black sideline reporter real quick.

Fake Gribble said...

Dirk a superstar? Superstars don't score just 2 points in the 4th quarter of an elimination game in the finals. So let's put that theory to rest.

And let's look at how each team handled adversity. Pat Riley was quietly effective; Cuban rants about officials and spews profanity, and Avery tries to make a reporter look small in a press conference. I love the Mavs, but I wish they had handled things with a little more class.

Anonymous said...

f the f'ing f'ers.

there. that better?


see ya in Oxnard.........

Cap It said...

Thanks for the laugh. Don't know if it was intended or not, but it was enough to make me unload the .45 and put it back in the gun safe.

AttnyDan said...

Bob, it's OK!!...it's gonna be ok....go ahead and blog....you know you want to. It's gonna be jusssssst fine. Kinda like 9/11 (cue laugh drop)....we need you to be strong....don't bail now.

I gonna rub ANOTHER one out to that hot black sideline reporter. High Yellow? (if you get that reference, shame on you)

AttnyDan said...


Screw no spell check on this F-ing blog.

PissedSpursFan said...

Hope you guys enjoyed a taste of the finals...you too Dirk...because you won't be going back anytime soon....hahahhhahaha


Let's admit a few things:
1. Biggest choke in NBA History(who cares about something that happened 30 years ago)
2. Dirk is not yet a superstar(absenteeism in 4th quarters)
3. If Terry isn't on and/or on the court, you're screwed(better re-sign him)
4. Your team is a bunch of sore losers.
5. Stop complaining about Wade getting calls. Start sending people to the basket that can attack the rim..oh wait, you don't have that. Finley attacks the rim better than anyone on your roster right now. A coaching philosophy maybe?
6. Jump shots don't win you titles. You have the defense, but still don't have the mindset to grind it down low when the other team gets physical.

Terrible. F.
I still don't understand how you punk my Spurs yet choke against the Heat, a team inferior to both the Spurs and Mavs.
I hate you.

Anonymous said...

Can we please talk some freakin' hockey now that the Mavs blew it?

Cap It said...

Come on, Bob. Gotta have ya.

cracker1743 said...

and if you understand blue gum, Atty Dan, then shame on YOU.

Sorry, Mavs fans. Sorry Bob. That was a kick in the nuts. Take a deep breath...


World Cup?
How V. Young will simultaneously lead the Sips to another championship, win the Super Bowl for Tennessee, cure cancer, and inject all NBA refs' nutsacks with AIDS?