Thursday, June 15, 2006

Holy Freaking Cow.

Do Not Anger the Basketball Gods! Now apologize, before it is too late.

More in the morning.


Anonymous said...

What a beating. Effing Mavs!!!!

Q said...

Hey Bob! What day is the parade? I need to tell my boss I'll be needing the day off.

J-in-H said...


Anonymous said...

So this is what jumping off the bandwagon sounds like.

Anonymous said...

I'll still take the Mavs in 9.

Jay Clendenin said...

so i think the rangers need eaton to come back soon. i mean the starting rotation is hurting these days. which of course also means the bullpen is getting over-worked.

your thoughts?

jeffrey said...

I think I'm going to vomit.

Hang on...

Yep. I was right.

The story of the night: "Make a f***ing basket!" Someone!
* 7 points in the 4th
* 3-22 shooting from #s 41 and 5
* Shandon Anderson gets more than 5 minutes??!!
* Miami bench outscores Dallas's bench.

One question: Why does Posey not start in place of Walker? He's a better defender, rebounder, and 3-point shooter.

Anonymous said...

It sucks, but seriously, does ANYONE really think that Miami can win IN DALLAS???

Fake Gribble said...

Once more, it's time to tap the breaks on this "Dirk is finally a superstar" BS we've been fed by the media. No he isn't, not until he delivers an NBA championship the way Wade is right now. Dirk has had some great games in the playoffs, but is not putting together back to back to back efforts the way a "superstar" should.

And are the Mavs going to let those thug spares Morning and Walker sport rings when this is over? I hope not.

Fake Gribble said...

Whoops! ...brakes...

Long night.

Gribble is my leader.

Benjamin said...

Does anyone think the Mavs can win another game in this series? I think this series was over when the Heat stole game 3.

eric in keller said...

Jay, it wasn't funny the first time, and it's certainly not the 9th time. Give up the Ranger bit. e

cad said...

they just need to come back home so we can beat the damn heat. it's all that white clothing. .it must be blinding.


PenisWrinkle said...

It sucks, but seriously, does ANYONE really think that Miami can win IN DALLAS???

*Raises hand*

When it gets to this point, ANY team can win ANYWHERE on ANY night.

The Mavericks are the better team top to bottom. But that does NOT mean that the Heat can't beat them.

All the "Mavs Sweep" cow chests are deflating all over the Metroplex. And those parade planners are tapping the brakes a little bit.

Fear not, though, Mavericks fans. I still see a Mavericks series win, but it's going to take all seven games.

But even if they lose it, there's an up-side: Ben and Skin would kill themselves. And wouldn't we all be better off that way?

Jay Clendenin said...

come on eric. it was funny the seventh time.

go mavs said...

Totally defeated, can someone turn on dirk's and howard's alarm clock to wake their asses up? Come on douche bags, lets finish this thing out.

Anonymous said...

what should we call our new offense? i think we should call it the "vag" because our vagina is showing. they look like a bunch of scared pussies. pass, pass, pass, for 23 seconds and lift a contested, desparation 3 pointer. grrrreat!

why are we flopping for fouls ON THE PERIMETER! the fouls are there to be had BUT YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE BASKET TO GET THEM. Dirk has basically had everything done to him this side of "Deliverence", but he's not going get any calls standing 20 feet from the basket. it sucks, but if you've ever watch the NBA playoffs, you don't get those calls. yes Dirk, they are going to kick your ass when you go to the basket. they are going to hit you in the face, push you in the back, trip you, try and fall under you so you land and twist your ankles, but you still have to go in there!! i thought they had this figured out after S.A., but i guess not. back to back games playing like a WNBA team. the Heat suck so bad and are so undisciplined. to lose to them is an insult not only to yourself and your fans, but an insult to the truly good teams you beat getting here.

in the words of Axl,
"Do you know where the fuck you are?"


MFFL Hata said...

Ahh, now we're seeing the whiney, knee jerking Mavs fans showing their true colors. Good times.

And no, it was never funny Aggy boy...

mr. t said...

I was just as gay for Dirk as anyone, but he must now be either-
1. Not a top 5 player in the league, not deserving of mention with Larry Bird ever again, that over-achieved during the first 2 rounds.
2. He is a top 5 player that has had the biggest choke-job in Finals history, so far.

I think it's #2. I think he's got to be better than he's shown.

p1dean said...

I'm not whining and I'm not kneejerking. Anyone who expected the Mavs to Sweep the Eastern Conference Champs was a Chump. I still think the Mavs can take 2 of the next 3. Then I'll be at the parade with all the knee jerking jerks that are angry about having spent $14.99 at Albertsons for a knock off Dirk Jersey.

Hands down, this is the worst sports town in the world. Never happy. Winning season? Not enough. Playoffs? Not enough. Finals??!!! Not enough. Let's blow this team up and start again. Maybe in 5 or 60 years Donnie, Mark, and Avery can put together the type of team that this city wants...the '95 Bulls. Oh, I forgot...they lost two games to Seattle in the finals....NOT ENOUGH!!!


mr. t said...

Here you go.
"A" for effort Mavs. Get em' next time. Just work on your jump shot guys.
If you think the Bulls fans weren't knee-jerking in the finals, you're wrong.

And wow. The Mavs getting compared to a 72-win team?

p1dean said...

I'm not asking for or comparing the Mavs to the Bulls...I'm saying that this town won't be happy with anything but a perfect team and a perfect season...and that's totally unrealistic. The Mavs got beat. But they're not dogs, they don't suck. They WON the freakin' West! I'm just suffering from the whiplash from 1,000,000 brakes being slammed.

BTW...even with the flagrant fouls, and Wade hamming it up a little...why aren't I as annoyed with the Heat as I was with the Spares or Suns? I think its Shaq...that guy's great!

AttnyDan said...

I told you so, I told you so, I told you so...the Basketball Gods are ANGERED.

Heat in 6.

Thanks Laura Miller.

Brad Carrier said...

I'm so scared baby

vr said...

Oh my gosh. This is unbelievable. There must be 25 torn ACLs in this place with all the knee-jerking going on. I had Mavs in 6 at the beginning and if you told me to predict the series after 4 games, I'd have said it would be 2-2. There's no reason, outside of the 2nd half of game 2 to think that the Mavs should sweep this series. There still is all the reason in the world to think that they will win a tough series. They've won a tough series twice already with Phoenix and SA.

Look, you should be very scared if the Heat were playing awesome, the Mavs were playing their best ball and the game turned out like last night. The shots were not going in, they made some defensive adjustments that I thought failed them, they played poor defense, they couldn't score in transition and they turned the ball over too much. How many of the things I just mentioned are characteristic of this season's Mavs team? None of them. How many times have they lost 2 in a row? Something like 6 times this season including the SA series. It's happened before, two bad games. As long as they can go three games without putting two bad ones in a row again, this series will be won by Dallas.

Dirk played horribly. He may not get 50 points in this series, but he won't go 2-14 again. J-Ho may not get 30, but he won't go 3-10 again. Jet will play like he has. Stackhouse will shoot better again. Please people, calm the heck down. I'm glad the Mavs don't have the same psyche as you all do, otherwise the Mavs will lose the next two by an average of 50 points per game...

The Mavs will win. They will win in 6. And then all you knee-jerkers will look stupid and the calm, rational fans will look much smarter.


Dallas City Council said...

Dewey Defeats Truman!

Anonymous said...

you play like ass, you get called out for it. i think they get paid well enought to shoulder some timely critisism.


Anonymous said...

enough, no T, i know.

dallas city council = genius


Anonymous said...

was i the only one to feel a sense of satisfaction when Stackhouse bitch-slapped Shaq? i was so pissed off at that point in the game, and i calmed down a little bit after that. he might have saved me from flagrant fouling my TV.

Thanks Stack,

Robert Bentley said...

Things I keep telling myself as I pack my bags to go to game five:

Dirk will find his shooting touch.
The tickets I bought on ebay aren't fake.
My green shirt will stand out enough in the sea of white that I'll get on tv.
Josh and Dirk won't both be bad again.
Mavs "fans" will show some apppreciation for a team that has won as many games in these playoffs alone as it did my sophmore and junior years of high school. After winning the state championship over the Spurs, this round is gravy for those of us who were there in the lean years.

Jay, you know I'd be the first to say it's not funny, but it is genius. Let's get Eaton back in there.

p1dean said...

That was greatness. Stack is a badass. That dude is the junkyard dog of this fear.

p1dean said...

I couldn't agree more Robert...If you sat through any of that horrific 96 season, you shouldn't be anything but appreciative of this team.