Tuesday, June 27, 2006


It's Tuesday and, believe me, the countdown is on for Cowboys Training Camp to get up-and-running! Still not a lot of stuff going on, but it is my duty to bring you something or somesuch...

"Me take steroids? That's un-possible!"
More interleague play for the Rangers Tuesday as they begin a 3-game set with the Giants in San Francisco. (preview) No word yet if Barry Bonds will play as he recovers from an irritated hymen, I mean knee. Did I say hymen?


With the NBA Draft set for Wednesday night, here are a couple of things to help get you ready:
First, still no rumors really swirling around the Mavericks concerning trade possibilities, but there is a slightly big one out of Phoenix involving Shawn Marion.

Secondly, here is a draft tracker so you can get up to speed on all the dudes whose name might be called out.
Cyclist Cat Fight: Lance Armstrong says Greg Lemond has lost it. I say octagon...
Since I am still bitter about the Mavs losing to Miami, I'll post this video of D-Wade giving it to Shaq...

"I'm the star."

The hot chick that I posted yesterday is Barbie BLANK (not Block, as I said earlier). Find more of her great work at barbieblank.com. I usually go to that website for about 15 minutes or so before strangely losing interest and getting sleepy...
Oh dear...


Anonymous said...

This sports drought is already intolerable.

No Basketball, No Hockey, No football. Ugh.

No Bob.

-man crush-

Brad said...

Man, Ty likes trashy looking women.

Free Bob Sturm said...

Superman's weakness is kryptonite

Ty's is peroxide, silicone, tanning cream and a keg of mascara

Chris said...

but no straight man commenting here would turn her down, along with the fact that she would turn down everyone commenting here.


Mini Me said...


There is a Mavs trade rumor! Thought I would share it with you. It comes from www.draftexpress.com. According to them:"Dallas is reportedly gauging the trade value of Marquis Daniels, and could make a trade if for example Utah's #14 pick becomes an option." I am not sure how valid this rumor is but this Draftexpress site seems to be on top of things in regard to draft coverage.

Anonymous said...

Rhyner's dead.

J-in-H said...

That's a good! Ty, any inquiries about the chick dancing in the Xyience commercial?

Jay Clendenin said...

the working out girl in the xyience commercial makes my bow tie spin around!!

Mini Me said...


Do you know the hot women you are posting up there? Are you friends with them?

Brandon at GSR said...

Nice to see the Mavs aren't the only team in town getting screwed by officiating.

Tom Hallion's blown call may very well go down in history as being the most absolute blown call in the history of sports if only for the fact chalk flew up after the ball hit the ground.

To the rest of us sports fans, that's a dead giveaway that the ball is fair. To Tom Hallion, however, it means the ball was foul.