Friday, June 02, 2006

Game 5: Mavs 117, Suns 101, Dirk 50 (3-2)

Taking control of a game. That is what we have wanted Dirk to do for years, and now that he is doing it routinely here in the playoffs, it is still hard to believe. I have already said he is “all growns up” and I have already said he is a superstar now. What do you say when he gets 50 and just invites the Mavericks to hop on his back in the 4th Quarter of a most crucial game in the Western Conference Finals? You just enjoy it. And move it to the sacred “Do not Delete” status on your Tivo. Wow.

So, now we must ask the question once again: Can this team deal with prosperity and close this thing out in 6 on Saturday Night? Or, will they let down their guard, and invite the Suns right back into the series for a 1 game showdown on Monday Night. Surely, they have learned their lesson and will go for this kill in 36 hours. Right?

And now, the exclusive blog quick hits from the dramatic Game 6:

• Let me stop everyone before they make the statements that “the Mavs have figured out the Suns” and that “the Suns are tired”. You cannot fall into that trap again of declaring this series over until you put that stake right through their heart. It is not the first team to 3, it is the first to 4. Finish Them!

• At 77-70, I must admit: My head was pounding, my pulse was racing, and I was beginning to ponder what window I was about to jump out of. At 77-70 Suns, I momentarily began to wonder if the Mavs dream was about to end. Never have I been more pleased to be so wrong.

• At 77-70, Dirk had 21 points. In the final 15:15, Dirk scored 29 points! The Mavericks scored 47 to the Suns 24. And Dirk had 29! Are you kidding me? That, my fellow basketball supporters, is a timeless classic. Down 7, your superstar outscored the opposition 29-24 over the final 15 minutes. HE IS ALL GROWNS UP!

• I get plenty of emails about Tim Thomas and my role in calling him a spare which would then reverse his mojo and make him a star. I take none of it back. He scored the basket that put the Suns up 77-70…and never scored another point. That is clutch. And let’s not forget what happened after he got cocky, blew Dirk a kiss, and called him a “P”. Hey, Tim, act like you have done it before since you have been in the NBA 9 years and have enjoyed a Max-out contract. Oh, wait. That was the best night of his career. Sorry, Tim. You haven’t been there before have you. Spare.

• Certainly, Josh Howard had another great performance. Despite battling foul trouble all night, he made many key plays and kept his 20 point record alive. Evidently, it wasn’t the braces that were making him great.

• Dave in Carrolton writes: bobsturmshow, can we get a new powerdown song...HERE HE IS THE POWERDOWN...KEITH VAN HORN! each lead blown as soon as van horn hit the floor. what a spare! please have ty walker dub his voice in for the "keith van horn" part of the powerdown gold!? I think I might steal that, Dave.

• To make the claim that Steve Nash is tired is dangerous. But, he looks like he could use a day off. There are none upcoming, Steve, until you lose a 4th game. Then, you shall enjoy many days off. Not a bad trade off, right?

• In the first Quarter, the Mavericks took pretty good control of the game, and once again, it was that new player from Cleveland leading the charge. Diop does it again. I really think you have to set the tone with him, and play him plenty. You have to keep him out of foul trouble, but with Steve Nash and Barbosa, and Diow all driving to the rim when he is on the bench, he has to play. The game changes when he is out there.

• This series needs to end. The stress level of playing the Suns is really uncomfortable. I have no idea why playing the Spurs seemed so much easier than this, but I will admit the Suns have the ability to make you scramble and when you scramble you leave something open. I like watching their scheme, but I refuse to believe you can beat good teams in a 7 game series with that style. The Mavericks are that good team. Finish Them.

• Did Raja Bell play? Yes. His technical foul certainly had affected the game. Somewhere, Willis Reed is proud.

• Jason Terry is still strug-gel-ling…When the rest of the team picks him up, it doesn’t look so bad, but he has picked a pretty poor time for a slump. But, how about 9 assists?

• Did you see the Suns owner mock Dirk last night? Go back to 7:09 in the 4th Quarter, and watch Dirk drive the lane and get fouled. Then, watch the first row under the basket as the guy in the Orange suit gets up and mocks the Big German. I am pretty sure if Mark Cuban did something like that the cameras might have caught it, but you have to look closely to see their guy. I guess there is a good reason for that, but you will enjoy seeing his display if you go look for it. Thank me later.

• Finish those clowns. Let’s knock the Magic Number down to 4 on Saturday Night.


AttnyDan said...

"I'm number 1, I'm number 1" Tim Thomas impersonation.

Thank you, I'll be here all week.

Go Germany!!!

MrSimic said...

Possibility Number One:
- TT was blowing to cool off his "hot hand"

Possibility Number Two:
-TT was imitating WWE's John Cena

Possibility Number Three:
-TT was imitating hippity-hoppers showing off their ice

Possibility Number Four:
-TT was saying "FACE," as in "THAT WAS IN YOUR FACE" (with or without a "mofo" at the end, a la Rick Perry)

Possitility Number Five:
-TT is a douche.

Anything I missed?

JoeMama said...

OK Bob, you've used all your "All Growns Up" cards. Let's think of a new phrase now!

Soccer Shaun said...

Also note that Dirk exploded and that for the last 7:30 the Suns scored 6 points (3 free throws by Nash on the Tech Foul on Terry) and a late 3 with 10 seconds left. That is clamp down Defense.

By the way 10 days to the US game

Sturminator said...

Sorry, Joe Mama. If that is going to be the title of the NBA Championship DVD, I have to keep it going through the whole playoffs.


Brad said...

Tim Thomas - one trick pony, getting annoying.

Suns - one trick pony, getting annoying.

Fake Sturm said...

Nearly teared up after the game when Dirk said he looked up at the score, down by 7 with 3 minutes to go in the 3rd, and decided that he needs to take over. And then proceeds to score 29 freaking points and single handidly outscore the Suns. How far hes come since draft day, when all I saw was a skinny German with a chili bowl. We officially have a superstar. This is a whole new level of man crush.

Best post game sign behind the TNT crew: "Bend over Suns and take it in the Nash." - made me chuckle

I will stab Tim Thomas in the neck. I especially loved it when DA did the hand thing after Dirk dropped a 3.

cracker1743 said...

Possititty Number Six:
- TT blowing on fingers = TT's gay

Wes Mantooth said...

From now on I am going to refer to Dirk as Der Fuhrer. He just elevated himself to another level last night. He now belongs in the conversation with Kobe, LeBron, etc.

All hail Der Fuhrer!

RC said...

Possibility Number Seven:

All Mavs fans = gay

mr. t said...

Ich bin sexy Gefahr. = I am sexy danger.

Robert Bentley said...


Fake Sturm said...

Does anybody know where to find those extremely gay pictures of Nash that Bob posted a while back?

MrSimic said...

Fake Sturm: try Drunk Athlete.

Shiffman's Blog said...

I would like to invite Tim Thomas mother, Dorthy Thomas, out for a seafood dinner, and then NEVER CALL HER BACK!

Anonymous said...

He did not have this post game on when this season started. It very much was a work in progress. He's no Duncan, but the guy has some sweet moves on the post. Set them up with that outrageously accurate little jumper, pump, and use his length and great footwork to layup or dunk. No question the man is a top fiver in the league.


Anonymous said...

About game 6:

"Any questions here? Any questions here? Let's get it on!"

--Mavs in 6

Fake Sturm said...

Those were great until I got down to the John Daly NSFW shots. Nash ripping his shirt open on the dance floor at a bar and 40 year old Al Lieter playing a make shift game of beer pong on a counter top.

But I am talking about the real gay shots of Nash in black and white, I think, he did for some magazine.

p1ean said...

Fake Sturm...I agree 100%. I felt a little gay welling of gay tears when Dirk said, "I saw the whole season swimming away..." Luckily, Dan was there to kiss those tears away. I can't quit you Dan!!

IF the Mavs can finish the suns out tomorrow or game 7...then this is the game the elevates Dirk to superstardom. I'm talking...Mike, Magic, Bird, Wilt...superstardom. After all, 1)He's got sexydangermad skills on the court, 2)He's nonthreatening and approachable off the court (remember the punked episode?), 3) He's only 27! Dropping 50 in the playoffs is a good way to get even the biased eastcoast media to focus the spotlight on him...for the next 10 freakin' years!!

IF the Mavs fold over the next two games...he's just a really good euro, who can't finish the job. And Espn swings back to LeBron Watch.

Stay BaD hard and sexy...p1dean

MrSimic said...

Ahhh...Those . . .

Fake Sturm said...

Didnt Barkley say on the post game show last night that Dirks performance was comparable to Jordan, Magic, and Bird? Thats a big compliment coming from Chuck.

MrSimic with a Dirk-like performance on the blog today. Thanks dude.

p1dean said...

Like always, Sir Charles sent me into an instant coma, so I didn't hear him give Dirk that love. Did he followed it with.."and just like Jordan, Magic, and Bird...he's still soft and Suns in 7 and I'm going to eat Kenny now..yum yum..."

Wow..those are gay pics of Nasty Nash.

Hey you know what else is gay? How about having a radio show and the day after Dirk's Biggest Game leading with the FREAKING COWBOYS??! What the heck, Bob? Can't you interview Uncle Rico some other, I don't know, maybe September? This is almost Hardline level...we're going to ignore the biggest story sorriness.


Brad said...

Easy now dude. They're the cowboy radio network and the cowboys said here's the minicamp, why dont you come on over...blah blah blah

The Mavs are never playing in June anyway.

So its not BaD radios fault. Freaking lousy thing to do, though. What a power down. We were all waiting for the man crushes to insue and talk Mavs.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Also I just watched the suns owner moment Bob was talking about and it's pretty funny!

Fake Sturm said...

Man this guy never lets me down.

Sports Guy with yet another great column:

About 10 paragraphs hyping the greatness that is Dirk and many funny HSOs including this one about Pheonix:
"That's a team of floppers, cheaters and guys who push off every time they drive to the basket; they're about four more flops away from being eligible for the 2006 World Cup. How does Ginobili not play for these guys? It must kill him. All right, I'm babbling..."

MrSimic said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MrSimic said...

Fake Sturm with the assist!

Man, how did I go so long on this planet without seeing the Shatner "Rocket Man" clip? Previously, I thought that Family Guy episode where Stewie does Rocket Man in spoken word was just some absurd non-sequitur. But no! It's a not-so-subtle cultural reference (not that understanding the genesis of the bit makes it any less intolerable for its length, but anyway...)

--and for some sports content--

Thanks for the link on the Dirk Man Crush. Last night I had it on 103.3 to hear part of the game, and it was still on in the morning. Mike and Mike (douchebags) were arguing the old "who would you pick to start a team" thing between Dirk and Steve. One of them actually picked Steve (32 years old) over Dirk (27 years old) until the other one talked him out of it.

Jay Clendenin said...

wtf happened to samir?

o yeah, go rangers!!!

MrSimic said...

Samir was out in round 7 on "eremacausis" (he spelled it with an "aero"). The final round was round 20, but there were only 2 competitors left after round 12.

Sam said...

is it pretty gay that i let out a little, high-pitched giggle when dirk hit his final 3 to reach fitty? i couldn't help it, i had a permagrin throughout the 4th and when something else even doubly good happens, i guess the permagrin just goes up to 11 and you just giggle. sorry if that was gay.

p1dean said...

Who can't spell eremacausis?? That's a pretty common word..."Last night she put her eremacausis and now it burns when I pee."

And, yeah, Sam, that's totally gay. And you and I and about a billion other dudes just like us were giggling with arms up in the air and the "permagrin" set to 11. And why didn't we just make the ten permagrin louder and make ten be the top permagrin number? Because last night this permagrin went to eleven.

Robert Bentley said...

That Shatner clip was weird. Like "walking in on your parents having sex" weird.

Fake Sturm said...

Here is the poll to the Mike and Mike question over on ESPN about who would you take if you were to start a franchise right now. Everybody go over there and vote for "I would take Dirk over anybody."

I know its gay but, well...just do it. Where is resident poll taker Luis?

Anonymous said...

shatner clip was very weird

Jay Clendenin said...

college football teams described by metaphorical descriptions of simpson characters:

yes...i post the link knowing a&m is being thrown under the bus. at the same time, UT gets it's crooked/money-laundering balls kicked into his aorta.

funny stuff.

go rangers.

Robert Bentley said...

"IT'S crooked/money-laundering balls kicked into HIS aorta"?

Check your syntax before posting, big-time college grad.
By the way, that blog wasn't exactly a scathing expose` of Texas. Maybe you just felt like linking to any piece that mentioned TAMU. Bad news, Jay: being mentioned in a blog that also touches on Idaho, Dayton and UAB doesn't exactly trumpet a return to relevance for the Ags.

Jay Clendenin said...

i guess comedy doesn't resonate here like i thought it would...

if "syntax" was a prerequisite for this one would qualify.

your use of the comma is horrible.

Cap It said...

Wow. Where else in the free world could I go to cover the following topics with such conciseness?

- spelling bees
- simpson's characters
- STD's
- college teams
- actually receive a grammar lesson
- giggling like a girl
- permagrins
- references to Spinal Tap
- gay / not gay
- gay pictures of Nashty
- shatner
- the life-change that happens to you when you see your folks treating their bodies like amusement parks. (what's with the seran wrap, anyway?)


Jay Clendenin said...

*exploding high fives*...but whiffs.

Cap It said...

'sounds of crickets'

We're having fun here, no?

"Bueller, Bueller..."

good times.

Grammar Patrol said...

Associated Press style doesn't require a comma before the word "and" when listing things in a series.
Technically, his use of the comma is correct.
I'm a 42 year-old virgin on a Friday night. No funeral.

Rick Bentley said...

Man...that blog made me want to burn my Texas drivers license and fully adopt Oklahoma as my new home. We sure are crooked. And also money launderers.

Sam said...

man, the shatner thing is so center of awesometown. my wife even called it when the three bills merged back into one bizarre rocketman-kirk-shatner thing. exploding high fives for a major unintentionally funny coup.