Thursday, February 03, 2011

Addendum to the 3-4 DB Blitzes

Yesterday, I spent some time on the amount of DB blitzes by the Cowboys, Jets, Packers, and Steelers. If you missed it, you can read it here .

But, a commenter named, "BigDsWhiteDwarf" left the following comment:

It would be nice to see Cleveland's numbers in the 2nd table. Give us a glimpse into what we can expect from Ryan.

You know, I hate to admit this, but I simply forgot to include those very important numbers to the study. In order to know what Rob Ryan believes in, we better run his numbers, too, and add them to the stats.

The Browns blitzed a ton from the secondary. Not like the Jets or Packers, but more than the Steelers and 3 times more than the Cowboys. Here is the new chart:

Total DB Blitzes 2010

New York Jets351
Green Bay183

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And to all of those that are concerned that the Cowboys don't have the right personnel to blitz a ton, here are the blitzers from Cleveland:

Cleveland's DB Blitzes 2010

Abram Elam40
TJ Ward27
Eric Wright22
Mike Adams13
Ray Ventrone14
Sheldon Brown12
Joe Haden11
Others 6
Total Blitzes145

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Not exactly household names. If you don't think the Cowboys have the defense that Green Bay or Pittsburgh has, I would agree. But, are you trying to tell me that they don't have Cleveland's personnel? By the way, in 2009, the Browns' DBs blitzed 146 times.
146 in '09, 145 in '10. The Cowboys blitzed 39 times in 2008, 25 times in 2009, and 50 times in 2010.

So, sorry, I forgot to include these on yesterday's post, but I thought you needed to see this relevant information.

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